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Whammying is the act of using the whammy bar on sustain notes. If one whammies a Star Power or Overdrive sustain note, one gains additional Star Power at the rate of roughly 1.1 beats of Star Power or Overdrive per beat of whammy (in the Harmonix games; the author is unsure of how whammy works in the Neversoft games. It should also be noted that the Game_RockBand Rock Band series uses additional information to determine the rate of use; see the Overdrive page for more details).
Using the whammy bar never directly gives a higher score; one can only achieve a higher score by obtaining more Star Power or Overdrive to hit more notes at a higher multiplier. It is a misconception that some people have that whammying directly gives a higher score, but it can be disproved by playing long introductory sustains on songs such as Song_GH1_IronMan Iron Man, Song_GH3_RainingBlood Raining Blood, Song_GH2_LessTalkMoreRokk Less Talk More Rokk, or Song_RB_WontGetFooledAgain Won't Get Fooled Again twice, once whammying and again without whammying. The score should be identical in both cases.

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