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Hello, this is Think13. I've been playing guitar hero ever since GHIII came out for the Wii. However, my strength lies in vocals, which I began with World Tour. I have 4 Expert Vocals FGFCs (see below), and am currently in the Score Hero league Season 11 for Rock Band 2 Expert Vocals and Guitar Hero 3 Co-op with my team, the Thinking Possum.



GH3 Expert - 21 FCs
GHWT Expert Guitar - 28 FCs
GHWT Expert Bass - 48 FCs
GHWT Expert Vocals FGFC - Second ever
GHSH Expert Vocals FGFC - 6th ever
GH5 Expert Vocals - 58/83 FCs
GHVH Expert Vocals FGFC - 7th ever
GHWoR Expert Vocals FGFC and 1st place
RB2 Expert Vocals FGFC

The Thinking Possum

Coop Team with Possum98, my brother. Possum is much better than me at Guitar, so he usually plays that instrument, and I take the easier one. We made the top four in a field of 23 in the Score Hero Leagues Season 11.

GH3 Expert - 12 FCs
GHWT Expert Guitar and Bass - 11 FCs
GHWT Expert Guitar and Vocals - 2nd place
GHWT Expert Bass and Vocals - 1st place

As of 10/13/10

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