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An FC breakdown is a list of all the songs in a game, from easiest to hardest, usually with commentary.

Do you disagree with the order here? Well then write your own! You can write your own and submit it to me, and if it's good enough I'll replace the other one. But I won't replace based on new order-you should have commentary, 360, or DLC that the previous one didn't have. For instance, Popemobile's Expert GHII Breakdown has good commentary and 360 songs, but not full commentary and not DLC songs. You can write your own with new order, commentary, and DLC and it will replace Pope's as the official one. I will still keep others around as Second Opinions though.

A note to editors: as a rule, easier difficulties come before hard ones, 5* breakdowns come before GS breakdowns come before FC breakdowns (no matter what difficulty) and GH breakdowns come before RB ones.

Guitar Hero 5* Breakdown: Expert
Contributor: jesse0986

1. Hey
2. I Love Rock & Roll
3. Sail Your Ship By
4. Iron Man
5. Story of My Love
6. Infected
7. Even Rats
8. More Than a Feeling
9. Hey You
10. Stellar
11. Ziggy Stardust
12. Thunder Kiss 65
13. Behind the Mask
14. Smoke on the Water
15. Eureka, I've Found Love
16. You Got Another Thing Comin'
17. Unsung
18. Killer Queen
19. Callout
20. Sharp Dressed Man
21. Take it Off
22. Spanish Castle Magic
23. Heart Full of Black
24. Caveman Rejoice
25. Take Me Out
26. I Wanna Be Sedated
27. Fat Lip
28. All of This
29. Fire it Up
30. Symphony of Destruction
31. Godzilla
32. Higher Ground
33. Fly on the Wall
34. Cochise
35. Ace of Spades
36. Guitar Hero
37. Decontrol
38. Farewell Myth
39. Crossroads
40. No One Knows
41. Cheat on the Church
42. Get Ready 2 Rokk
43. Frankenstein
44. Bark at the Moon
45. The Breaking Wheel
46. Cowboys From Hell
47. Texas Flood

Guitar Hero FC Breakdown: Medium
Contributor: Cdw01, (help from) Armageddon

1. I Love Rock & Roll
2. I Wanna Be Sedated
3. Thunder Kiss 65
4. Ziggy Stardust
5. Hey You
6. Behind the Mask
7. Infected
8. More Than a Feeling
9. Iron Man
10. Symphony of Destruction
11. Smoke on the Water
12. Killer Queen
13. You Got Another Thing Comin’
14. Hey
15. Stellar
16. Heart Full of Black
17. Sharp Dressed Man
18. Eureka, I’ve Found Love
19. Take Me Out
20. Even Rats
21. Take It Off
22. The Breaking Wheel
23. Spanish Castle Magic
24. Godzilla
25. All of This
26. Farewell Myth
27. Fat Lip
28. Story of My Love
29. Ace of Spades
30. Higher Ground
31. Caveman Rejoice
32. Callout
33. Cheat on the Church
34. Sail Your Ship By
35. Guitar Hero
36. Cochise
37. Frankenstein
38. Unsung
39. Crossroads
40. Texas Flood
41. Get Ready 2 Rokk
42. Fire It Up
43. No One Knows
44. Decontrol
45. Fly On the Wall
46. Bark at the Moon
47. Cowboys from Hell

Guitar Hero FC Breakdown: Hard
Contributor: Sully

1. I Love Rock & Roll
2. Hey
3. I Wanna Be Sedated
4. Thunder Kiss 65
5. Behind the Mask
6. Stellar
7. Smoke On The Water
8. Sail Your Ship By
9. Eureka, I've Found Love
10. More Than A Feeling
11. Hey You
12. Even Rats
13. Fat Lip
14. Infected
15. Story Of My Love
16. Killer Queen
17. Cochise
18. Unsung
19. Sharp Dressed Man
20. Farewell Myth
21. Callout
22. Take Me Out
23. Higher Ground
24. Spanish Castle Magic
25. Ziggy Stardust
26. Heart Full Of Black
27. Take It Off
28. Ace of Spades
29. Godzilla
30. Iron Man
31. Guitar Hero
32. You've Got Another Thing Comin'
33. Caveman Rejoice
34. Cheat On The Church
35. Symphony of Destruction
36. Frankenstein
37. Fire It Up
38. All Of This
39. Crossroads
40. The Breaking Wheel
41. No One Knows
42. Decontrol
43. Cowboys From Hell
44. Fly On The Wall
45. Get Ready 2 Rokk
46. Bark At The Moon
47. Texas Flood

Guitar Hero FC Breakdown: Expert
Contributor: Kegermann

1. I Love Rock & Roll - Very slow song, even the solo is easy
2. Stellar - Easy song; nothing fast
3. Sail Your Ship By - Easy song, but a little longer
4. Hey - Easy song, is a bit faster, adds a little difficulty
5. Hey You - Has one fast part
6. Behind the Mask - Similar to Hey, but a little more difficult transitions
7. More Than A Feeling - Easy song outside of the Quadruplets in the solo
8. I Wanna Be Sedated - chords! lots of 'em
9. Killer Queen - Very easy but long ending could mess people up
10. Fat Lip - A few fast parts
11. Eureka, I Found Love - small solo, pretty easy otherwise
12. Even Rats - long ass song, easy to mess up
13. Story of My Love - Long song with lots of fast chords and a quick chord part
14. Heart Full of Black - Fast 16th orange notes mess everyone up
15. Take Me Out - another long song with hard to hit blue notes in the intro and a fast ending
16. Unsung - long song with lots of chords and fastness to it
17. Callout - some tough fingering and kinda hard solo
18. Higher Ground - long song with lots of weird timing and lots of places to mess up
19. Caveman Rejoice - tough chord changes in the chorus and hard solo
20. Sharp Dressed Man - pretty hard solo
21. Farewell Myth - the fast parts get extremely annoyingly hard to hit
22. Infected - Fast part in solo
23. Iron Man - Hard solo
24. Cochise - FREAKIN CHORDS!!!
25. Smoke on the Water - 2 hard solos and hard part
26. Guitar Hero - difficult solos and fast yellow note bridge
27. Ace of Spades - Hard Solo and then hard ending
28. No One Knows - annoying chorus and hard long solo
29. The Breaking Wheel - Over 1200 notes and very fast parts
30. Take It Off - Hard triplets
31. Thunderkiss '65 - 2 hard solos
32. Ziggy Stardust - Hard fast solo and then very hard triplets
33. Spanish Castle Magic - 2 hard solos
34. Fly on the Wall - Hard solo
35. Godzilla - Lots of annoying hard parts and fast solo
36. All of This - 2 Extremely fast and difficult solos
37. Crossroads - Lots of hard fills and two long difficult solos
38. Cheat on the Church - Lots of hard solos
39. Symphony of Destruction - Goddamn of a solo
40. Frankenstein - Hard fills and very difficult fast solo
41. You Got Another Thing Comin' - The solo is extremely difficult and has a hard ending
42. Cowboys from Hell - Hard to combo up to the solo and then a bitch of a solo
43. Texas Flood - Lots of hard fills and pretty much every other 10 seconds comes some kind of difficult guitar fill
44. Decontrol - Very hard solo with one of the fastest streaks of notes in the game
45. Get Ready 2 Rokk - I'll mention those triplets since its pretty much a miracle to get them and then huge difficult solo
46. Fire It Up - Way too fast of a 2nd solo. No one's gonna get that. The 1st and 3rd are really difficult too.
47. Bark at the Moon - Very hard to combo most of this song and then a solo that is barely possible with a GHII engine, but way too fast of a solo for GH1.

Guitar Hero II 5* Breakdown: Expert
Contributor: jesse0986

1. Parasite
2. Heart-Shaped Box
3. Red Lottery
4. Radium Eyes
5. Possum Kingdom
6. Soy Bomb
7. Cherry Pie
8. Salvation
9. Surrender
10. Sweet Child o' Mine
11. Mr. Fix It
12. Yes We Can
13. Billion Dollar Babies
14. Message in a Bottle
15. Life Wasted
16. Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
17. John the Fisherman
18. Shout at the Devil
19. Them Bones
20. You Really Got Me
21. Elephant Bones
22. Mother
23. Hush
24. Last Child
25. Laughtrack
26. Carry on Wayward Son
27. Dead!
28. Girlfriend
29. War Pigs
30. X-Stream
31. Strutter
32. Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo
33. Search and Destroy
34. Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart
35. Monkey Wrench
36. Jessica
37. Trogdor
38. Drink Up
39. The New Black
40. Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight
41. Collide
42. Killing in the Name
43. Who Was in My Room Last Night?
44. Kicked to the Curb
45. Woman
46. Fall of Pangea
47. Madhouse
48. Raw Dog
49. One for the Road
50. Tattooed Love Boys
51. Arterial Black
52. Push Push (Lady Lightning)
53. Bad Reputation
54. Free Bird
55. Crazy on You
56. Stop
57. FTK
58. Laid to Rest
59. Freya
60. Beast and the Harlot
61. YYZ
62. Less Talk More Rokk
63. Thunderhorse
64. Gemini
65. Carry Me Home
66. The Light That Blinds
67. Rock This Town
68. Institutionalized
69. The Trooper
70. Hangar 18
71. Jordan
72. Psychobilly Freakout
73. Misirlou
74. Six

