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World Tour Mode (Rock Band series)

World Tour Mode is the premier game mode in the Rock Band series, which allows the player(s) to experience a simulation of the Rock and Roll experience.

General Gameplay

The general gameplay in World Tour Mode is simple: start a band and work your way up from playing in a small club in your hometown, to large arenas all over the world. In order to do this, the band selects a song or setlist from the current venue, and then give their performance. Successfully completing a gig, earns the band a number of fans, stars, and cash based on their performance. Along the way, the band will have the ability to earn a van, bus, jet, PR Firm, Sound Guy, and more. In addition, special gigs, called Opportunity Events will randomly appear which allows the band to earn or lose more fans and cash based on their performance.

Rock Band 1 Band World Tour

For a list of gigs that can be performed please see WorldTourGigs-RockBand1
In Rock Band 1, Band World Tour could only be undertaken by a band which consisted of two or more players. This restriction led some players to learn how to play an instrument and sing at the same time in order to experience this mode.

Rock Band 2 World Tour

For a list of gigs that can be performed please see WorldTourGigs-RockBand2

In Rock Band 2, World Tour can now be played with one or more players, which allows more players to fulfill their Rock and Roll dreams. While the basic gameplay did not change from Rock Band 1, Rock Band 2 added new Opportunity Events, staff hiring, and additional planned gigs, such as Hiring a Merch Girl.

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