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Casey Lynch

Casey Lynch
Casey Lynch
Casey In Guitar Hero III

First Game: Game_GuitarHeroII Guitar Hero II
Genre: Metal

Casey Lynch is a playable character in Game_GuitarHeroII Guitar Hero II, Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, and Game_GuitarHeroWorldTour Guitar Hero: World Tour.

Guitar Hero II Biography

A veteran of the tour circuit, Rocker's dirty, bass-driven sound and ultra-heavy riffs have influenced budding shredders from Maine to Alaska. She's tough, she's brash, and she'll break your heart faster than an A string.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Biography

Finally embracing her feminine appeal, Casey has risen to the status of 'Goddess of Rock'. When asked by a reporter if she had sold out, Casey replied with a roundhouse to the face. 'Don't worry, I'll pay the medical bill.'

Character Popularity

The Legends of Rock incarnation of Casey Lynch is arguably the most popular character by professional GH players, due to her dark fretboard. This in turn makes many notes the easiest to see both with and without Star Power engaged.

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