Guitar Hero II FC Breakdown: Medium
Contributor: Cdw01

1. Thunderhorse
2. Parasite
3. Radium Eyes
4. Woman
5. Strutter
6. Elephant Bones
7. Shout at the Devil
8. Laughtrack
9. Mother
10. Yes We Can
11. Jordan
12. Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight
13. You Really Got Me
14. Cherry Pie
15. Bad Reputation
16. Soy Bomb
17. Less Talk More Rokk
18. Tattooed Love Boys
19. Heart-Shaped Box
20. Collide
21. John the Fisherman
22. Mr. Fix It
23. Carry On Wayward Son
24. Message in a Bottle
25. Stop
26. The New Black
27. Trippin’ On a Hole in a Paper Heart
28. Girlfriend
29. Search and Destroy
30. Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’
31. Red Lottery
32. Arterial Black
33. Trogdor
34. Misirlou
35. X-Stream
36. Surrender
37. FTK
38. Sweet Child O’ Mine
39. Beast and the Harlot
40. Rock This Town
41. Gemini
42. Raw Dog
43. Monkey Wrench
44. Killing in the Name
45. Laid to Rest
46. Crazy On You
47. One for the Road
48. Last Child
49. Them Bones
50. War Pigs
51. Who Was in My Room Last Night
52. Freya
53. YYZ
54. Jessica
55. Madhouse
56. Six
57. Psychobilly Freakout
58. Fall of Pangea
59. Push Push (Lady Lightning)
60. The Light That Blinds
61. Carry Me Home
62. Hangar 18
63. Free Bird
64. Institutionalized

Guitar Hero II FC Breakdown (360): Hard
Contributor: Sully

Possum Kingdom
1. Strutter
I Wanna Be Sedated
2. Heart-Shaped Box
Smoke On The Water
Hey You
3. Cherry Pie
4. Radium Eyes
Life Wasted
5. Parasite
Killer Queen
6. Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight
7. Yes We Can
Shout at the Devil
8. Surrender
9. Elephant Bones
Famous Last Words
10. The New Black
11. Soy Bomb
12. Monkey Wrench
13. Mr. Fix It
Billion Dollar Babies
14. Girlfriend
15. Message in a Bottle
16. Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
Higher Ground
17. X-Stream
18. Red Lottery - A hard song to listen to. The only complicated parts are the trills.
19. Tattooed Love Boys
20. Less Talk More Rock
21. Shout at the Devil
22. Collide
23. Laughtrack
24. Search And Destroy
25. Who Was In My Room Last Night
26. Them Bones - end wankery is tricky
27. Trippin on a Hole in a Paper Heart
Ace of Spades
28. Bad Reputation
Take It Off
29. Last Child
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
30. Mother - Rough outro solo for a tier 1 song
31. Madhouse
32. War Pigs
33. Stop
This Is How I Disappear
34. John The Fisherman - Bridge C can cause fits
35. Sweet Child 'O Mine
36. Gemini
37. One For The Road - Long song with several semi-complicated sections.
38. Carry On Wayward Son
Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo
39. Woman - Bridge can be tough if you aren't very good at descending triplets.
40. Jessica
41. Crazy On You - The intro is pretty tricky.
42. Laid To Rest
43. FTK
44. Killing in the Name - The solos are moderately hard (triplets and trills).
Kicked to the Curb
45. You Really Got Me - The solo and end wankery are tough.
46. Rock This Town
47. YYZ
48. Raw Dog - The solo can be tough.
49. Thunderhorse - The part with the "galloping" triplets can be tricky.
50. Freya - The solo is rough.
51. Arterial Black - Tricky solo.
Drink Up
52. Carry Me Home - Several somewhat tricky parts. Intro can be tough.
The Trooper
53. Institutionalized - The solos (during verses) can be rough. Tempo changes don't make it any easier.
54. Jordan - Solos B and C are tricky.
Bark at the Moon
55. Psychobilly Freakout - Many tricky parts, tough to FC them all in one run. Solo 2a is particularly tricky.
56. Beast and the Harlot - Tough solo.
57. Free Bird - VERY LONG, easy to make a single mistake in 1600+ notes.
58. Push Push (Lady Lightning) - All around rough note chart for Hard difficulty.
59. The Light That Blinds - Nasty + fast solo.
60. Misirlou - The guitar breaks are fast and require precise timing.
61. Fall of Pangea - Length (7 min.)+ a tough solo.
62. Six - Nasty solo and complicated chord/note sequences throughout.
63. Hangar 18 - Has several tough solos.
64. Trogdor - The fast part is the solo is so fast that pretty much nobody can hit it.

Guitar Hero II FC Breakdown: Expert
Contributor: Popemobile

1. Heart Shaped Box- Obviously
2. Parasite
3. Mr. Fix It- Chord changes can be hard.
4. Soy Bomb
5. Radium Eyes
Possum Kingdom
6. Monkey Wrench
7. Yes We Can
8. Surrender- Yeah, this one definitely isn't the 5th easiest. Sorry folks
9. X-Stream- I guess you could say the chord changes are hard, but this song is pretty basic
10. Can't you Hear Me Knockin'?
11. Red Lottery- 5 minutes in practice mode and the trill is easy. If I had to play this more than I did I'd probably be dead right now
12. Shout at the Devil
13. Strutter
Billion Dollar Babies- FCed it on my sightread, and my 3rd try, so it can't be all that hard
14. Elephant Bones
15. Laughtrack
16. Cherry Pie- Tricky solo, incredibly boring song
17. Message in a Bottle
18. Girlfriend
19. John the Fisherman
20. Who Was In My Room Last Night?
21. The New Black
22. Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart
23. Collide
24. Last Child
25. Tattooed Love Boys
26. Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight
27. Jessica
28. Woman- WTF is up with that solo
29. Killing in the Name- NO OF PEOPLE, GET IT RIGHT
30. War Pigs- Incredibly frustrating missing a note in this song
Life Wasted- Has some really really tricky parts
31. Sweet Child O' Mine
32. Less Talk More Rokk
Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo
33. Freya
34. YYZ
35. Stop
36. Laid to Rest
37. Raw Dog
38. Thunderhorse
39. Carry on Wayward Son- Pretty hard for such an early song
Kicked to the Curb- Same as Drink Up, easy song, tough solo
40. Crazy on You
41. One for the Road
Drink Up- Very easy outside of the solo, but the solo is tough
42. Madhouse- Not to hard once you figure out the right way to do things
43. Arterial Black- Solo looks tough, but it's pretty easy once you get it down
44. Mother- Again, WTF is up with that solo
45. FTK
46. Push Push (Lady Lightning)
47. Search and Destroy
48. You Really Got Me- Very hard to get both the solo and wankery in one run
49. Rock This Town
50. Carry Me Home
51. Bad Reputation
52. Psychobilly Freakout
53. Them Bones- Cuh-razy ending
54. Gemini- I still have no idea how to get the end of the bridge
55. Fall of Pangea- hard solos, really long ass song
56. Free Bird- almost 2000 notes, pretty easy to miss at least one
The Trooper- Crazy trills, and the rest of the song isn't all that easy either
57. The Light That Blinds- Very hard to even combo up to the solo, and then you have to get through the solo...
58. Misirlou
59. Six
60. Institutionalized- A ton of hard parts, although each is significantly easier than the BatH solo
61. Beast and the Harlot- Triplets FTL
62. Hangar 18- 9 solos
63. Trogdor- I guess it could be possible, but wow
64. Jordan- Yeah

Guitar Hero II FC Breakdown: Expert Bass (INCOMPLETE)
Contributor: daniel192

Possum Kingdom - No really hard part.
1. Shout at the Devil - This one is the same as PK.
2. Heart Shaped Box - Long and boring.
3. Surrender - Simple, few ho-po's here and there.
4. Them Bones - Think like the guitar, only not chords.
5. Message In a Bottle - Simple, 8th notes in Chorus.
6. Cherry Pie - Another long and really boring song.
7. Sweet Child o' Mine - Almost 6 minutes.
8. You Really Got Me - Nothing really breaking here.
9. Misirlou - Ugh, the simplicity.
10. Killing in the Name - It may be famous, but not difficult.
Hush - Starts becoming a little tricky right here.
Life Wasted - Still, not too hard to FC.
11. Carry Me Home - Those green/orange stretches can be a pain.
12. John the Fisherman - Chords.
13. Monkey Wrench - Lots of 8th notes.
14. Crazy On You - Starts to become tricky.
15. Carry on Wayward Son - Really like the guitar.
Billion Dollar Babies - Few "shreds" here and there.
16. Search and Destroy - A little harder than the previous.
17. War Pigs - It's like Sweet Child O' Mine, bass solos everywhere.
18. Freya - Long, and tricky.
19. Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart - There we have a combo breaker!
20. Stop! - Annoying.
21. Woman - Like a simple version of the guitar.
22. Madhouse - Thrash metal bass. Need I say more?
23. Salvation - Surprisingly difficult.
24. Rock This Town - 8th notes, switching between green/yellow.
25. Beast and the Harlot - Like the guitar again.
26. Tattooed Love Boys - This one is surprising.
Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo - Getting combo-breaking!
27. Bad Reputation - Fast strums.
28. Psychobilly Freakout - Faster version of Rock This Town.
29. Hangar 18 - Easy at first, then gets much harder.
30. YYZ - Where else? (Last on list for PS2 users)
The Trooper - Ok let's have a LOT of triplets.

