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History - My blog.

I'm currently a junior in high school, and a plastic instrumentalist. My high school is HUGE. We have to have over 2500 kids in it. I don't even know half the people in my class. It's crazy. Anyways, my Guitar Hero story starts a long long time ago when I was in 5th grade, or something. My brother was in High School and he was always out doing stuff every night, so I would sneak in his room and play GH1. I beat Medium in four days. Anyways, one day my brother saw me playing and said, "Wow, you're pretty good at this game." I had recently gotten a home version of DDR so I replied, "Yeah, I guess it comes naturally with DDR." So then however many years later, my friends all got GH2 for Xmas. I had an Xbox and a Gamecube, so I was SOL. But I still played with them all the time. I got somewhat better, occasionally playing on hard and then April came around. On April 29, I bought GH2 for Xbox.

That was when my GH career really started. I played GH2 a lot, and I mean A LOT. I moved up to hard after 3 or 4 months of playing GH2 with my friends, and was able to beat everything on Expert by June except the bonus songs (because most of them sucked :p) and HANGAR 18. OH HOW I DESPISE HANGER 18. I would play that song at least once a day for about 3 months, and never pass it. Then one day, in August or September or something, I fucking passed it, played all the bonus songs once, then retired from GH2 for good.

Then GH3 was released. I never really had a taste for GH3 because I was only addicted to it for about a month, but I at least played everything. So anyways, I got Rock Band the day of release by scrounging money from my friends, and that was AWESOME. (I never paid them back, they hate me for it.) I don't think I will ever forget the feeling you get when playing RB for the first time with a full band. So RB kept me entertained for a good long while, and I also got interested in remixing music from RB1. It made me think, "How cool would this song sound if I switched x with y?" And so I did just that, with a little program called Audacity, and a little website call

So then RB2 was released, nothing special, except for the AMAZINGNESS of the game. And that's where I am at right now. Kind of. I used to get a lot of the DLC, now i'm cutting back a bit. Hell, I'm cutting back on RB too a little. But I always do during fall due to the flood of awesome games that come out.

I'm not really involved with school too much, I don't really like all the school spirit stuff. Pretty much just cause our school freaking REVOLVES around school spirit. But what school doesn't? My hobbies include Remixing music, playing Bass, oh, and I occasionally play RB/GH, you know. My scorehero name has no origin, I just use viper565 for a lot of stuff.

Currently Playing

I play RB2 all the time now. I have scores up for GH2 and GH3 on 360, but that's not really what I'm working on right now. Or will be ever. I play all 4 instruments on RB, Guitar/Bass on Expert, Drums on Hard/Expert, and Vox on Medium. I don't really have any scores up yet for Drums or Vox, I'm trying to get better. FUN FACT: I was the first person ever to FC Colony of Birchmen on Expert Bass. I visit Scorehero daily, I really enjoy the community around it. Hopefully we can grow and spread out to way more people. I also am playing a little game on the DS called The World Ends With You. I'm going to be playing TB:RB a lot, and probably GH5 as well.


If you were to ask me what my future dream job is, it would be to work in a music studio. I really like remixing tracks, and making my own songs. I think it would be totally awesome to do that for a living. I'm not very good at bass, I don't really plan to be, It's just a hobby really. So don't expect me to be in a famous band. But expect me to produce a record for a famous band. :) If that doesn't work out, journalism of some sort. Preferably a magazine.

Future Wiki page plans

I'm on the school paper, the articles are going here. First one is going up on the 11th.

Current Goals

5* GH:OT
5* RB2 Main Setlist, no bonus songs (visions fucking sucks.)
Put in GH:M and GH5 scores
Put an X in this b-*is shot*

Thanks for visiting!

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