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Rock Band Full Series FC Progress:
Rock Band: 58/58
Final Song: Train Kept a Rollin'
AC/DC Track Pack: 18/18
Final Song: Let There Be Rock (Live)
Rock Band 2: 84/84
Final Song: Visions
Beatles Rock Band: 44/44
Final Song: The End
Lego Rock Band: 45/45
Final Song: Monster
Green Day Rock Band: 42/42
Final Song: Homecoming
Rock Band 3: 83/83
Final Song: Beast and the Harlot
Rock Band Blitz: 25/25
Final Song: Spoonman
Rock Band 4: 65/65
Final Song: Dead Black (Heart of Ice)
Rock Band Rivals: 24/24
Final Song: These Hands
Final Total: 488/488 FCs in the Rock Band series on Expert Drums.
Full Series FC was achieved May 2nd, 2017.

Guitar Hero Full Series FC Progress:
Guitar Hero World Tour: 84/84
Final Song: Monsoon
Guitar Hero Metallica: 49/49
Final Song: Turn the Page (Live)
Guitar Hero Smash Hits: 48/48
Final Song: Nothin' But a Good Time
Guitar Hero 5: 85/85
Final Song: Do You Feel Like We Do? (Live)
Band Hero: 65/65
Final Song: She Will Be Loved
Guitar Hero Van Halen: 45/45
Final Song: I Want It All
Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock: 92/92
Final Song: Renegade
Final Total: 468/468 FCs in the Guitar Hero series on Expert Drums.
Full Series FC was achieved September 21st, 2017.

Rock Band FC Spreadsheet:
Guitar Hero FC Spreadsheet:
In total, I have roughly 7,000 expert FCs across all instruments across all games.

Check out my YouTube channel to see quality FCs and stuff at

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