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s 5* Breakdown: Expert
Contributor: jesse0986

1. We Got the Beat
2. Because, it's Midnite
3. The Warrior
4. 18 and Life
5. Shakin'
6. No One Like You
7. Balls to the Wall
8. (Band Your Head) Metal Health
9. Heat of the Moment
10. I Ran (So Far Away)
11. Lonely is the Night
12. Round and Round
13. I Wanna Rock
14. Holy Diver
15. Turning Japanese
16. Only a Lad
17. Synchronicity II
18. Bathroom Wall
19. Hold on Loosely
20. Wrathchild
21. Ain't Nothin But a Good Time
22. Police Truck
23. Los Angeles
24. Radar Love
25. What I Like About You
26. Ballroom Blitz
27. Electric Eye
28. Seventeen
29. Caught in a Mosh
30. Play With Me

Guitar Hero 80s FC Breakdown: Medium
Contributor: Ticket

1. Because, it's Midnight - Lefty flip might be a challenge.
2. 18 and Life - Nice and slow.
3. We Got the Beat - Nothing to worry about.
4. (Bang Your Head) Metal Health - Try not to fall asleep.
5. Shakin' - Chorus 3A-C shouldn't cause much trouble.
6. I Ran - Cake.
7. The Warrior - Slow and easy solo.
8. Heat of the Moment - Beginners may have trouble with chord changes.
9. No One Like You - Might overstrum in transition between solos B and C.
10. Turning Japanese - Gtr Hook 1 is the only potential danger I can see.
11. Balls to the Wall - String of green notes in Chorus 2A with weird timing.
12. Holy Diver - Solo 1C might make you plink.
13. Hold On Loosely - Don't choke in Solo H and you'll be fine.
14. Ballroom Blitz - Nothing hard, but is overall somewhat tricky.
15. Ain't Nothing but a Good Time - Some timing issues in the solo.
16. Lonely is the Night - Short trill in solo D and choke friendly chorus 3B and outro.
17. Police Truck - Chorus 2 and quick pull-offs throughout the song.
18. What I like about You - I could see the intro, outro and solo 2B cause some trouble.
19. Bathroom Wall - Got some semi-tricky parts.
20. Radar Love - Solo B-D and perhaps verse 3D-E.
21. Only a Lad - Decent test of chord changing abilities.
22. Synchronicity II - Length. Transition between chorus 4A-B is a choke waiting to happen.
23. I Wanna Rock - Solo 1B is hazardous.
24. Wrathchild - No dull moments.
25. Los Angeles - Fast strumming and some quick HO/POs.
26. Electric Eye - Tough bridge. Verses are awkward to some. Solo is not that bad.
27. Caught in a Mosh - Doesn't allow any sloppy play.
28. Play With Me - Lots of tricky parts. Solo F and Chorus 5C especially so.
29. Round and Round - Outro B will bite you in the ass.
30. Seventeen - Second solo + outro seals the win as toughest medium FC on Rocks the 80's.

Guitar Hero 80s FC Breakdown: Hard
Contributor: Sully

1) We Got The Beat
2) Shakin'
3) I Ran (So Far Away)
4) Balls To The Wall
5) The Warrior
6) Turning Japanese
7) Bathroom Wall
8) Only A Lad
9) Heat Of The Moment
10) Lonely Is The Night
11) Synchronicity II
12) Hold On Loosely
13) Holy Diver
14) Los Angeles
15) Ballroom Blitz
16) Police Truck
17) Wrathchild
18) I Wanna Rock- solos
19) Radar Love- short solo trills
20) No One Like You- solo
21) What I Like About You- tricky chord patterns
22) 18 And Life- the 10 fast notes in the solo
23) Bang Your Head (Metal Health)- trill in solo and chords in outro
24) Seventeen- solos
25) Caught In A Mosh- tricky verses, choruses, and solo
26) Ain't Nothin But A Good Time- triplets in solo
27) Round And Round- solos and outro
28) Because, It's Midnite- SOLO
29) Electric Eye- solo
30) Play With Me- Solo E in particular

Guitar Hero 80s FC Breakdown: Expert
Contributor: MasterBlaster

1. We Got The Beat-Warrior gives it a fight, but We Got The Beat is incredibly easy
2. The Warrior-No hard parts
3. Turning Japanese-A little annoying with strumming, but you should be able to do it if you're a good alt-strummer
4. Shakin'-Also quite easy, but you have more of a chance missing here then the first three.
5. I Ran (So Far Away)-Fast part requires good timing and speed to FC
6. Balls To The Wall-Very close to I Ran-just a little harder on the fast part and rest of the song
7. Heat Of The Moment-Gets annoying in the end, but very doable
8. 18 And Life-Fast HO/PO solo, but time in Practice Mode and it's pretty easy
9. Bathroom Wall-Oddly high. It can be annoying and has a tough fast part, but nowhere near as hard as the other songs in the section
10. Only A Lad-The hard part is in the bridge. Those with long hands and Practice Mode find it easier. Once again, very doable with practice.
11. Lonely Is The Night-Trill can break your FC unless you know how
12. (Bang Your Head) Metal Health-Fast trill, hard solo, and complicated rhythm at the end. Harder then you'd think...
13. Los Angeles-Million places to mess up in this song. Lots of alt-strums and timing.
14. Hold On Loosely-Solo can be hard-you gotta slide or hop fast, which throws people off.
15. Police Truck-A harder version of Los Angeles-complicated strumming and rhythm throughout. Nowhere near last-tier though...
16. What I Like About You-Most annoying, repetitive fingerings, plus a hard alt-strum section. So many chords...
17. Wrathchild-Fast part needs time in Practice, but easier then it looks.
18. Holy Diver-Solo looks harder then it is, but is still pretty hard. Two sections of it too.
19. Synchronicity II-Stupid ending. It's not even in the real song!
20. Radar Love-God-awful annoying solo. So many places to mess up. It's crazy.
21. No One Like You-Oddly hard for such a low song. Tough solo.
22. Ain't Nothin But A Good Time-Hard solo. Very close in difficulty to Wrathchild-just a little harder.
23. Caught In A Mosh-Tough rhythm throughout-kind of like Police Truck or Los Angeles on steroids. Nothing crazy impossible, though-just tough.
24. I Wanna Rock-Crazy triplets, annoying solo, and so many notes you can mess up on. Requires lots of Practice Mode.
25. Round And Round-Basically just a long bastard of a HO/PO. Superfast.
26. Seventeen-Two face-melting solos. Both are insanity. But possible insanity. (is that an oxymoron?) Crazy HO/POs and alt-strumming.
27. Electric Eye-This solo has the best attribute-making no sense. This solo really doesn't have any patterns. It's just a fast string of notes you have to be great to hit.
28. Play With Me-This may surprise people, but the PWM solo is just very fast and complicated. It's totally possible, and it's easier to hit then the random insanity of the next two.
29. Because, It's Midnite-Jordan speed. Most of this is impossible to hit with one hand. K3v is a beast...
30. Ballroom Blitz-Beast and the Harlot solo on steroids. 20 NPS? No way.

Guitar Hero 3 5* Breakdown: Expert
Contributor: jesse0986

1. Sabotage
2. Closer
3. Metal Heavy Lady
4. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
5. Bulls on Parade
6. Radio Song
7. Generation Rock
8. When You Were Young
9. My Name is Jonas
10. Slow Ride
11. Mississippi Queen
12. Sunshine of Your Love
13. Paranoid
14. Story of My Life
15. Ruby
16. Can't Be Saved
17. Talk Dirty to Me
18. Helicopter
19. Avalancha
20. Reptilia
21. School's Out
22. Lay Down
23. Miss Murder
24. Anarchy in the U.K.
25. Rock You Like a Hurricane
26. Even Flow
27. La Grange
28. Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll
29. Rock and Roll All Nite
30. Kool Thing
31. She Bangs the Drums
32. Black Magic Woman
33. Go That Far
34. Prayer of the Refugee
35. Hier Kommt Alex
36. In Love
37. Cherub Rock
38. In the Belly of a Shark
39. Suck My Kiss
40. Paint it Black
41. Holiday in Cambodia
42. Barracuda
43. The Seeker
44. Don't Hold Back
45. Cult of Personality
46. Stricken
47. Black Sunshine
48. I'm in the Band
49. Down 'n Dirty
50. Welcome to the Jungle
51. The Metal
52. Impulse
53. Monsters
54. Pride and Joy
55. 3's & 7's
56. Minus Celsius
57. Same Old Song and Dance
58. My Curse
59. Knights of Cydonia
60. Mauvais Garcon
61. The Number of the Beast
62. One
63. Before I Forget
64. Cliffs of Dover
65. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.
66. Take This Life
67. Nothing for Me Here
68. Raining Blood
69. The Way it Ends
70. Through the Fire and Flames

Guitar Hero 3 FC Breakdown: Medium
Contributor: Cdw01

1. Cities On Flame with Rock and Roll
2. Suck My Kiss
3. My Name Is Jonas
4. Sabotage
5. Radio Song
6. She Bangs the Drums
7. Monsters
8. Reptilia
9. Slow Ride
10. School’s Out
11. Miss Murder
12. Mauvais Garcon
13. Helicopter
14. Ruby
15. Closer
16. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
17. Mississippi Queen
18. Bulls on Parade
19. When You Were Young
20. Even Flow
21. Talk Dirty to Me
22. We Three Kings
23. Sunshine of Your Love
24. Can’t Be Saved
25. Story of My Life
26. I’m in the Band
27. Paranoid
28. Impulse
29. Rock and Roll All Nite
30. The Metal
31. Welcome to the Jungle
32. Metal Heavy Lady
33. Prayer of the Refugee
34. In the Belly of a Shark
35. Generation Rock
36. In Love
37. Minus Celsius
38. The Way It Ends
39. Go That Far
40. Holiday in Cambodia
41. Before I Forget
42. Kool Thing
43. Paint It Black
44. The Seeker
45. Rock You Like a Hurricane
46. La Grange
47. Tom Morello Guitar Battle
48. Black Sunshine
49. Down n’ Dirty
50. Cliffs of Dover
51. Same Old Song and Dance
52. Avalancha
53. Hier Kommt Alex
54. 3’s & 7’s
55. Take This Life
56. Barracuda
57. Anarchy in the U.K.
58. Pride and Joy
59. Lay Down
60. My Curse
61. Cult of Personality
62. Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix
63. Nothing For Me Here
64. Cherub Rock
65. Black Magic Woman
66. Stricken
67. Slash Guitar Battle
68. Don’t Hold Back
69. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.
70. Knights of Cydonia
71. Ernten Was Wir Saen
72. Number of the Beast
73. Raining Blood
74. One
75. The Devil Went Down to Georgia
76. Through the Fire and Flames

