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HI, my name is michael ward and im a 19 year old college student. i play guitar hero as a semi hobby, and a little game called super smash brothers(brawl and melee) competitively.

i got into guitar hero about a year ago, but couldnt afford the game until Christmas 2007 came around. once i bought it however i became very addicted, and in some cases killed my social life (lol). if i can remember right i started at medium and went over to expert after 2 weeks. :]. i dont play the game as much anymore because i plan on getting married soon, but i will however be getting guitar hero world tour(which wont make my fiance happy). im not particularly very good compared the the rest of the community or well known in the community at all, but my skills thus far are good enough to me, and im proud of myself. :D.

personally i feel being black, playing guitar hero, playing smash, playing lumines, smoking weed, listening to ALL kinds of music, and being engaged and just generally being into almost everything, puts me in a category of my own.

i love scorehero and the guitar hero community as a whole. and look forward to what it comes to for me in the future.

youtube channel vvvv

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