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  • Featured Article - Guitar Hero 5 Preview
    It is that time of the year again, time for Activision's next big release of one of their biggest franchises; Guitar Hero. Forgoing another confusingly named entry in the series; they have decided to go with the much easier to remember Guitar Hero 5 as the official title, while technically never having a '4' between this new entry and Neversoft's first foray into the rhythm game space. This time of the year also means a massive PR push, which somehow now includes ScoreHero, not that I'm complaining. ...More

    Featured Path - I Love Rock & Roll

    Expert - 2-S1-2-1-2-S1-2
    Hard - 2-S1-2-1-3-S1-ES1
    Medium - 2-S1-2-1-3-2
    Easy - 2-S1-2-1-3-2

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