Guitar Hero 3 FC Breakdown: Hard
Contributor: Goldengoal7

1. Closer: Very Simple
2. Sunshine of Your Love: Easy stuff, could be #1
3. When You Were Young: Some fast strumming
4. Mississippi Queen: Nothing hard here
5. My Name is Jonas: Fast Strumming part may be hard
6. Metal Heavy Lady: Nothing terrible here either
7. Sabotage: Maybe some strumming might be difficult
8. Slow Ride: A few parts may trip some people up
9. Generation Rock
10. Radio Song
11. Bulls on Parade: Killswitch solo part
12. Hier Kommt Alex
13. School's Out: Somewhat hard solo
14. Paranoid: Fast Chords, moderate solo
16. Anarchy in the U.K.
17. Lay Down
18. She Bangs the Drums
19. Kool Thing: Some fast strumming
20. Talk Dirty to Me: Some chord changes may be tough
21. Can’t Be Saved: Some hard chord changes, easy solo
22. Story of My Life: Tough chord changes, long song
23. The Metal
Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix
24. Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Some tough HO/PO's
25. Welcome to the Jungle
26. Miss Murder: Fast Chord changes
All My Life
27. In Love
28. La Grange
29. Avalancha
30. Suck My Kiss
31. Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll
32. The Seeker
33. Paint it Black: Fast strumming bits hard
34. Prayer of the Refugee
35. Rock & Roll All Nite
36. Even Flow
37. Reptillia: Try not to fall asleep at the beginning
She Builds Quick Machines
38. Helicopter: Tough fast strumming parts
39. Same Old Song and Dance
40. Barracuda
41. Cliffs of Dover
42. I'm In the Band
43. In the Belly Of A Shark
Slash Boss Battle
44. Mauvais Garcon: Get the strumming down and it's easier
45. Holiday in Cambodia: Fast strumming
46. Rock You Like A Hurricane: Tough solo
47. Cult of Personality: Solo can be challenging
The Pretender
48. Minus Celsius
This Is A Call
49. Black Magic Woman
50. Black Sunshine: The one O to G sweep is a bitch
51. Stricken
52. Before I Forget
53. Pride and Joy: Couple tough parts
Carcinogen Crush
54. 3's and 7's: Fast strumming w/ chord changes
55. Monsters: Stop and go fast strumming
56. My Curse
Tom Morello Boss Battle
57. Go That Far: GG YY GG YY fast bit
58. Impulse: Lots of HO/PO's, awesome song
59. Cherub Rock: The ending strumming
60. Don't Hold Back
61. Down N’ Dirty
Putting Holes In Happiness
62. Nothing For Me Here
63. The Way It Ends
64. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X: Lots of strumming, Aggro part
65. Knights of Cydonia: Uber Fast strumming
66. Number Of The Beast: Bitch of a solo
67. Take This Life: Fast Alt. Strumming, Tough Chord switches, hard HO/PO's
68. Raining Blood: Mosh 1, Overall tough song
69. One: Congratz morty
70. Through the Fire and Flames: Yeah..
The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Guitar Hero 3 FC Breakdown: Expert
Contributor: Squidy

1. Closer
2. Metal Heavy Lady
3. When You Were Young
4. Generation Rock
5. Sabotage
6. Mississippi Queen
7. Radio Song
No More Sorrow
8. My Name is Jonas
9. Slow Ride
10. Reptilia
11. Bulls on Parade - Annoying to miss.
12. Ruby
13. Lay Down
14. Talk Dirty to Me
15. Miss Murder
Pretty Handsome Awkward
16. Sunshine of Your Love
17. Can't Be Saved
18. Story of My Life - Long, boring and just plain annoying.
19. Anarchy in the U.K.
20. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Carcinogen Crush
21. School's Out
22. Prayer of the Refugee
23. She Bangs the Drums
24. Paranoid
25. Even Flow
26. Minus Celsius - A few awkward chord changes.
27. Paint It Black
28. Barracuda - Gallops
29. The Metal - Acoustic part is confusing.
30. Avalancha
31. Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll
32. Hier Kommt Alex
33. La Grange
So Payaso
34. 3's & 7's
35. Helicopter
36. Kool Thing
Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix
37. Mauvais Garcon
38. Cherub Rock
39. In the Belly of a Shark
40. Welcome to the Jungle
41. Suck My Kiss
42. The Seeker
43. Before I Forget - Waaay too many chords.
44. In Love
45. Same Old Song and Dance
The Pretender
46. Rock and Roll All Nite - Solo is kinda confusing.
All My Life
47. Go That Far
48. My Curse
49. Monsters
50. I'm in the Band
51. Pride and Joy
52. Stricken
This is a Call
53. Cliffs of Dover - Reverse Thunderhorse thing is hard.
Putting Holes in Happiness
54. Impulse
55. Black Sunshine
56. Rock You Like a Hurricane
She Builds Quick Machines
57. Down n' Dirty
58. Take This Life
59. Black Magic Woman -The part with the speed-changing oranges are hard.
60. Cult of Personality - Very fast solo.
61. Holiday in Cambodia - Intro
62. Don't Hold Back
Sleeping Giant
63. Knights of Cydonia - The Misirlou of GH3.
64. The Number of the Beast - Tough solo.
65. Nothing for Me Here
66. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.
We Three Kings
Tom Morello Boss Battle
Knights of Cydonia (PS2) - Lag makes is harder than it's suppose to be
Ernten Was Wir Saen
67. The Way It Ends - Solo is rough and verses/chorus are major choke points.
68. Raining Blood - Mosh 1 + Flood trills are very fast.
Slash Boss Battle
69. One - Nearly impossible solo.
The Devil Went Down To Georgia - Seriously wtf?
70. Through the Fire and Flames - Yeah, no one is gonna get this.

Guitar Hero: On Tour 5* Breakdown: Expert
Contributor: Bulblax

1. Do What you Want - easy all around
2. Jessie's Girl - very simple mostly
3. All Star - a little fast strumming
4. We're Not Gonna Take it - just a lot of strumming
5. Spiderwebs - long but easy
6. All The Small Things - easy but lots of strumming
7. What I Want - just hit the easy choruses
7. Heaven - fun to play
9. La Grange - just hit the easy parts
10. China Grove
11. Hit Me With Your Best Shot - easy outside solo
12. I Don't Wanna Stop - easy outside impossible solo
13. I Am Not Your Gameboy - not really tough, weird parts that should have hammerons
14. Helicopter
15. Stray Cat Strut - don't need to hit the fast strumming but it helps
16. This Love - weird strumming patterns all around
17. Rock and Roll all Nite - need to pretty much fc outside solo
18. Black Magic Woman - needing over 3.2 multiplier doesn't help
19. Jet Airliner - get the basic pattern down and it's cake
20. Breed - tough to keep a combo for a lot of it
21. Are You Gonna Be My Girl - stupid strumming patterns all around, avoid alt strumming if possible
22. Youth Gone Wild - so short and so few notes, need to hit that sweep almost every time
23. Anna Molly - I've gotten 98% 4* on this, essential to combo almost all the fast strumming
24. Pride and Joy - tough all over
25. I Know A Little - consistently difficult, most notes in solo
26. Knock me Down - Consistently difficult, very hard to 5*

Guitar Hero: On Tour FC Breakdown: Hard
Contributor: Bulblax

1. Do What you Want - really nothing hard
2. All Star - just a bunch of slow chords, could be #1
3. All the Small Things - almost the same as expert
4. We're not Gonna Take it - easier chorus than expert
5. Jessie's Girl - harder than expert because of weird chord changes
6. This Love - nothing hard
7. China Grove
8. Spiderwebs - just long and boring
9. Heaven
10. Helicopter
11. Rock and Roll all Nite - surprisingly easy
12. Anna Molly - so much easier than expert
13. La Grange - weird strumming
14. What I Want - tricky solo bits
15. I Am Not Your Gameboy - almost EXACTLY the same as expert
16. Are You Gonna Be My Girl - strange alt strumming bits all around
17. Stray Cat Strut - too damn similar to expert chart
18. Jet Airliner - less weird bits but still overall lots of choking points
19. Breed - more fast strumming
20. Black Magic Woman - long, constant strumming near the end but difficult to find the speed of it
21. Hit me With Your Best Shot - trills suck in this game so much
22. I Know A Little - crazy beginning solo
23. Youth Gone Wild - solo nearly identical to expert
24. Pride and Joy
25. Knock me Down - chorus gets harder as the song progresses ;(
26. I Don't Wanna Stop - yeah

Guitar Hero: On Tour FC Breakdown: Expert
Contributor: Bulblax

1. All The Small Things - no real tough parts, just a lot of strumming
2. Jessie's Girl - some weird strums in the solo
3. Do What you Want - weird strumming at times, awkward chord changes
4. We're not Gonna Take it - chorus has strange chord changes
5. All Star - just a little fast strumming
6. China Grove - weird strums as well
7. This Love - really not that hard if you downstrum
8. I Am Not Your Gameboy - parts that should be hammerons
9. Helicopter - a lot easier than gh3
10. Heaven - some fast triplets in solo
11. Stray Cat Strut - some fast strumming but not too bad
12. Are You gonna Be My Girl - weird chord changes
13. Spiderwebs - incredibly easy until AGH TRILLS 30 seconds from the end
14. What I Want - beginning triplets, fast descending solo triplets
15. Jet Airliner - repetitive pattern, watch out for the RYRG things
16. Hit Me with your best Shot -a lot harder than gh3, solo is crazy
17. Black Magic Woman - long plus annoying strumming at end
18 Youth Gone Wild - solo sounds like slowed down herman's solo, tough all around
19. Breed - crazy fast strumming section
20. Anna Molly - the KoC or Misirlou of this game
21. La Grange - solo 1 is very difficult
22. Rock and Roll All Nite - stupidass solo returns from GH3 only worse
23. I Know A Little - tough solos and all around
24. Pride and Joy - weird solos
25. Knock Me Down - tough all around, hardest 5*
26. I Don't Wanna Stop - can this ever be done?

