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Hey. I'm yksi-kaksi-kolme. You might know me, or you might not know me. I visit pretty much every forum... I just sort of bum around. I'm not regular in any particular forum; I just go wherever I feel like at the time. So you might have seen me. Oh, and by the way, I get a lot of questions about this: my username is Finnish. Numbers are the only Finnish I know, lol. One day I just got really bored and started googling different languages' numeral systems... yeah, I'm a NERD! HAHAH! Finnish seemed the best to me for some reason, so I memorized it. Maybe I would've chosen Seitsemäntuhattaviisisataakaksikymmentäyhdeskän (which, IIRC, is 7,529) if there were no length restrictions :D But if there were no length restrictions then Scorehero would be complete hell. And we don't want that, do we? No... Hell Isn't Good (cookie if you get the reference...)!


I fail at Wiki Tables of Contents :P I'm gonna hafta figure out how to do those.

My Life in General

I'm a really carefree person. I really never let anything get me down, and because of this, I'm an awful procrastinator. I've had 6-page essays that I've done the night before... hell, I've had a 4-page essay I did in 10 minutes before my morning commute to school. What grade did I get, you ask? I got A's. That's right. I work incredibly well under pressure. I tried to write an essay on the first day it was assigned, and honestly, I read it, and it looked like something a third-grader wrote. Wow. I'm also disgustingly sarcastic and cynical. I mouth off to... pretty much everyone, but I usually do it in jest. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a dick. I have lots of friends, and we always mess around and trash talk each other like hell... but it's always jocularly. What the hell? That's a word? According to Firefox... wow, I never knew that.

Oh, and I have a very random train of thought. For example, I just lost the game while writing this :)

Odd stuff about me

I have Hitchhiker's thumbs, and can bend them at a 90-degree angle backwards, much to many people's disgust.
I have color-grapheme synesthesia, which I picked up from a colored puzzle of the alphabet when I was in that tender brain-development age of 3-5.
I can do that weird vibrating eyes thing.
I have some disorder, I don't know the name of it, but it's something to do with useless movement. I can never sit still, and I always rock back and forth and bounce off the
back of chairs. Interestingly, I can use this to great effect by bouncing to the beat of songs to find their general BPM. This usually backfires with songs not in 4/4, and I get
thrown off.
I have OCD. There have been times where I simply couldn't play my video games until I fixed that damn game case that was sticking out from the pile!
I don't have a Widow's Peak. They suck.


I bowl in a league, I play golf on my school team, I hope to get on the tennis team in the spring, and although I disdain referring to it as a sport, I can't think of anywhere
else to put it, so here you go... I used to take karate, Goju-ryū, to be exact. I'm was a brown belt before I quit (It wasn't really karate anymore; it was like Life 101) I
also took Kobudo and Iaid&#333. I really can't think of anything else; I'm not particularly athletic...

Stuff I do on youtube

I love making Youtube Poops, if you didn't get the joke of my Avatar. I remember the very first one I watched, I couldn't tell what the hell was going on. It's "Spongebob
Learns a New Word." I didn't get the point of the video. I had no idea what it was. But I LAUGHED SO HARD WATCHING IT. Wondering what on earth "Youtube poop" was, I
searched... and stumbled upon Walrusguy, who is pretty much hailed as the God of YTPs (not all are happy with this idea, though). I watched all of his videos.
But that wasn't enough. I WANTED TO MAKE MY OWN! So in a fit of maniacal curiosity, I searched "How to make a youtube poop" and spotted this great beginner's video.
I watched it. Watched it again. Watched till I pretty much remembered the entire video. And I downloaded the ever-famous "Mama Luigi" episode of SMW and got to work.
So, I produced "Mama Luigi Tells Bob Saget a Story." I got criticisms, took them to heart, and just kept making videos.

Video Games!!!

I ALSO PLAY VIDEO GAMES!!! I'm a Nintendo fanboy, in short. Actually, not a fanboy, but I like Nintendo. I'm not one of those "LULZ TEH PS2 AND XBOX ARE TEH SUXXOR!"
idiots. I'm open to other games, but the N64 was the first console I happened to get. It was on my 5th birthday. I got this odd Rugrats scavenger hunt board-game-esque
game, and I really loved it. But the main event was none other than Super Mario 64! I loved that game, but couldn't play it the first few days I had it. Why? Being the dumb
kid I was back then, I got grounded for wandering away in a grocery store and asking a random guy "Hey, do you know where my mommy is?" Thank the Lord he was a kind
soul and actually helped, or I might not be here today. So I played Super Mario 64, and my parents actually watched in awe. "Why is that star in a gate behind that weird
dog thing?" or "Why is that star faded instead of golden?" (it was one I had already collected, incidentally.) So I got older, and got the Gamecube on launch day, and
eventually got the Wii a week after its launch day. Over the time I've had it, I've not been liking Nintendo much anymore... I'm one of those anti-casuals. None of the games
seem challenging anymore, so I've recently been playing my N64 more.


