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Battle Mode

Battle mode is one of the multiplayer modes present in some versions of Guitar Hero. Competition is based solely up on the rock meter; the winner is the player who can keep from failing the longest. Players can gather attacks by hitting sequences of notes in a similar fashion to star power, and can then use those attacks to try to make their opponent fail.

Games With Battle Mode


The following attacks are available in Guitar Hero III and Aerosmith.

NOTE: These attacks do not stack (stacking is defined in this context to be using the same attack twice or more in a row, and getting the results of another use added on to the original use) unless specifically noted that way in the attack description.

Difficulty Up: If you're playing on Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty, this attack will force your opponent to play at the next highest difficulty level for a period of time. This attack does not appear in Expert battles.

Amp Overload: This attack will make your opponent's fretboard shake and flash for a period of time, making it very difficult to see the notes. Depending on one's knowledge of the fretboard for a given song, this attack can be either ineffective or largely effective.

Broken String: This attack will randomly choose one fret on your opponents side, and make that fret unusable until the player hits the fret a certain number of times. This attack can be used more than once at the same time causing your opponent to have to press down more than one string, or, in rare cases, have to press the same string down more times than usual.

Whammy Bar: This attack will render your opponent unable to play any of the notes coming at him/her unless he/she wiggles the whammy bar for a time. This attack will also stack when used at the same time with another Whammy Bar attack, thus causing the user to have to whammy more to get their fretboard back to normal.

Power-Up Steal: This attack will transfer the next available stored attack that your opponent has to your ownership.

Double Notes: This attack will double the amount of notes on your opponent's fretboard (single notes become two-note chords, two-note chords become three-note chords) for a time. Three and four-note chords remain unchanged, however.

Lefty/Righty Flip: This attack will flip the appearance of your opponent's fretboard. (Example: The standard right-handed player's fretboard goes "green, red, yellow, blue, orange" from left to right. Lefty flip will reverse the order of these buttons, where orange goes to the far left.) None of the notes will change positions (green notes will always be green), but the visual shock of seeing notes in different places is a very effective attack.

Death Drain: In the event that both players complete the song in battle mode without failing out, the song will restart. All attacks to be collected become "Death Drain" attacks, which will slowly drain your opponent's Rock Meter until it is expired. It is important to note, however, that being the first to activate a Death Drain in tiebreaker does not guarantee you a victory; if you have Death Drain deployed on you, you can delay your failing out for a time by continuing to play the song accurately. And the Rock Meter goes down slower for lower level players than higher level players. This attack does stack. The opponent's Rock Meter will drain at a faster rate than before.

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