Guitar Hero: World Tour 5* Breakdown: Expert Guitar
Contributor: Injection

1. What I've Done - The average expert player should be almost 50-50 chance to FC this, let alone 5* it
2. Today
3. Obstacle 1
4. Beautiful Disaster
5. About A Girl (Live)
6. Monsoon
7. Livin' On A Prayer
8. Vinternoll2
9. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
10. Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)
11. Some Might Say
12. The One I Love
13. Float On
14. Band On The Run
15. The Middle
16. American Woman
17. Re-Education Through Labor - much much higher than I thought it would be, but the stats say it belongs up here
18. Our Truth - BO trills may screw you up slightly, another one I thought would be lower
19. Hey Man, Nice Shot
20. Nuvole E Lenzuola
21. Mountain Song - SP + RB/YO chords = win!
22. Heartbreaker
23. Spiderwebs
24. Go Your Own Way
25. Up Around The Bend
26. Hotel California - Very long, don't let your focus slip.
27. Good God
28. Schism - Learn the riff, get the 5*
29. Never Too Late - Ridiculous intro, search for points elsewhere
30. Misery Business - pretty speedy, keep your guard up.
31. Feel The Pain
32. Hail To The Freaks
33. You're Gonna Say Yeah!
34. Everlong
35. Aggro
36. Freak On A Leash
37. Pull Me Under - Long, but many easy points in chords
38. Beat It
39. Pretty Vacant
40. One Way Or Another
41. Eye Of The Tiger
42. Ramblin' Man
43. Shiver
44. L'Via L'Viaquez
45. The Kill
46. Lazy Eye
47. Santeria
48. Weapon Of Choice - main riff is kind of tricky
49. One Armed Scissor
50. Hollywood Nights
51. The Joker - A few combo breaking fills here
52. The Wind Cries Mary - Surprised to see this so low, got well above 6 stars sightread
53. Parabola
54. Are You Gonna Go My Way - Riff is kind of a pain to get consistently
55. No Sleep Till Brooklyn - so few points in the main riff that you actually need to be able to somewhat combo the solo - trickier than you'd expect.
56. Vicarious
57. Love Removal Machine
58. Rebel Yell
59. Stillborn
60. Escuela de Calor
61. Kick Out The Jams
62. Dammit - Very tiring if downstrumming
63. La Bamba - Should be enough points in the main riff here to get you home
64. Love Spreads - Obnoxious main riff.
65. Toy Boy
66. Purple Haze (Live) - Lots of soloing, can be hard to rack up a combo
67. Sweet Home Alabama (Live) - END CHORDS, blast those things with SP!
68. Antisocial - Goes on for a bit, chord switches can be obnoxious
69. On The Road Again (Live) - Kind of stunned the stats say this should be this low, wouldn't mind opinions.
70. Prisoner Of Society
71. Demolition Man (Live) - Those TTFAF intro-esque solos are a pain, but possible to 5 star without comboing them
72. Stranglehold - very, VERY long.
73. Mr. Crowley
74. Do It Again
75. Love Me Two Times - fuck those trills
76. Crazy Train - main riff is quite tricky
77. Assassin
78. Trapped Under Ice
79. Soul Doubt
80. Scream Aim Fire - Six-lite
81. B.Y.O.B
82. Overkill
83. Hot For Teacher
84. Satch Boogie

Guitar Hero: World Tour FC Breakdown: Expert Guitar
Contributor: Bulblax

1 Monsoon - this is a guy singing o_O
2 What I've Done - you only play guitar for like half of this
3 The One I Love - barely any chords even
4 Obstacle 1 - reminds me of Closer, about the same difficulty
5 About a Girl - a few easy triplets
6 Today - not hard
7 Vinternoll2 - way too easy for this late, I honestly this might be easier than #7
My Lucky Day
8 Beautiful Disaster - reminds me of radio song
9 Rooftops - actually really easy, just a lot of strumming
10 Hey Man, Nice Shot - rhythm can be weird but pretty easy
11 Hail to the Freaks - nothing hard
12 Float On - again too easy too late
13 American Woman - a couple random things
14 Freak on a Leash - that chord change is actually really easy
15 The Joker - good song but pretty easy
16 Some Might Say - really long but nothing hard
17 Band on the Run - almost as long as sms
18 Misery Business - gallops thrown in, one sweep too
19 Eye of the Tiger - to downstrum you need rocky strength
20 Nuvole E Lenzuola - nothing real difficult
21 Hotel California - awesome song but really not hard
22 Up Around the Bend - weird R B RB thing
23 Everlong - chordfest, not too hard
24 You're Gonna Say Yeah - so fucking easy to miss
25 Dammit - chord pulloffs suck
26 The Wind Cries Mary - don't miss those triplet hold sustains
27 Ramblin Man - very long solo but nothing hard at all
28 Go Your Own Way - solo can trip you up at the end
29 Reeducation through Labor - OBYR GRY is annoying
30 One Armed Scissor - lots of chords and gallops
31 Weapon of Choice - police truck/sex type thing etc
32 Too Much Too Young Too Fast - solo is only hard part, slow trills especially
33 One Way or Another - annoying chord changes, fills, solo too
34 Schism - chokefest, end is hardest part
35 Hollywood Nights - not really hard but chokeable and longgggggg
36 Aggro - a harder Lay Down/Miss Murder, the chord pulloffs might trip you up
37 Shiver - a lot of fast chords
38 Pretty Vacant - a little harder than aituk
39 Good God - weird random fast strumming
40 Mountain Song - the RB YO chords go 5-7 not 6-6
41 Livin on a Prayer - that one stupid thing puts it up here and slide notes make it much harder than it needs to be
42 Parabola - trill, weird main riff, can miss easily
43 Santeria - solo is kinda tricky, weird chord pulloffs, end is insanely chokable
44 Escuela de Calor - slow but long fast strumming
45 On the Road Again - weird chart, can miss anywhere
46 Our Truth - BO trills suck
47 Toy Boy - prechorus triplets are over 20 nps at times, random fast strumming too
48 Are You Gonna Go My Way - consistency, somewhat hard solo too
49 Kick out the Jams - trills are a lot harder than you'd think
50 La Bamba - lol ozzy singing this
51 The Middle - fast strumming is fast and solo zigzags
52 The Kill - fast strumming transition to slow strumming is hard
53 Feel the Pain - solo has some tough stuff, especially the trill
54 Antisocial - a lot of annoying chord changes and pretty easy solo
55 Do It Again - really easy to miss anywhere, one really stupid chord part, organ solo is all purple notes with a trill
56 Heartbreaker - fast ascending triplets and scales, along with random other bits and TTFAF-like strumming only slower in the middle
57 Lazy Eye - tons of slow alt strumming, random weird bits, tough all around
58 Love Spreads - trill at very end, hard all around, long
59 Spiderwebs - end trills with purple notes are really annoying
60 Vicarious - end is a whole bunch of fast ascending triplets that change frets every time, also over seven minutes
61 Rebel Yell - early sweep, laser beam trills, weird solo sections
62 Demolition Man - descending triplets are hardest, also ttfaf intro-like stuff and some trills
Born to Run
63 L'Via L'Viaquez - three hard solos, first one is hardest
64 Love me Two Times - worst chart in the game
65 Soul Doubt - crazy strumming all around, weird patterns
66 No Sleep Till Brooklyn - really annoying solo, extremely easy outside of it though
67 Prisoner of Society - best chart in the game
68 Stillborn - solo is wtf
69 Sweet Home Alabama - almost 2000 notes, end solo and the 3 note chord shit
70 Purple Haze - zigzag and solo is tough too
71 Stranglehold - second longest on disc song ever to Free Bird, 1700+ notes, lots of solos, lots of places to fall asleep too
72 Never Too Late - intro solo especially, but middle one is hard too
73 Assassin - constant strumming, 1700 notes in 3 minutes, 17.6 nps end strumming
74 Trapped Under Ice - the easiest of the "hard" songs
76 Scream Aim Fire - trills are really hard
77 Pull Me Under - very long, trill and three random hard solo bits
78 Crazy Train - tapping solo, don't miss the ascending thing at the end, fills in choruses can trip you up too
79 Beat It - purple notes make it harder
80 Overkill - crazy all around, one really weird fast solo bit near the end, strumming at the very end that gradually slows down is VERY hard to keep the rhythm with
81 Mr Crowley - crazy solos, especially those weird trills that change frets
82 Love Removal Machine - two insane solos, zigzags and weird repeating fast pattern
83 Hot For Teacher - even the main riff is hard
84 Satch Boogie - solo D sucks, solo F sucks more, good luck with this

Also Tier FC Breakdown

1. 1 - Sweden - Wilted Orchid (hardest - Beautiful Disaster)
2. 1 - Poland - Bone Church (hardest - Some Might Say)
3. 2 - Los Angeles - Amoeba Records (hardest - Hotel California)
4. 3 - Tahiti - Ted's Tiki Hut (hardest - Good God)
5. 1 - USA - Phi Psi Kappa (hardest - Livin on a Prayer)
6. 2 - The Pacific - Rock Brigade (hardest - Feel the Pain)
7. 3 - Canada - Recording Studio (hardest - Lazy Eye)
8. 2 - USA - Tool (hardest - Vicarious)
9. 1 - Hong Kong - Pang Tang Bay (hardest - No Sleep Till Brooklyn)
10. 4 - Australia - Tesla's Coil (hardest - Soul Doubt, the other four are so easy)
11. 3 - Los Angeles - House of Blues (hardest - Love Me Two Times)
12. 2 - Louisiana - Swamp Shack (hardest - Stillborn)
13. 2 - Kentucky - Strutter's Farm (hardest - Stranglehold)
14. 3 - England - Will Heilm's Keep (hardest - Beat It)
15. 4 - San Francisco - AT&T Park (hardest - Purple Haze)
16. 4 - Germany - Ozzfest (hardest - Love Removal Machine)
17. 5 - New York - Times Square (hardest - Hot For Teacher)
18. 5 - Asgard - Sunna's Chariot (hardest - obv Satch Boogie)

