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About Me

My name in the real world we hear about sometimes is Conor. I do play guitar and drums. I would call myself a drum player, though( My guitar skills are most mediocre). Some things i like are cake( obv......), Music, and being nerdy. Though I enjoy being nerdy i love sports Soccer and Badminton are my favorite. 2 years in a row my BFF and I went 26 wins 0 loses in the finals for doubles badminton. I live around Edmonton, Alberta. GO OILERS!

My Favorite bands


My Guitar Hero Life

I have been playing guitar hero since the release of GH:2 on 360. I'm pretty OK at it(compared to scorehero). I have five stars beside every song on guitar hero 2 and 3. Thats Including DLC. i only have about 29(?) FC's because i don't like playing fairly easy songs for a long time. Right now I am trying to FC Number Of the Beast. This is not going to happen for a while because my fam is renovating the basement and there the only TV in my house now is one with over 200 m.s. of lag so its un-playable/frowny face

I really liked everything about Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. I don't see what the big deal is with the Timing window. I liked it a a lot, But I'm happy as long as I can make circles disappear.


I have received many PM's about the kake in my sig. and i assure you, it was delicious. Here is the story of how the kake was built:
One day, after watching the movie Superbad with my BFF Ben and laughing our asses off at the scene at the beginning where Michael Cera makes the cake with that one chick that he likes and seeing that kick-ass Asian guy with the flour as whiskers we decided to build the greatest cake in the world.

Our journey started when I got some cake mix from superstore. Actually, i was to busy trying to five star Jordan at the time so my Mom when out and bought it for me. Another very important thing is that my mom used to bake a lot of cakes, so we had a lot of decorations at my house. This helped much with the awesomeness of the Kake. He came over the next day and the baking begun.

^My best friend- Benny the cat!

After much fun with the flour, we had to mix it with that mixing mechanism. I had it set to high and shot chocolate Kake mix all over the wall. My mom was pissed. After that the actual baking of the kake was fairly straight forward. Then we hit our first major road block. The only delicious cakes have pink icing. we only had white, and no red food coloring. But quick thinking came to the rescue. We cut ourselves and used our blood as food coloring to turn the white icing pink.

Then we Had to decorate it. Ben and I found some of these really cool silver balls. along with candy hearts and fish. What we didn't know is that the silver balls that we had put on were for decoration only and the word 'silver' was quite literal. Though silver's chemical symbol is Ag and is sometimes referred to as 'All Good', we were not 'All good'. We ate the Kake and had very bad diarrhea from the silver. it was awful. but it was worth it.

Coolio Woolio stuff you can add on the Interweb!

XBox live gamer tag- The colonel11

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