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Most Represented Bands in Rock Band and Guitar Hero

This is a list of the most represented bands in Guitar Hero and Rock Band (by song).
A band can only be on this list if they have had four or more songs.
Songs in more than one game (i.e. Everlong, B.Y.O.B. Cherub Rock) are counted twice towards an artist. The exception is the Dream On preview download and the GH2 downloads of GH1 songs.

Metallica: 28 (GH3, GH3DLC*, GHWT, GH:M, RB1, RB2, RBDLC)
Aerosmith: 27 (GH2, GH3, GH:A, RB1)
Red Hot Chili Peppers: 24 (GH1, GH3, GH:OT, GH:OTD, RB1, RB2, RBDLC)
Foo Fighters: 23 (GH2, GH3DLC, GHWT, GH:OTD, RB1, RB2, RBDLC)
AC/DC: 19 (RB2, RB:AC/DC)
No Doubt: 18 (GH3DLC, GH:OT, GH:WT, RBDLC)
Nirvana: 15 (GH2, GH:OT, GHWT, GHWTDLC, RB1, RB2, RBDLC)
Pixies: 15 (RB1, RBDLC)
The Who: 15 (GH3, RB1, RB2, RBDLC)
Motley Crue: 14 (GH2, RBDLC)
Rush: 14 (GH2, RB1, RB2, RBDLC)
Jane’s Addiction: 13 (GH2, GHWT, RB2, RBDLC)
Judas Priest: 13 (GH1, GH80s, GH:M, RB2, RBDLC)
Stevie Ray Vaughan: 13 (GH1, GH3, GH:OT, RBDLC)
Megadeth: 11 (GH1, GH2, RB2, RBDLC)
Smashing Pumpkins: 10 (GH3, GHWT, GHWTDLC, GH:OTD, RB1, RB2, RBDLC)
The Cars: 9 (RBDLC)
The Killers: 8 (GH3, RB1, GHWTDLC, RBDLC)
The Police: 8 (GH2, GH80s, RB1, RBDLC)
Weezer: 8 (GH3, GH:OTD RB1, RBDLC)
Black Sabbath: 7 (GH1, GH2, GH3, RB1, RBDLC)
Grateful Dead: 7 (RB2, RBDLC)
Lynyrd Skynyrd: 7 (GH2, GH:OT, GHWT, GH:OTD, GH:M RBDLC)
Nine Inch Nails: 7 (RB1, RBDLC)
Jimi Hendrix: 6 (GH1, GHWT, GHWTDLC)
Motorhead: 6 (GH1, GH3DLC, GHWT, RB2)
Muse: 6 (GH3, GH3DLC, GHWT, RBDLC)
Queens of the Stone Age: 6 (GH1, GH3, RB1, RBDLC)
Stone Temple Pilots: 6 (GH2, GH:A, GH:OTD RB1, RBDLC)
Avenged Sevenfold: 5 (GH2, GH3DLC, RB2, RBDLC)
Blink-182: 5 (GH:OT, GHWT, GHWTDLC, RBDLC)
Blondie: 5 (GHWT, GH:OTD RB2, RBDLC)
The Clash: 5 (GH:A, RB1, RBDLC)
David Bowie: 5 (GH1, RB1, RBDLC)
Dead Kennedys: 5 (GH80s, GH3, RBDLC)
Disturbed: 5 (GH3, RB2, RBDLC)
Freezepop: 5 (GH1, GH2, GH:OT, RB1, RBDLC)
Iron Maiden: 5 (GH2360, GH80s, GH3, RB1, RBDLC)
Kiss: 5 (GH2, GH3, GHOT, RB1, RBDLC)
Lacuna Coil: 5 (GH3, GHWT, RB2, RBDLC)
The Offspring: 5 (RB2, RBDLC)
Tokio Hotel: 5 (GH:OT (EU), GH:WT, GH:OTD (EU), RBDLC)
All That Remains: 4 (GH2, RBDLC)
Anarchy Club: 4 (GH1, GH2, RB1, RB2)
Bang Camaro: 4 (GH2, RB1, RB2, RBDLC)
Beastie Boys: 4 (GH3, GHWT, RB, RB2)
Bon Jovi: 4 (GHWT, GH:OTD, RB1, RB2)
Coldplay: 4 (GH3DLC, GHWT)
Dragonforce: 4 (GH3, GH3DLC)
Dropkick Murphys: 4 (GH2DLC, GH3DLC)
The Eagles: 4 (GHWT, GHWTDLC)
Fall Out Boy: 4 (GH:OTD, RB1, RBDLC)
Joe Perry: 4 (GH:A)
Linkin Park: 4 (GH3DLC, GHWT, GH:OTD, RB2)
My Chemcial Romance: 4 (GH2360, GH2DLC)
Ozzy Osbourne: 4 (GH1, GH:OT, GHWT)
Paramore: 4 (GHWT, GH:OTD, RB2, RBDLC)
Presidents of the United States of America: 4 (RB2, RBDLC)
Ramones: 4 (GH1, RB1, RBDLC)
Silversun Pickups: 4 (GHWT, RB2, RBDLC)
Soundgarden: 4 (RB1, RB2, RBDLC)
System of a Down: 4 (GHWT, RB2, RBDLC)

*a note: The Metallica download in GH3 is Death Magnetic but is also compatible with World Tour. However when downloaded it goes into the GH3 part of your HDD.

Interesting Facts:
The Cars are the most represented band that do not have any "On-Disc" songs *credit to ShiftBreaker*
Aerosmith (not counting the Dream On Preview) have the most On-Disc songs without having any DLC.
Excluding Metallica and Aerosmith, who have games dedicated to them, Boston is the most represented band who doesn't have full-album DLC

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