Guitar Hero: Metallica FC Breakdown: Expert Guitar
Contributor: banjokazooie

1. Mother of Mercy- Basic chords, no solo, some 8th's but nothing you'd call fast.
2. For Whom The Bell Tolls- See these buttons? How bout that strummer thing? Can you use them? If yes, here's your FC.
3. Turn The Page (Live)- Good song, but boring and repetitive. If you can stay attentive through the whole song, the FC is yours.
4. No Excuses- Trill, couple little hammer-on sequences that may trip you up. Easy still.
5. The Unforgiven- Basic HO/PO's and chords throughout, solo may be hard for beginners but is simple.
6. Stacked Actors- Fun for an easy song, one little fast strumming run in the "BIZOW" part
7. Albatross- Pretty easy outside the solos, which have some confusing sections.
8. Tuesday's Gone- Easy, but there are some tricky parts and it's loooong.
9. No Leaf Clover- Couple little rapid-fire runs in the solo, but nothing too difficult.
10. King Nothing- Slow main riff, slow licks, easy overall.
11. Nothing Else Matters- Very long. VEEERY long. Extended sustains make it easy to miss.
12. The Boys are Back in Town- Some quick strums, mostly easy stuff here.
13. The Memory Remains- Some awkward HO/POs throughout, but nothing too hard at all.
14. Enter Sandman- Some strumming in the solo, but pretty down-tempo and easy.
15. Toxicity- Weird strumming patterns all over, easy to miss.
16. Demon Cleaner- Boring, easy to choke on.
17. Orion- Alt-strumming in riff and last solo, but a fairly basic song.
18. Sad But True- Solo has some awkward stuff with chords, but it's not fast.
19. Armed and Ready- Zigzag can give you fits.
20. The Thing That Should Not Be- Slow, but there is that solo.
21. Fuel- Mix of strumming and HO/POs could be tough for some.
22. Stone Cold Crazy- Way easier with hyperspeed, very short and fun.
23. Mommy's Little Monster- Strummy and frustrating, like a harder One-Armed Scissor
24. Hell Bent For Leather- Not as hard as it looks.
25. Blood and Thunder- Not as easy as it looks.
26. Beautiful Mourning- Off-beat strumming and some weird riffage, but nothing overly hard.
27. The Black River- Gallops. First solo is kind of tricky I guess.
28. War Inside My Head- Tough fills and ending.
29. Frantic- Strumming with hammerons in it. Easy to miss.
30. Fade To Black- Long, but easy outside the solo which isn't bad either.
31. Wherever I May Roam- Mini-trills and slide in the solo.
32. Ace of Spades- We've all seen it before, but this is probably the hardest version.
33. Creeping Death- Fairly fast riff with weird HOPOs, strummy break in solo and chokeable end trips.
34. Am I Evil?- Long, has fast strumming and medium difficulty solo.
35. The Shortest Straw- You can miss anywhere. And the solo is no pushover.
36. Seek And Destroy- Easy, then there's the solo. Have fun.
37. Mercyful Fate- Not any one hard part, but it's 11 minutes and it's Metallica.
38. Battery- Way easier on the GH engine. Descending trips in solo could be tough.
39. Evil- Nothing overly hard until the tapping solo, but that is hard to get used to.
40. Whiplash- Yikes at Breakneck Solo C
41. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)- Easy, easy, easy, wait... WTF?
42. Master of Puppets- Solo, rest of the song is no pushover.
43. Hit the Lights- Solo 2... What the hell is that?
45. Fight Fire With Fire- Burning riff, it's all missable.
44. All Nightmare Long- LOONG. Lots o' strumming and soloing.
46. Disposable Heroes- Solo has strums all over the place, and tricky strumming all over the whole song. This one's a doozy.
47. War Ensemble- Easy solos, but the rest of the song isn't.
48. Dyer's Eve- Just the trips. Oh yeah, and the other solos and rest of the song too.
49. One- What did you expect? It's easy outside of FSA, but good luck with that.