Oh, how could I forget the obvious? I go to school, of course! I started off in public school. It was the worst school ever. Straight A's took nothing. I literally did all my
homework in homeroom, never opened a book outside of school, and got straight A's. This really messed me up, and I wanted to escape from the Building of the Idiots. In 6th
grade, I finally did, and got into a private school. And the best thing is, it's only 2 minutes from my house. That's a shorter commute than my old public school, for God's
sake! The first day was pretty mind-blowing. I got tons of homework and was just appalled. I went home, and just did homework all night. Went from none of it to hours of it.
Damn. And now I could barely start squeezing out A's, and finally started getting B's.
It's really awesome. The teachers aren't power-hungry bastards; we actually interact with them like friends, not dictators. We joke around, trade insults... it's awesome. And
they're actually good at their jobs, not like the idiots at the public school! It's really just a stimulating environment, and call me insane, but I actually kinda like school
because of it. Oh, and we can FUCKING LEAVE THE SCHOOL AND GO UPTOWN FOR LUNCH! Pwnage. There's this awesome pizza place up the street, and my friends and I go
there pretty much every day.

Other random crap

Besides all that stuff, I taught myself the piano a few years ago. I learned Für Elise by ear, and started learning other classical songs, too. I also learned to play the Mario
Brothers theme and the six Zelda OoT warp songs. I started gravitating more towards "unclassical piano" and can play a majority of the songs in Guitar Hero and just other
rock and metal songs in general. Tabnabber is my favorite place to go. My account there is "Trogdorman" if you want to see some of my tabs.

Guitar Hero and Scorehero

A Really Long-ass Story About How I Started Playing

So what about Guitar Hero? This is the Scorehero wiki, after all. Well, I never played Guitar Hero I. But one day, my friend across the street told me he had bought Guitar Hero II. Wondering what the hell it could be, I went over to his house. I vaguely remember seeing posts on Gamefaqs about this thing called Guitar Hero, but never ventured into them. Speaking of which, I was a regular on Gamefaqs for 3 years before suiciding my account due to getting fed up from all the idiots and noobs. But back on topic... I went over there and saw him playing this guitar controller to notes on the screen, and I was amazed. I sat there for hours watching him, and he finally asked "want to try?" I started off on Expert. Why? BECAUSE I FOUND OUT THAT TROGDOR WAS IN THE FUCKING GAME! I was, and still am, in love with Homestar Runner (I own 5 shirts from there :D) and I had to play it. I only played on Expert because my friend dared me; he could only play on Medium. So I started the game. And I was taken aback. I thought to myself "What the hell just happened??" I had failed at about 9 percent. I couldn't even get my fingers on the right frets! It was so strange. So I moved down to Easy, like any sensible person would. I tried Shout at the Devil, and passed. Barely. I couldn't figure out what those weird star things were, and every time I saw star notes, I panicked and messed up. So I started playing more of the first tier, and got the feeling of the game. I was still clueless as to what that blue stuff in that gauge above the Rock Meter was, and never used it during any song.

Frankly, easy got boring. I went on up to Medium, and started coming across HOPO's. But I didn't know what the importance of them was, so I just strummed every note. My friend insisted that I learn HOPOs, but I in turn insisted that they were the most useless things in the world. I finished Medium, so went up to Hard. I knew it had to come eventually, but I only thought it would come up in Expert, not Hard... the ORANGE FRET! I panicked, but got the feel of moving my hand around on the neck. I never used second position, and my pinky felt the strain of it. But I just kept playing from first position... and I barely survived the first few songs. Believe it or not, I thought Woman was impossible. I failed... and failed... and failed... I failed that solo so many damn times. I failed for three hours. And I threw the controller down and insisted IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE. Oh, by now, I learned how to use SP though, but that still couldn't help me. My friend started yelling at me to learn HOPOs. Reluctantly, I went to the tutorials, having no prior knowledge of any guitar techniques, and thus no knowledge of HOPOs. I was completely stunned. "YOU DON'T HAVE TO STRUM THE NOTES???" I yelled in glee. Going back to Woman, I was getting better at the solo. Couldn't get to a 4x combo, but I held 3x's and 2'xs here or there. I beat the solo. I BEAT THE SOLO! I was overjoyed. I played through Hard, and got better at the game over time. I also learned about second position.

