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#lavalamp is a channel created by the user GuitarHailz. It's purpose is for creative discussion, but a lot of the time its just a cool place to chat and escape from chaos in the other channels or the forums. Think of it as ScoreHero's coffee shop. ;) Visitors are welcomed and the channel is surprisingly active considering it only has 8-10 regulars. We hope that grows over time! It's a great place to brainstorm and maybe even get a peek at future ScoreHero theme ideas. :)

All are welcome!

Unsure of how to join?

1. Download and install mIRC from
2. Create an account on (optional)
3. Verify your email and take note of your password (optional)

4. Run mIRC and type the following command:


5. Wait until you're connected to the server.

6. (optional) Enter the following command:

/authserv auth username password
(replacing "username" and "password" with your values, optional, if you registered above)

You should get an automatic response indicating "-AuthServ- I recognize you."

7. Enter the following command:

/join #lavalamp


#lavalamp rules (Sound familiar? Big whoop, wanna fight about it?)


2. Absolutely NO flaming whatsoever.
- This channel is for creative discussion, and critique is a part of our daily routine. To get better as artists/musicians/movie-makers/etc we need some feedback. However, if all you have to say is "that sucks," in all fairness -your- opinion sucks and we don't really need it here. If you don't like something at least have the decency to give ideas on how to make it better.

3. No spamming the channel.
- Hailz hates when the same person sends messages for like 10 lines. Just don't do it, its annoying.

4. No auto-triggering scripts, colors, bold/underline text use.
- One exception is "now playing" type scripts. These are interesting, seeing as how music can be a big part of inspiration for artistic projects.

5. Absolutely no links or discussion to pornography or shock sites.
- Duh.

6. Absolutely no racism or political/religious/sexual arguments/harassment.
- The only thing Hailz hates more than politics is people arguing about politics. She generally hates to debate about pretty much anything... something about internet arguments seem to turn us all into barbarians. :P Lets just not do that.

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