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Hey I'm Jack, though known more as thedevilsreject.

Scorehero History

I'm probably the most prolific poster who isn't well known on Scorehero; this is probably because I'm not a user of the IRC or that I tend to stay clear of topics in which there are big (I refuse to say mass) debates. I started playing Guitar Hero just before Christmas 06 when I bought Guitar Hero 2 using the money I was supposed to spend on my families birthday presents. I picked the game up reasonably quickly, playing firstly through medium and then jumping straight on to expert....note I got my battle axe and log before I got the eyeball. Probably my biggest trouble was alt strumming leading me to becoming an accomplished down strummer; even though I can alt strum well now I can do some pretty awesome things downstrumming though certainly not to the extent of Preb or PSX. My other greatest strength that I picked up quickly is fretting. I joined Scorehero a fair bit after getting the game due to the fact it had a pretty fearsome reputation, but after lurking I jumped right in. After a while of GH2 I decided to splash out some not particularly hard earned cash on GH1 and quickly found that I struggled pretty damn hardly on it. This was obviously due to my alt strumming weakness and quickly found my ranking on GH1 to be something of an embarrassment which is why to this day I have very few scores entered. Finally I bought GH3 the very day it came out and despite the fact I have criticised it a lot on the forums did become my favourite GH game to date, which was also followed very quickly by my first proper scorehero meet in London; though I had been to one before there were only two other people there so it was hardly a 'proper' meet in that sense. Perhaps my biggest problem on GH is that I have an extreme lack of patience which is why I have very few FCs compared to people of a 'similar skill' level to me. It also means a lot of my scores are far lower than it should be but due to the fact I play the game for fun I don't particularly care.

I am, as of Jan 13th, ranked first on Guitar/Bass with Silverswift and have the first Souls of Black and Alive double fcs amongst others
I have 5*d everything on every game so far guitar wise including Thrasher and the Dragonforce pack plus any difficult DLC.
Thats about it really, I R teh suck

More about me

My two biggest loves in this world are Music and History, both of which helped me through an extremely rough time at the start of university. I would say that I am a competent Historian for my age and perhaps my biggest accomplishment in life was getting full marks on the synoptic paper in my A-Levels, something which is extremely difficult to do. I like most eras of History, though through my mother perhaps my greatest interest lies in the great war even though I am no where near as knowledgeable on the subject as I am in other areas of History.
Music is my other love and I would say I have a reasonably eccletic taste in Rock music, for example my two favourite bands are Megadeth and Fleetwood Mac which amuses many of my friends in my universities rock society.

Random tit-bits
.I'm extremely shy and introverted around strangers which means that I often find it hard to make friends with people I don't know. I'm usually the quiet one in my group of friends as well.
.Despite the fact that I find it hard to make friends once I am friends with someone I would do anything that was within my power for them. I am an incredibly loyal person and hate letting other people down.
.I have met some of my best friends from Scorehero including Silverswift, Rishi and TopGearFTW....infact I count silverswift amongst my very best friends and have met more than a few times.
.I find people who get offended by people telling GH players to play a real guitar more fucking annoying than the people that actually tell us to.
.I FC'd CoP before Rishi....huzzah (sadly he did steal my girlfriend)
.Silverswift is fucking awesome however much he denies it :D
.My scorehero name comes from the film The Devils Rejects, I don't actually class it as a favourite film of mine, I just loved the name.

Favourite GH songs:
GH1: anything not on my dislikes, Godzilla and Get ready to rokk are my absolute favourites
GH2: Six, Detonation, Carry me home, Hangar 18
80s: Electric eye, Play with me, Because its Midnight
GH3: Raining blood, Take this life, Even Flow, Number of the Beast, Paint it black

Most disliked GH Songs:
GH1: Farewell myth, Sail your ship by, Story of my love, callout
GH2: red lottery, surrender, tattoed love boys
GH3: Rock and roll all night, sabotage and some others

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