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World Tour Gigs (Rock Band 1)

This page is still under construction, as I figure out how best to format everything. -- daubern00b

Single Venue Cities

These cities only have one venue, and the available setlists do not change based on your band's hometown.


Dynamite Palace
Total Stars Possible: 360

Won't Get Fooled Again
Drum Legend (5) -- Next to You, Flirtin' With Disaster, Tom Sawyer, Run to the Hills, Won't Get Fooled Again
Hall of Fame Induction (8) -- (Don't Fear) The Reaper, Foreplay/Long Time, Enter Sandman, Highway Star, Tom Sawyer, Flirtin' With Disaster,
Run to the Hills, Won't Get Fooled Again
The Endless Setlist (58) -- All 58 songs from the Rock Band 1 disc.


Total Stars Possible: 120

Highway Star
Penultimate Band Marathon (6) -- Vasoline, Detroit Rock City, Next to You, Cherub Rock, Tom Sawyer, Enter Sandman
Chart Toppers Marathon (13) -- Maps, Here it Goes Again, Go With the Flow, Dead on Arrival, Reptilia, The Hand That Feeds, Are You Gonna be My Girl,
Main Offender, When You Were Young, Electric Version, Welcome Home, Dani California, Learn to Fly
Heavy Hitters Marathon (4) -- Paranoid, Welcome Home, Enter Sandman, Run to the Hills

Rio de Janeiro

The Rockacabana
Total Stars Possible: 135

Flirtin' With Disaster
'70s Marathon (13) -- Detroit Rock City, Mississippi Queen, Suffragette City, Next to You, Paranoid, Blitzkrieg Bop, (Don't Fear) The Reaper, Highway Star,
Flirtin' With Disaster, Foreplay/Long Time, Ballroom Blitz, Train Kept a Rollin', Won't Get Fooled Again
Mystery Setlist Marathon (8)
Vocal Legend (5) -- Suffragette City, Highway Star, Tom Sawyer, Run to the Hills, Foreplay/Long Time


Bennelong Opera House
Total Stars Possible: 105

Green Grass and High Tides
Production Favorites (4) -- 29 Fingers, Seven, Outside, Day Late, Dollar Short
Bass Legend (5) -- Highway Star, Flirtin' With Disaster, Enter Sandman, Run to the Hills, Green Grass and High Tides
'90s Marathon (11) -- I Think I'm Paranoid, In Bloom, Say it Ain't So, Epic, Black Hole Sun, Creep, Celebrity Skin, Vasoline, Cherub Rock, Sabotage, Enter Sandman


Gorilla Dome
Total Stars Possible: 90
Foreplay/Long Time
Ultimate Band Marathon (6) -- Green Grass and High Tides, Highway Star, Foreplay/Long Time, Flirtin' With Disaster, Won't Get Fooled Again, Run to the Hills
'80s Marathon (6) -- Orange Crush, Wanted Dead or Alive, Should I Stay or Should I Go, Wave of Mutilation, Tom Sawyer, Run to the Hills
Guitar Legend (5) -- Highway Star, Flirtin' With Disaster, Train kept a Rollin', Run to the Hills, Green Grass and High Tides

Three Venue Cities

These cities have 3 venues (small club, big club, and arena/theater), and can be selected as your band's hometown.


De Magische Tuin
Orion Lounge
Ranstad Theater


The Wall
Klub Weisbrot
Das Krapfentheater


Charles Pub
The Establishment
Hancock Theater


The Rails
The Salt House
Palace Hotel Ballroom


The Underground
Saville Row
Penfold Dome

Los Angeles

El Ocho
The Snake Pit
Wilshire Forum

New York

Heebie Jeebie's
Ramp Arts
Empire Square Garden


Bibliothèque Morte
Roche De Planète
La Salle de Bal Royale


Il Blue Dive
Discoteca di Luce
Il Grande Teatro Della Roccia

San Francisco

Alice's Free Love Café
The Quarter Hole
Bay City Theater


Jimmy Astros
Gas Works Tavern
The Sealth Theater


Stockholm Synthdrome
Mjolnir Lodge
Swedisphere Theater

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