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Song Infobox
Song Information
Song Because, It's Midnite
Game Information
Game Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The 80s
Platform(s) PS2
Tier Amp-Warmers
Difficulty Expert
Chart Information
Chart Link
Total Notes 540
Base Score 39,028
ScoreHero Stats
Top Score 200,252 by JPrez44
# Scores 4,683
3* 12
4* 167
5* 2,561
6* 1,818
7* 124
100% 91
FCs 87

Because, It's Midnite - GH80s - Solo - Expert

No Squeeze Path

Est. Score: 199,700
Instrument Path Short Notes Credit
Guitar 4-2-S1 1st activation: at the beginning of the solo
2nd activation: 5th GY chord

High Score Path

Est. Score: 182,000
Instrument Path Short Notes Credit
Guitar 2-3-2 1st activation: 4th RB chord
2nd activation: activation As soon as you hit the green hold and obtain the SP
3rd activation: 1st yellow after the 2nd yellow hold
This path is for those who cannot hit the solo accurately. It also assumes that you can pass the solo without SP

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