Master Guitar Hero Expert 5* List
Contributor: jesse0986

1. Dream On - can we say sightread FC?
2. Parasite - slow, doesn't jump around too much, lots of Star Power
3. Sabotage - chords are easy as pie to combo
4. Hey - if you're lucky you might just FC this on sightread
5. I Love Rock & Roll - only problem is that it might be TOO slow
6. She Sells Sanctuary - virtually nothing faster than eighth notes
7. Closer - great practice for chord changes
8. Dream Police - another possible sightread FC here
9. All the Young Dudes - lots of Star Power here to pick you up
10. Heart-Shaped Box - if you've spent any time on Hard before playing this, it'll be a breeze
11. We Got the Beat - by the time you get to anything even remotely tricky (the ending), you should have the five-star
12. Red Lottery - hardest thing about this song is getting through it without falling asleep
13. Because, it's Midnite - easy even with a full bar for the solo
14. Kings and Queens - "good luck ur rly g2 need it"
15. Metal Heavy Lady - verse riff is slightly strange
16. Hit Me With Your Best Shot - chord points make up for tricky fills and solo
17. Sail Your Ship By - the easiest Count Zero song in GH history
18. Radium Eyes - the hardest Count Zero song in GH history
19. Bulls on Parade - don't waste SP on the verses, save it for the chords!
20. The Warrior - another opportunity for a sightread FC
21. Possum Kingdom - patterns are weird at first but it's slow enough to get the hang of it fairly quickly
22. 18 and Life - slow and steady wins the race... or something
23. Radio Song - also a pretty easy FC
24. Soy Bomb - a good early test of strumming
25. Generation Rock - speed takes a little bit of adjusting but it's manageable
26. When You Were Young - holy easy chords batman
27. Iron Man - some scales and trills are made complicated because you have to strum them, but they're not that bad
28. Pandora's Box - nice and laid back, decent chord anchor practice
29. Shakin' - one easy chord part will assist greatly
30. Story of My Love - a good place to start working with odd time signatures
31. Cherry Pie - tons of SP, and it's piss-easy outside of that one solo
32. Draw the Line - do do do do do do do
33. No One Like You - if you can get 18 and Life this should be just as easy
34. Salvation - good chord transfer practice
35. Infected - also good chord transfer practice
36. Surrender - try practicing YBO in this song!
37. Complete Control - sort of fast
38. Even Rats - spring's nice in canada
39. Balls to the Wall - don't waste SP in the verses
40. Uncle Salty - the jump from green to YO/BO chords might be slightly daunting
41. My Name is Jonas - chords are slow and HO/POs aren't as menacing as they may first appear
42. Sweet Child o' Mine - way easier than it looks
43. Make It - easy "staircase" chord patterns to practice here
44. More Than a Feeling - star power up the ass in this one
45. (Bang Your Head) Metal Health - note density is lacking outside crazy parts, but it's mostly chords
46. Slow Ride - the trickiest part might actually be how drowned out the guitar track sounds
47. I Hate Myself for Loving You - easy
48. Mr. Fix It - chord jumps are a little tricky at first but nothing to fret over (get it? fret over? LOL)
49. Mississippi Queen - BOY I BEG YA PARDON
50. No Surprize - chord progressions are slightly tricky and worth a lot of points
51. Heat of the Moment - trip-chords used to give fits but they're pretty tame by today's standards
52. Yes We Can - some weird strumming patterns
53. Hey You - no, it's not pinky floyd
54. Rag Doll - the hardest part might be stopping yourself from singing along!
55. Sunshine of Your Love - goofy HO/POs usually claim a few combos
56. Stellar - nothing overly difficult whatsoever, an easy FC too
57. Billion Dollar Babies - most of it's kinda weird even if it is pretty basic
58. I Ran (So Far Away) - main riff is a little frantic but it's not all bad
59. Paranoid - chords aplenty
60. Story of My Life - no shortage of SP
61. Sex Type Thing - can mangle your fingers fairly easily
62. Message in a Bottle - will become much easier as you get more confident with strumming and fretting
63. Ruby - beware the stupidly difficult chord changes in here
64. Life Wasted - steady strumming here, good for chord jumping
65. Cat Scratch Fever - decent jump practice
66. Can't You Hear Me Knockin' - more than enough easy stuff to make up for the tricky chord changes
67. Lonely is the Night - great chord transfer practice here
68. John the Fisherman - well, uh... it's easier than bass, that's for sure
69. Pink - point-heavy choruses have some very strange progressions, but they're not too difficult
70. Round and Round - can afford a few mistakes even outside the solo, pretty easy
71. Can't Be Saved - you can almost follow the optimal path just by getting 2 SPs and activating every time
72. King of Rock - fun easy solos for the most part
73. Talk Dirty to Me - most places are cash cows for points, so be liberal with SP
74. Ziggy Stardust - this is also an easy 6* and 7*, at least for GH1
75. I Wanna Rock - tons of room for the five-star before the solos
76. Thunder Kiss 65 - forget about the solo here, just get the easy verse chords
77. Behind the Mask - up-and-down stuff is fairly tricky
78. Helicopter - easy even if you can't get the choppa
79. Avalancha - screaming "AVALANNNNNNNNCHE" in english doesn't quite have the same effect
80. Holy Diver - "HOLY DIVAAAAH" sounds just fine in english though
81. Smoke on the Water - pretty easy five-star, but a pretty challenging six-star
82. Nobody's Fault - be steady and controlled with your strums and utilize the HO/POs
83. Reptilia - kinda speedy
84. Turning Japanese - also kinda speedy
85. School's Out - not very speedy
86. Love in an Elevator - some tricky solo stuff, make your bones in the easy choruses
87. Shout at the Devil - fills break combos easily if you're not good with them
88. Eureka, I've Found Love - what classics are you studying exactly?
89. Them Bones - the chord holds here give you some good practice in hanging on as long as possible for ticks
90. Lay Down - careful with your activations, it's fairly easy to break combo going from strums to HO/POs
91. You Really Got Me - enough SP to make up for possible misses in outro, solo, and verse 2 fills
92. Elephant Bones - surf riff can be tricky if you're not good at recognizing note divisions
93. You've Got Another Thing Comin' - tons of easy stuff before and after the solo
94. Miss Murder - pretty rough with downstrumming
95. All Day and All of the Night - ooh, random chord duplets are tricky
96. Only a Lad - a few chord-heavy sections will assist you greatly
97. Unsung - chord city
98. Killer Queen - this chart is fucking weird
99. Mother - can be tricky if you can't finger the chords well
100. Livin' on the Edge - best points come on the tricky chord jumps, so practice them
101. Anarchy in the U.K. - sliding with 14 to hit GB-RO progressions is kinda weird
102. Hush - verses keep you on your toes
103. Last Child - nice and laid back after some intense songs in PS2 tier 5
104. Laughtrack - ridiculous amounts of SP
105. Callout - follow the optimal path and this is easy
106. Carry on Wayward Son - main riff and chorus should get you by, but practice some of the solos for insurance points
107. Dead! - yeah, the GBO chords can be nasty
108. Rock You Like a Hurricane - easy chords but SP is limited and hard to get
109. Personality Crisis - easy patterns, just a bit tricky due to the speed
110. Sharp Dressed Man - without HO/POs, the quick strumming can be dangerous
111. Even Flow - ghost HO/POs make this one tougher than it should be
112. Girlfriend - chords are easy enough, but the boston hooks and other fills can eat your combo up
113. War Pigs - it's easy to hoard SP because it's long and the note density isn't great, but don't be too conservative
114. Synchronicity II - once you've got some decent stamina, you can probably break a 900+ NS easily
115. La Grange - you can get half the points for a five-star before you do any soloing
116. X-Stream - 1) get SP 2) use on triple-chords 3) ???? 4) profit!
117. Take it Off - brett anderson is hot as hell
118. Strutter - features those notorious strange verse patterns that are staples of KISS songs
119. Bathroom Wall - GH needs moar surfer riffs
120. Movin' Out - HO/PO riff can be extremely tiring
121. Spanish Castle Magic - first 300 notes are pretty tame, good chance to rack up points before the tough solos
122. Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo - tough to sightread, but the 5* should come when you're familiar with it
123. Hold on Loosely - trickier than it looks
124. Search and Destroy - make your activations count, not a ton of SP here...
125. Sweet Emotion - recurring riffs are sufficient enough, just don't fail in the solo
126. Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart - tricky if you don't have the stamina to downstrum or the rhythm to alt-strum
127. Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll - no tips here, just wanna point out that this song and chart rule
128. Monkey Wrench - needs moar SP
129. Rock and Roll All Nite - lots of similarities to Strutter, tough solo gives it a bump though
130. Heart Full of Black - fretting and strumming is a little weird
131. Jessica - way easier than its tier 6 placement suggests
132. Caveman Rejoice - work out the RB-GY-RB switch and this one's pretty easy
133. Mama Kin - some really fucking weird chord sequences
134. Trogdor - chord switches are tricky at first
135. Kool Thing - not much in this song, but alt-strums can be tricky
136. Wrathchild - very low cutoff and tons of SP, much easier than you'd expect
137. She Bangs the Drums - little hiccup sequences keep you on your toes
138. Bright Light Fright - another tricky one due to hiccup riffs
139. Always on the Run - repeating riff actually gets MORE confusing the more you play it
140. Black Magic Woman - follow the optimal path, not too bad
141. Drink Up - lots of moving around here
142. Go That Far - the riff can be VERY nasty, work at getting consistent at everything else
143. Walk This Way (Run DMC) - definitely good practice for the harder original version
144. Prayer of the Refugee - seriously, it's not that hard
145. Take Me Out - very strange strumming patterns
146. The New Black - main riff is goofy
147. Hard to Handle - i'd think after 20 years i would have some idea what the hell the lyrics are... still no luck >_>
148. Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight - only places to rack up points are fairly tricky to hit
149. I Wanna Be Sedated - definitely the toughest test of stamina seen on the first tier to date
150. Fat Lip - can be downstrummed but it's tolling
151. Beyond Beautiful - lots of jumping around, and a potentially deadly solo make this trickier than it seems
152. Collide - chord jumps in verses are a little daunting at first
153. Killing in the Name - two words: noise build
154. Hier Kommt Alex - chugging stuff is a haven for points, but also pretty tricky to hit
155. Talk Talkin' - small little combo breakers are amplified by the tricky fretboard
156. Shakin' My Cage - love ya joe, but stick to geetar plz
157. In Love - very little rhythm to much of the strumming
158. Ain't Nothin But a Good Time - LOL ain't
159. Who Was in My Room Last Night? - HO/PO bug is a bitch in this song
160. Let the Music Do the Talking - random strums disrupt any real flow to this song
161. Police Truck - easy for final tier, but still a little hectic
162. Kicked to the Curb - probably the easiest "easy riffs WTF solos" song in GH
163. Cherub Rock - SP usage is fairly obvious here
164. In the Belly of a Shark - blast those trip-chords at the end with SP for teh mega pointz
165. All of This - that's one hell of a solo
166. Fire it Up - sufficient amount of room outside of solos for this and All of This
167. Suck My Kiss - super tricky hook that stretches the whole fretboard
168. Paint it Black - surprisingly taxing with downstrumming
169. Walk This Way - main riff is much nastier here, and it'll make or break the five-star, so get to practicin
170. Los Angeles - breaking combo is very costly since it's almost all chords
171. Holiday in Cambodia - requires a fair amount of stamina, but the chart's pretty basic
172. Barracuda - yay gallops
173. Woman - pretty relentless for first tier, not a whole lot of free points
174. The Seeker - some very awkward note sequences, chord changes, and alt-strumming to be found here
175. Don't Hold Back - some fun chord changes and stretches to be found here
176. Radar Love - lots of little things here to trip players up
177. Back in the Saddle - works out the pinky real good-like
178. Cult of Personality - if you don't hoard, you could easily get this the first time you pass it
179. Symphony of Destruction - very little breathing room outside solo
180. Fall of Pangea - Hard and Expert charts are pretty similar, so try Hard is Expert is giving you trouble
181. Madhouse - not very tricky at all, hardest part is just the stamina to keep up with the strumming
182. Stricken - tons of chords but they're pretty easy
183. Godzilla - tons of easy stuff to offset the small amount of very tricky stuff
184. Toys in the Attic - dependant almost entirely on your ability to combo the chords after the HO/PO riff
185. Raw Dog - pretty frantic pace and the song can work you up, easy to slip if you get excited
186. Higher Ground - pure stamina test
187. One for the Road - this one's a bit of an armbuster
188. Black Sunshine - I don't think it's all hard but a lot of people struggle with it
189. Fly on the Wall - harder than it appears at first glance, chord changes are VERY weird
190. Cochise - it's possible to five-star this without comboing any of the chord solo... just ask me >_>
191. I'm in the Band - triplet sequences are annoying as hell; this one's tricky to sightread
192. Down 'n Dirty - easy as hell if you blast the long streams of YB chords with SP
193. Tattooed Love Boys - point-heavy choruses and solo are very difficult to master
194. Arterial Black - can be rather tricky if you need SP to survive the solo
195. Push Push (Lady Lightning) - just be mindful not to waste SP in dead spots
196. Ace of Spades - good practice for bursts
197. Welcome to the Jungle - gets much much easier the more familiar you get with the chart
198. Guitar Hero - wild solo, not much room for error outside of it
199. Bad Reputation - such a tough jump from hard to expert
200. Rats in the Cellar - nasty main riff that's tricky to both alt-strum and downstrum
201. The Metal - wears out the fingers like crazy
202. Impulse - lots of mid-to-high difficulty stuff going on here, a great warmup song
203. What I Like About You - tip: use only your three strong fingers!
204. Monsters - speedy chorus chords, but easy once you get em down
205. Free Bird - shoot for at least 120K entering the solo
206. Pride and Joy - practice the chord solo at the end, that alone could push you to a five-star
207. Train Kept a Rollin' - can't go wrong with activating in the verses
208. Crazy on You - verses of doom
209. Decontrol - also a very tough six-star
210. 3's & 7's - remember kids: chika-chika BOOM BOOM chika-BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM chika-BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM
211. Farewell Myth - requires very quick, very precise strumming and fretting; trickier than it looks
212. Minus Celsius - this one is a total wild card for virtually everyone
213. Stop - stream of chords in the solo will get you a million points
214. FTK - requires strong stamina and the ability to adjust to wild tempo changes
215. Same Old Song and Dance - lots of little things to screw up here
216. Laid to Rest - it's not too fast but it keeps your fingers moving at all times
217. Crossroads - chords offer easy points but it's very difficult holding a combo anywhere in the solos
218. No One Knows - swing stuff is rather tricky
219. Ballroom Blitz - where the hell do you use SP in this?
220. Mercy - Gemini lite right here
221. My Curse - requires great stamina and focus, a mental test as much as a physical one
222. Freya - similar to My Curse but with more chords
223. Knights of Cydonia - don't be fooled by the metal background's low note density, there are lots of points there
224. Beast and the Harlot - cake with verse practice
225. YYZ - thank goodness for the 20,000 free points at the start
226. Cheat on the Church - crazy chord jumps and wild solos, difficult to tame this beast
227. Mauvais Garcon - pattern is very goofy and fast but fairly easy once you figure it out
228. Less Talk More Rokk - extremely difficult without practice on ascending scales
229. Thunderhorse - make your bones in the verses
230. Gemini - there is some REALLY nasty stuff going on here
231. Electric Eye - i try to avoid my pinky as much as i can on the chord stuff, see if that helps
232. Combination - the outro is super-nasty and very costly; don't depend on it for points, look elsewhere
233. The Number of the Beast - cake after you learn the riff
234. One - darkness riff does wonders
235. Get Ready 2 Rokk - fills break combos with ease
236. Before I Forget - try watching your hands!
237. Carry Me Home - believe me, it's possible to five-star this without hitting the chord switch
238. Seventeen - one hell of a chorus riff
239. Joe Perry Guitar Battle - try to remember the order of the sequences and work on stringing them together
240. Frankenstein - not too bad if you learn how to manage the insane amount of SP
241. The Light That Blinds - not too bad if you can navigate the bridges and hit the chords
242. Cliffs of Dover - requires a pretty strong consistent effort
243. Rock This Town - obnoxiously difficult swing style strumming
244. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. - i don't suggest you seriously attempt this until you have some real strumming stamina
245. Bark at the Moon - tons of soloing leaves very little room for error in verses
246. Institutionalized - SP in choruses is obvious, but be liberal and sneak some activations into verses 1 and 2
247. The Trooper - everything here is at breakneck pace
248. Hangar 18 - BIGGER RIFF
249. Caught in a Mosh - relentless verses
250. The Breaking Wheel - tempo changes will screw you over
251. Take This Life - verse chords provide sufficient points
252. Jordan - the big problem here is simply being able to pass the song
253. Psychobilly Freakout - make anything that repeats your first priority, and then work on other stuff
254. Nothing for Me Here - the most deceptively difficult song ever put into a GH game
255. Play With Me - no room for error outside the crazy stuff
256. Misirlou - imperative that you get the outro trip-chords under SP
257. Raining Blood - throws everything at you but the kitchen sink... and then throws the kitchen sink
258. The Way it Ends - well, at least everyone will envy your masturbation skills...
259. Six - incredibly painful and unforgiving; all you can do is chip away
260. Cowboys From Hell - this remains the ultimate alt-strumming/fretting test in GH history
261. Texas Flood - just when you think it might be your run you screw up something you always hit
262. Through the Fire and Flames- ORLY?

