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Wiki Rules and Standards

Do's and Don't's

Standardized wiki page format

Page Title

InfoBoxes should be used to call attention to facts and statistics that would be of most interest to users so they can quickly and easily see it. This is currently a float, but it will be replaced with an infobox once we have that functionality.
- Introductory Paragraph
Give basic information about the subject of the page, please include links to other wiki articles that are mentioned. The first time you mention the topic, be sure to put it in bold face, this looks better overall. For example; the Wiki Rules and Standards are in place to ensure high quality and consistency among the various wiki articles.

Context Sensitive Information

This section can be different depending on the type of page and the amount of information required to complete the article. For an article about a specific person, this section could be used to talk about their noteworthy accomplishments or community involvement. For a specific technique, this section could be used to detail the concepts behind the technique. Break the body of the article up into multiple Context Sensitive sections if needed.

See Also

Links to articles that share similarities with your article or that a reader of your article may also enjoy reading, please only include links to other SHWiki articles.
  1. FormattingRules
  2. WikkaDocumentation
  3. HomePage


When making mention of something else to support your article, be sure to include a reference that backs up your claim. You can do this by placing a superscript number next to the section or word in the article that you have a reference to, and then place that same number down here in the reference section along with a brief description and link to the source.
1) Official staff stance given by Sully on 10-04-2008


Use this section to give credit to the original thread and author for technical documents, software released and other factual pages where the information for the article was taken. Use example below.

Information originally compiled and published by:
[Link to User page of original article contributer] for ScoreHero on [Date ex; August 6th, 2006]
Source - [Link to original thread on with as the visible text]

[Link to User page of 2nd original article contributer] for ScoreHero on [Date ex; December 14th, 2007]
Source - [Link to original thread on with as the visible text]
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Please try and use this comment space to discuss possible ways of editing the standards before doing it. Or if you format something in a way that you find more appealing, solicit input from the comments as well.

We're working on getting infobox functionality as well, I would want that to replace the Float on the right and will edit it in when we get it.
-- ImaCarrot (2008-10-04 20:21:54)
By infobox do you mean the boxes that are currently being used for each song? If not, I'd love to see those available for editing. Off the top of my head they would be very useful for character pages and neat for userpages too.
-- footballtom3685 (2008-10-04 20:25:25)
that is exactly what the infobox is, we're creating a generic one now so people can create those without having to learn and use HTML, but we may create templates later on down the road.
-- ImaCarrot (2008-10-04 20:30:58)
Though it's obvious, I would reccomend stating somewhere in here that this is still ScoreHero and that all of ScoreHero's usual rules still apply.
-- Eastwinn (2008-10-04 21:55:50)
I really don't think we need redundant headers...

Se post here:
-- SpikeX (2008-10-07 04:27:10)
In the reference, you should probably link directly to Sully's post...
-- MHSTenor09 (2008-10-11 23:05:51)
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