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*page will be super sweet when i'm done with it, but right now it's under construction*

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just a little bit about me for the time being ...

hello ... lol, i'm pretty good at GH:OT - 1st to 26/26 expert FCs, and i'm in 1st place on more than half the songs!!! I just got the IDWS FC (10.6.08) and now i've FCed the whole game!!!! I'll have more info on this page later, i'm not in the mood to work on it right now. It'll be cool when it's done though :P

About Me

Name: Justin Salamon
Age: 23
Location: Midland, MI
Occupation: Recent grad from the University of Cincinnati
Favorite GH game: GH:OT ... of course!!
Favorite non-GH games: Zelda OoT, RE4, MP3, HL2
GH:OT Facts

Favorite songs to play: Anna Molly & Knock Me Down
Least favorite songs to play: All Star & RARAN
Optimal Runs: 10
Favorite Moment: FCing Knock Me Down on 9.9.08!!!
Greatest Acc's: Full game FC & This Love optimal run
Current Goal: re-FC What I Want

My Accomplishments. Read. Comment

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