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Well hello there, welcome to my Wiki page! =]

About Me

Quick Reference
Name:Sam Gibbon
D.O.B:27th April 1992 (Aged 17)
Location:Weston-super-Mare, England
Left Handed:...and proud of it! =]
Joined Scorehero:10th June 2007
Scorehero Rank:
Current Avatar:
I was born in Weston-super-Mare in the South-West of England in 1992, though I'm genetically 75% Welsh. I have one brother three and a half years younger than me, who is pretty much the complete opposite of me >_> (though I did manage to get him into metal :P). My childhood was fairly uneventful up until secondary school, which, long story short, I hated. Luckily, I'm now out of school and in my second year of college, which I'm really enjoying! I'm studying for A Levels in Maths, Physics, Computing and IT, which I think pretty much sums up the type of person I am. I'd say Computing is my favourite subject out of the four, learning about how computers work, programming and HTML (so I should be able to improve the design of this page eventually) is extremely interesting and engaging, perfect for me. I'm using the skills gained in this lesson to program my own RPG, which is one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done, to be quite honest. :P

I became a vegan in March 2009, which I'm really enjoying; I'm no longer guilty of allowing animals to suffer for my food, I'm eating a much better diet than before and I'm actually learning how to cook proper food rather than prepacked crap all the time. It's been a while since I did something to improve my life, but I think I've managed it here. =)

I'm not yet at the point of moving from home, so I'm still living in my bedroom mum's house for now. It won't be too long until I'll be moving out and gaining the ability to play Rock Band throughout the night though, should be pretty fun. :P

If you like, add me on MSN, my address is I know it's weird, I just like the TV show, and I made it in the year 2005. :)

Guitar Hero and Rock Band

Guitar Hero II (PS2)
Total Score18,650,960
Guitar Hero (PS2)
Total Score11,002,211

I started playing Guitar Hero back in April 2007, when I got a copy of Guitar Hero 2 for my birthday. I'd been searching YouTube for the music video of Hangar 18, and came across a video of somebody playing the song on Guitar Hero (I forget who uploaded the video, but they did pretty well). I thought it looked interesting, so I watched a couple of other videos that were in the Related Videos section, I think they were an Arterial Black FC and a hands video of Jordan. It looked really fun, so I asked for it as a birthday present, and got it (no, really). I advanced relatively slowly - beating Expert around seven months after getting the game, but it didn't matter that I'd taken that long - I could play on Expert. I'd come a long way from being proud of hitting the B Y R G run on Monkey Wrench Medium.

Today, I'm at the level where FCing songs isn't such a big deal anymore. I still remember my first Expert FC (Parasite) with fondness, as it was a major accomplishment at the time; now I can repeat it whenever I like. Despite this, I don't mind how long it takes to get to the next level of playing - the main part is getting there. Sure, I might not ever reach the upper echelons of the Guitar Hero world with this attitude towards the game, but it's okay. Having fun is more important than being good.

Now, I mostly play Rock Band 2. I've got a decent chunk of DLC (about 200 I think) and I primarily play vocals. I'm having a lot more fun singing than playing guitar, I must say. Drums are cool too, but it's not as fun as singing is for me.

Together with solrac7623, TopGearFTW and FranGH07, I have formed a band called Ever Tim Di. The name arose from an inside joke in which we were removing the last letter of every word of songs and artists (e.g. Megadet's Hanga 1, Pa Beneta's Hi M Wit You Bes Sho, etc.). When I sent the message "Th Ne Blac by Ever Tim Di" we just couldn't stop laughing. :P

I'm the vocalist of Ever Tim Di, solrac7623 is the drummer, TopGearFTW is the lead guitarist and FranGH07 is the bassist. Once solrac and Fran get a PS3... bring it on, leaderboards. :P

I've got a GH accomplishment thread which is kinda redundant now that I'm only really playing Rock Band, but it's there if you want to take a look. I've also got a Rock Band accomplishment thread over on GuitarHeroGuides which is updated fairly regularly. I might make a copy of it on Scorehero, or I might not. >_>

Update: I'm playing GH5 quite a lot now. If I make an accomplishments thread for GH it'll be over on GHG though, just so you know.

Best guitar FC: Master Exploder
Best vocal FC: Tangled Up In Blue


I found Scorehero through YouTube videos, like everybody else being attracted to the site through customs. I dabbled in that area for a while and made a custom disk, which only booted as far as the RedOctane logo. Never mind, I don't even have a modded PS2 right now anyway. After that, I ventured away from Software to find the rest of the community opening up to me. I loved how the forum actually had some discipline to it, unlike other forums I'd been on; previous experiences with forums meant I was rather nervous about making posts on Scorehero, prefering instead to use the information provided in Software without posting as far as possible. However, after seeing how the forum was run, and that the community wasn't prone to flaming newcomers, I started to post, and was immediately hooked by the site. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Today, I'm one of the more active Scorehero users, with over 2000 posts to my name (I was actually the 50th Scorehero user to attain the rank of Free Bird, on 4th September 2008.). I live in Misc. Discussion, Gaming Discussion and General Chat, though I've been known to take a brisk walk to the other forums every now and again. =P I'm also often found on IRC, generally in #GHG and a certain someone's bed. ;)

Guitar Hero Guides

If you've glanced at my sig lately, you'll know I administrate a forum called Guitar Hero Guides. The name probably gives it away, but it's a forum which hosts guides for Guitar Hero, it's pretty cool, check it out. We've got a pretty good userbase so far, we've already reached 70 users! Take a look around, just be careful of the General Chat forum, it's kinda... weird. MSN Quotes is a hilarious thread though. =P

We've also got an IRC channel on the server, it's #GHG. I've recently set up a triviabot for use in the channel, it's currently around the 900 question mark but it's a work in progress. It's meant to be an alternative to #triviahero in that we're not going to have ridiculous questions asking things that nobody has a chance of knowing. Not to say that there won't be some toughies, but nothing with answers along the lines of "Schleuizawitz" or "it is commonly agreed that this is definately the correct-answer-to-this question". >_>

If you've got any questions about the site feel free to contact me in any way you like, whether it's email, PM on Scorehero or GuitarHeroGuides, or in IRC.

Obligatory Links Section

Guitar Hero Guides
uStream Channel profile

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