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My RB Scores


Okay, so I'm siddey1, and I'm an alcoholic.

No, seriously, I am an English based GH/RB player (mainly RB) who has played every guitar/drum/mic game there is. Except for that game. The one nobody cares about.

FC Section
-Uh.... I'll do it later.-

My Dream setlist!!!

NOTE: This is my honest opinion. If you don't like my selection for this, or my choice of music, please keep it to yourself. I wouldn't complain if you had Snow Patrol in your setlist.
ALSO: This is my idea of a Guitar only game. So if the songs have been in Rock Band, it doesn't matter. If I've made a mistake and put a song already in Guitar Hero in here, alert me right away.

Tier 1- Opening Licks
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)- The Proclaimers
Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
Woman- John Lennon
In the Morning- Razorlight
ENCORE: Somebody Told Me- The Killers

Tier 2- Amp Warmers
Still in Love with You (Live)- Thin Lizzy
Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)- The Offspring
No Surprises- Radiohead
Welcome to the Black Parade- My Chemical Romance
BOSS BATTLE: Guitar Duel vs. Angus Young
ENCORE: Hells Bells- AC/DC

Tier 3- String Snappers
Tom Sawyer- Rush
By the Way- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Monster- The Automatic
Go With the Flow- Queens of the Stone Age
ENCORE: American Idiot- Green Day

Tier 4- Thrash and Burn
Welcome Home- Coheed and Cambria
Epic (Live)- Faith No More
The Night Santa Went Crazy- Weird Al Yankovic
Ballroom Blitz- Sweet
BOSS BATTLE: Guitar Duel vs. Matt Bellamy
ENCORE: Plug In Baby- Muse

Tier 5- Return of the Shred
Hush- Deep Purple
Don't Fear (The Reaper)- Blue Oyster Cult
Paradise City- Guns N' Roses
Tribute- Tenacious D
ENCORE: Land of Confusion- Disturbed

Tier 6- Relentless Riffs
Toxicity- System of a Down
Foreplay/Long Time- Boston
One of these Days- Pink Floyd
Run To The Hills (Live)- Iron Maiden
BOSS BATTLE: Guitar Duel vs. Kirk Hammet and James Hetfield
ENCORE: Master of Puppets

It's incomplete, so give it a while. When it's complete, I will move songs about a bit.

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