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About me:
M 5'10"
Location: University of Dayton, OH
Major: Computer Engineering Technology
Interests (Besides GH/RB): Designing, building, and modifying circuitry. Computer/Console gaming, coding, Vintage gaming/collecting, Anime, Manga
Systems I own:

Vintage Computers
2 x Atari 2600
1 x Atari 5200
1 x Atari 400
1 x Atari 800XL
1 x Atari 600XL
1 x Atari 65XE
1 x Commodore 64
1 x Apple 2e Enhanced
1 x Macintosh SE
Numerous 486, Pentium 1, 2, and 3 PCs

1 x Sega Master System
2 x Sega Genesis
1 x Sega Dreamcast
3 x NES (1 Toploader)
1 x SNES
2 x N64
2 x Gamecube
1 x Wii
1 x Phillips CD-i
6 x PSX (2 with Mod Chips)
3 x PS2 (2 Phats, 1 Slim)
1 x PS3 (20GB)
1 x XboX

Nintendo Gameboy
Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP
Nintendo DS
Sega Game Gear
Sony PSP Slim (With Custom Firmware 5.00 M33-3)

Mods I have created/worked on.

Stock Drum Pads Mesh Heads
This pad was built by Akwok
Forum Thread
This mod allows one to have mesh drum heads, (for ultimate rebound and silence), on the RB1/RB2 drum kit, with few additional parts, and more importantly, without have to route your own wooden drum rims, as is required for Mikejl46's homemade rock band drums.

Currently, this mod is completed, and is ready for use.

Touch Sensor Fret Buttons
Forum Thread
I just used metal plates, but the ones pictured are old, those have long since corroded, and I replaced them with metal from 3 1/2" floppy disk slides, lol.

This works very well, better than the touch strip on the Schecter, and because there aren't any moving parts, it's completely silent.
Videos are available:
Black Betty Custom on GH2 with touch sensor frets
Those Who Fight Further Custom on GH2 with touch sensor frets

I'll post more videos once I get my video bridge, which should allow for better angles, etc.

Hi-Hat Switcher Pedal
Note, this will NOT work for an RB2 drum kit. I am working on a modification that will allow it to work.
Click here for full size
Forum Thread
As you may know, Harmonix charts extended runs on the hi-hat to the red drum pad, not the yellow, which is normally used for the hi-hat.
This simply allows you to control whether your yellow cymbal (hi-hat), is routed to the yellow drum pad (for normal/most songs), or to the red pad (for songs with extended/continuous hi-hat runs, Run to the Hills, Orange Crush, Everlong, etc.
When the pedal is open, the yellow cymbal is routed to the yellow pad, as is normal.
When the pedal is depressed, the yellow cymbal is routed to the red pad.

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