So now I decided to make the move to Expert. I struggled with the sixth tier, getting through all the others pretty easily. But I started reading online about... it. You know... it. Jordan. Hailed as the impossible song, I decided to play it. I struggled with the Verse riff for weeks. Yes, that's right. I broke it down into little steps, and started off only hitting the green and yellow semi-trill things, ignoring the ascending scale. I started piecing it together more and more, but could never hit that orange note. For some reason I reverted to first position for this song. Anyway, I barely made my way through the Verse and was saved by the Chorus.

The second verse came and went, then the second chorus. I had never read why the song was impossible; I just knew that it was. I kept thinking "This song isn't too bad!"

The guitar break came. "OMGWTFHOWDOESIHITNOTEZ??/??/1!!1!!" was all I could use to describe my thoughts. I barely came out of there in red, and struggled and flailed through Solo A using my horded SP.

A's descending scales came, and I flailed through those, still under SP. It ran out at the end.

THEN IT ATTACKED. Solo B raped me to hell and back. I tried and tried, but try as I might, I always failed at 58%. So I quit and worked at the seventh tier.

One day, awful news came. My friend sold his PS2. I was deeply saddened, but I was slightly relieved by the fact that Guitar Hero III was coming out in a few months! I waited and waited, and the day came. I woke my mom up at 7:00 A.M. to take me to Gamestop, rushed home, and played the game. Played for hours that day. Got to the fifth tier and was taken aback by HiC. Wow. The intro murdered me! I worked at it, and got past the fifth tier, being held up again by the sixth. The Metal, particularly, was awful. The worst memory I have is failing on the last note. I'm not even kidding; that last green note. What... the hell... but I played again and passed the first try. Pretty anti-climactic, huh? Hehehe! I have a way with doing that.

Then I stumbled upon Scorehero, and was amazed at how smart the community was. "This is nothing like the idiotic community at Gamefaqs!" I thought. I tended to gravitate toward the Hardware forum. I honestly forget how I ended up there, but I was so amazed! "I could do all this crazy crap to my controller??" I thought. So I made an account, and begged my parents to buy Krylon Paint after studying up on painting. My first paint job... went awful, but luckily, it was an old LP with a busted upstrum, and I got two new good ones from EB (my friend liked to play Co-Op on GH3). You should've seen how bad I was at this. I messed up the first layer, and got this great idea to wash the paint off with water! Good god. Then I painted over the water drops, effectively creating little bubbles under the paint. Oh my lord. So I threw that broken, ugly thing out. The next guitar I shot for less. I decided to paint it one solid color, choosing green. It went so well! No cracks, no bubbles, it was nice and solid color. The second one I shot higher, and did 4 blended lines of color of blue, red, yellow, and green, in order from top to bottom. It looks great, but there are a few cracks that I never could get rid of.

Current Status

Alright, so how about where I'm at now? Well, that's what these are for:


But in case you don't feel like going there, here ya go.

GH3 - FG5*, 60 FCs!
GH2 - Only 5 FCs because I got it after GH3
GH:M - FG5*, 12 FCs

That's it in a nutshell. It's much more detailed in my Acc. Thread >_>

I always sucked at conclusions, but whatever... The End

OK, right now it's 3 in the damn morning, and my brain is sucked dry. So that's all I'm writing for now!

Seriously though, that was so much more than I intended to write. If you came here wanting to know more about me, I hope I've satisfied that request. If not... oh well. DIS MAH PAGE! I hope you've had as good a time as you possibly can have reading some random guy's user page, and I bid you a fond farewell, my friend. If you want to contact me, feel free to drop me an email at Seriously, I wasn't kidding when I told you I was obsessed with Homestar Runner :D

But wait, I have to make a witty and in-joke-like ending... Hmmm... AHA!

:D Sea ya

WAIT! I'VE GOT IT! I will now turn you into a Weegee clone. BUAHAHA! SERVE HIM NOW!


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