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First Played: Xbox360 GH2(E) Cherry Pie=fail May 18, 2007
XBL Gamertag: DJ Drty Chapstk
Currently Own: GH2, GH3, GH:A, GHWT, RB2, RB:ACDC all on Xbox360

I started playing with Guitar Hero 2. I started on Easy and played through each difficulty one at a time. I 5-stared everything on Medium before playing anything on Hard and then I 5-stared most of Hard before moving up to Expert. Now I always play on Expert with Hyperspeed 3. I have 5-stared every song except for Cowboys From Hell, Bark at the Moon, Six, Through the Fire and Flames, Hot For Teacher, Satch Boogie, Battery, and Visions. I am FC obsessed and have racked up over 180 Guitar Hero FC's as well as a ton of Rock Band FC's. I have Gold Stared every Rock Band song (in the RB2 engine). I am most proud of 4-starring TtFaF, 5-starring Jordan, and FC-ing >40% of all on-disc Guitar Hero songs (Expert of course).

My Scores
Accomplishments Thread Includes a list of all my FC's in the order that I got them. Check it out!

[x]Beat TtFaF (6/2/08)
[x]20 GH:3 FC's (29+4DLC)
[x]Beat Jordan (8/4/08)
[x]Five Star Jordan
[x]Beat My GF's GH2 Career Score
[x]20M GH3:X Career Score (21.3)
[x]The Logs (GH:80's ? GH2 9/8/08)
[x]RB2 Endless Setlist 2 (10/3/08)
[x]100 GHX FC's (140+!)
[x]El Jeffe (RaBl 5* 1/21/09)

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