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Hi, I am Darryl, aka Slfan68. I play Guitar on expert, Drums on hard/expert, and when I do vocals, they are hard/expert as well.

A Little About Me

I live in the great southern state of North Carolina. I am a Freshman in college attending the great Campbell University. A good buddy of mine first got me into Guitar Hero a long time ago, and I fell in love with it. I have since moved on to preferring Rock Band, but I still play Guitar Hero from time-to-time. I listen to two very opposite genres, and I consider both of them equally my favorite. I love all the metalz, and I love country music. I'll be listening to All That Remains (favorite metalz band) one minute and Eric Church (favorite country singer) the next. I (attempt to but epicly fail at) play electric guitar, but I've been slowly yet surely improving over recent years. My guitar is an el-cheapo Squire which I really need to replace cuz it sounds pretty bad A MOTHER FUCKING LTD EC-1000 AND IT IS INCREDIBLE!! That's pretty much all I can think of now... may add more later.


uhh... lemme see....
- Beat TTFAF on Expert
- 4* Jordan on Expert
- 5* Every GH3 Main Setlist minus Raining Blood
- Beat Rock Band Guitar on Expert with a 4* of Green Grass and High Tides
- Passed Toxicity on Expert Drums :D
- Ate A Whole Large Stuffed Crust Pizza
- 5* Master of Puppets on Expert god my fingers hate that chart.

GH World Tour
(Guitar, PS2)
Total Score14,810,863


[ ] 5* Jordan Expert
[ ] FC 15 Expert Songs in RB
[X] 5* GG&HT (loligotgoldstars)
[ ] Lrn2fcondrums
[ ] Lrn2notchoke
[ ] Win a GH Tournament (3rd Place in a Big One >.<)
[ ] FC The Trooper on bass. (RB2)
[ ] Move To Canada
[ ] Upload full RB2 setlist scores.
[ ] Buy XCELL Pads (PDP Silencers work just fine for now)

WEBSITES - My Youtube - My Guitar Hero Scores - Rock Band Scores

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