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Background Information

My name is Mitchell, my friends normally call me Maygs and I live in Australia. I'm 16 and don't mind a Farmers Union Iced Coffee and a skate. I have also just gotten my drivers license which is quite handy, yes I can get my drivers license at 16 and 6 months where I come from and there's also no goverment time restrictions or the limit of people I can have in the car. I drive a 1974 Leyland Mini which goes allright but the gear box is absolutely fucked and sometimes the gears decide not to go in so that's annoying. I live in my own unit/flat because my house is getting demolished and my parents and little sister can't fit me into their flat. Also, becuase of the economy crisis the world is currently in, our house won't finished getting built untill another 3 years so i'll be living in my unit untill then.

Gaming Background

I'm not a hardcore gamer at all but I do play my N64 constantly. I've run through so many of my N64 games so many times it's not even funny (but remember i'm not a hardcore gamer or speedrunner). To name a few of my favourite N64 games:
- Diddy Kong Racing (I'm not even kidding, I would have completed this game over 50 times at least.)
- Super Mario 64
- Banjo Kazooie/Tooie
- Donkey Kong 64 (It's amazing how much they fitted into this one N64 game.)
- LoZ: Ocarina of Time
- Paper Mario
- Goldeneye
- Pokemon Snap (Please don't under estimate this game.)

I also own a SNES (which was the first console I ever got), GameCube, Wii, PS2 and a 360. I don't use my PS2 at all unless it's to play the first 3 GH's. I also have only just gotten a 360 so I only have BK: Nuts and Bolts (which is pretty fucking average), Rockband and World Tour.

My favourite games on the SNES would have to be:
- DKC1, 2 and 3
- Super Mario All Stars
- Super Mario World

My favourite games on the GC:
- Lugi's Mansion
- Super Mario Sunshine (My favourite Mario platformer of all time.)
- Paper Mario and The Thousand Year Door

My favourite games on the Wii:
- Super Paper Mario
- Super Mario Galaxy
- Mario Kart Wii

Oh and also I have a special edition Pokemon N64 w/ controller as well.

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