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toymachine "I suck at drums on expert"

Random Facts

I Hate:

Most Small Dogs
Bad Music (determined by my lolopinions)

Concert Stats

Buckethead - 4 times
Tool - 5 times
Nine Inch Nails - 6 times
Opeth - 5 times
Radiohead - 3 times
The Dillinger Escape Plan - 3 times

Songs I can't pass

Through The Fire and Flames
Raining Blood
Run To The Hills (Drums Hard)
Damnation Game

Best Accomplishment

Top 150 vocalist on Rockband
Top 10 Vocalist on GHWT XBL/SH


02:10 <machineset> GH2 is fun on 360
02:10 <machineset> but not on a HD TV
02:10 <Revelus> GH2 is fun on 360, but fuck going for FCs or any of that shit
02:10 <machineset> everything is too stretched
02:11 <emptyset`lunch|987K> SAME REASON YOUR MOM ISNT FUN

02:24 <HellAshes> GH4's chart of lazy is MUCH more acurate than RB2s
02:24 <HellAshes> i dont think ive ever said something liek that O_O

05:40 <Sully|Work> What shape are the rock revolution gems?
05:40 <toymachine|newvideo> Sully|Work: rectangles
05:40 <Rexisfed> Sully|Work: decagonal
05:40 <Sully|Work> Oooh- I might get it then.

08:16 <halbot> emptyset|emptyset|emptyset: !Tb revelus 30.
08:16 <toymachine|veryexcite> halbot blazelust
08:16 <halbot> toymachine|veryexcite: !K blazelust no u.
08:16 <emptyset|emptyset|emptyset> ^ blazelust
08:16 <emptyset|emptyset|emptyset> ^ halbot
08:16 <emptyset|emptyset|emptyset> ^ ChanServ
08:16 <halbot> !Tb halbot !tb.
08:16 * ChanServ has unvoiced halbot
* halbot has been kicked out of the room by ChanServ ((`_`) Not Allowed.)

12:54 <HellAshes> Vixenita: you cant make me drink
12:54 <HellAshes> id sooner play GH3 >_>

12:26 <BeaverLady> The Excess Flood Program provides extended coverage to residential, non-residential and condominium risks. We can offer you an Excess Flood Insurance Program with a wide variety of options:
12:26 * BeaverLady has quit IRC (Excess Flood)

06:18 <Barfo> im still busy reading it to see what i said (Barfo on his essay post regarding The Rockband Network)

Forum Quotes of Win

OOberdOOd: Is that the final chart for War Ensemble?

Because the opening riff is charted wrong. >_>

And I really hope Dyers Eve is charted the way it's played, and not just normal picking

DarkFoxMRD: lol I'm sorry... I didn't know the guitarist from Slayer was on Score Hero!

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