Master Guitar Hero Hard List
Contributor: Goldengoal7, Sukergod, Dramacomic

1. I Love Rock & Roll (nothing difficult at all)
2. We Got The Beat (pretty straight forward)
3. Hey (another sleeper……………really hate this song eh RJ)
4. Closer (Good song but pretty boring chart)
5. Heart-Shaped Box (Looooong and booooring)
6. Strutter (Solo isn’t to hard but easy to miss a note)
7. Cherry Pie (Solo could be tricky)
8. Mississippi Queen (So boring you lose focus, not hard at all)
9. Shakin' (a fill or 2 may give very minute trouble)
10. I Wanna Be Sedated (A lot of chord changes so could give problems)
11. Radium Eyes (Some moderate chord changes that could be awkward for beginners)
12. Sunshine of Your Love (Nothing too major here)
13. The Warrior (another straight forward song, but really great song)
14. Parasite (a little tricky but nothing major)
15. I Ran (So Far Away) ( Nothing to difficult, classic 80’s song )
16. Behind the Mask (once you get the main verse down your set, solo………..what solo)
17. Thunder Kiss 65 (Song is pretty easy, as for a proper SP path, that’s a different story)
18. When You Were Young (A lot of chords so a slip up could happen)
19. Balls To The Wall (Horrible song, just plain shit)
20. Stellar (Another song where once you get the verse down you're golden)
21. Metal Heavy Lady (Another shitty song, and yes its pretty easy)
22. Yes We Can (Crappy solo might cause a fit once or twice)
23. My Name is Jonas (Quick chords could post a problem)
24. Turning Japanese (Fun song, easy)
25. Smoke On The Water (Classic Purple, pretty easy)
26. Sail Your Ship By (nothing too difficult)
27. Sabotage (Hey, it’s the Beasties, gotta love those turntable solos made for guitar hero)
28. Bathroom Wall (Who has ever heard of this shit???)
29. Elephant Bones (Nothing too difficult)
30. Radio Song (Snazzy French loving chicks, what's not to like)
31. Generation Rock (Nothing too major here)
32. Slow Ride (Solo has a few spots but basically easy)
33. Eureka, I've Found Love (Shitty song, but simple)
34. Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight (The 2 trill me sections aren’t the easiest)
35. Surrender (The line of blues towards the end can cause problems)
36. The New Black (Nothing too hard)
37. Soy Bomb (End chords could be messed up)
38. Only A Lad (The fill at the end can be a little difficult)
39. More Than A Feeling (Solo is a little hard)
40. Hey You (Nothing difficult at all)
41. Heat Of The Moment (very straight forward)
42. Mr. Fix It (Chord changes can post problems)
43. Bulls on Parade (Killswitch solo can cause problems)
44. Monkey Wrench (A lot of chords, isn’t the easiest of songs)
45. Hier Kommt Alex (Another chordy song, not too bad)
46. Girlfriend (A few tricky parts but overall an easy song)
47. Even Rats (Long song where it's easy to mess up)
48. School's Out (Solo could be a little hard)
49. Can't You Hear Me Knockin' (Not too hard but could be a little trouble)
50. Paranoid (Moderatly fast chords with a pretty hard solo)
51. Fat Lip (Short and tricky)
52. Story Of My Love (A lot of chord changes, not too hard)
53. She Bangs the Drums (Nothing hard at all)
54. Message in a Bottle (Just plain long, not too hard but easy to mess up in the chorus)
55. Synchronicity II (Long and challenging)
56. Ruby (Few chord changes that are difficult)
57. Infected (The little part in the solo causes fits)
58. Anarchy in the U.K. (Not too bad, sounds pretty bad actually)
59. Hold On Loosely (Pre-solo and solo can be hard)
60. Lonely Is The Night (Not much here at all)
61. Red Lottery (Just plain hard to listen to, plus the trills)
62. Killer Queen (Pretty easy song, some spots are tricky)
63. X-Stream (Another mass-chord song that will wear you out)
64. Tattooed Love Boys (Solo is kinda difficult but not too hard)
65. Lay Down (A lot of HO/PO’s, pretty moderate)
66. Less Talk More Rokk (Not to much to worry about, kinda easy)
67. Kool Thing (Kinda boring and poses no real hard areas)
68. Cochise (Not to bad, the noise-solo is tricky)
69. Can’t Be Saved (Once you get the verses down your pretty good, no solo at all)
70. Unsung (A lot of chords, tiring song indeed)
71. Talk Dirty To Me (Kinda easy but causes fits with its chords changes)
72. Shout at the Devil (The end of the solo is very tricky and the ending is also kinda difficult)
73. Holy Diver (Solo isn’t too hard, with a few spots)
74. Sharp Dressed Man (Long-ish song, with a pretty easy solo)
75. Search And Destroy (Very fun song that’s pretty easy on Hard, Expert is another question)
76. Callout (Solo and part before the end are tricky)
77. Laughtrack (The BYRY part can be easy to mess up)
78. Collide (end solo takes a bit of practice to get it down)
79. The Metal (Quiet part can be troublesome)
80. Farewell Myth (Horrible song and note chart is just as bad, note changes can be rough)
81. Take Me Out (Beginning chord/note changes and the early verse is a little difficult)
82. Los Angeles (A lot of chords and the fills aren’t easiest either)
83. Who Was In My Room Last Night? (Seems more difficult than it is, opening riff cause problems)
84. Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart (The opening part of the song takes a bit of practice)
85. Story Of My Life (Just a pain in the ass, very long and is challenging throughout the song)
86. Wrathchild (Kinda tricky but overall rather easy once you practice)
87. In Love (Nothing too hard, just constant strumming)
88. Welcome To The Jungle (Nothing too hard here, great song)
89. Bad Reputation (Same as Search and Destroy, more so on expert)
90. Higher Ground (A lot of chord and note changes, easy to mess up)
91. Ballroom Blitz (Trill and ending are pretty hard)
92. Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Some tricky HO/PO sections)
93. Them Bones (Ending can cause loads of problems, and to think it's not even in the orginal song)
94. Police Truck (Trill part is very slow, which can cause people to be off, besides that it's still pretty hard)
95. Last Child (Slow kind of song that has a few trick-ish parts)
96. Spanish Castle Magic (Not too bad, solo's moderately challenging, fun to play)
97. La Grange (Solo can be a little tricky)
98. Miss Murder (Some quick parts that take some precision)
99. Avalancha (Long and boring, easy to fall asleep)
100. Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll (Solo can cause a few problems)
101. I Wanna Rock (Both solos are moderately difficult)
102. Prayer of the Refugee (A lot of awkward chord changes)
103. Mother (Pretty hard solo for such an early song)
104. Heart Full Of Black (OOSOD cause a lot of people to OS)
105. War Pigs (Long and a pretty challenging solo)
106. Suck My Kiss (solo can be difficult)
107. Ziggy Stardust (Solo is very quick)
108. Madhouse (Overall a difficult song with no real one spot in particular)
109. Take It Off ( Ending B-O sweep causes a lot of problems)
110. The Seeker (Generally not too bad, but the chord changes throughout the song can be hard)
111. Stop (Off synch notes cause a lot of fits, pretty challenging song)
112. Paint It Black (Fast strumming parts are annoying)
113. John The Fisherman (Hey, it's Bridge C………….crap)
114. Sweet Child O' Mine (Both solos are challenging)
115. Even Flow (Not too bad but rather hard solo)
116. In the Belly Of A Shark (Strangely charted song with weirdly placed HO/PO’s, not too hard)
117. Radar Love (The solo can be very tricky, very easy to miss)
118. Godzilla (Very odd song, but very fun to play, not too hard)
119. Reptilia (A lot of chords, can be tricky)
120. Gemini (Generally a difficult song throughout, no easy parts what-so-ever)
121. Rock & Roll All Nite (Solo is pretty nasty for an early on song)
122. 18 And Life (Tricky part in the solo, that has to be just right, very tricky)
123. Ace of Spades (A lot of quick tricky notes, but too bad)
124. Helicopter (A fast strumming part)
125. One For The Road (Very quick song, that never lets up, the quick part at the end is very annoying)
126. Same Old Song and Dance (Not to bad of a song, but some tricky parts indeed)
127. Iron Man (Long end and solo can cause problems with the lack of proper HO/PO system)
128. I'm In The Band (Kinda hard but not too bad)
129. Barracuda (Trips and the sneaky HO/PO part make it tough to FC, easier on expert IMO)
130. Carry On Wayward Son (Long song that has a some tricky solos plus intro is pretty difficult)
131. Jessica (Long song with a ending that causes fits)
132. Woman (Solo can cause lot of problems as well as descending parts)
133. Guitar Hero (Main verse is rather annoying plus solo takes some practice)
134. What I Like About You (A lot of chord changes that easily tire you out)
135. Laid To Rest (Difficult throughout, with a lot of awkward note changes)
136. Mauvais Garcon (A lot of chord changes)
137. No One Like You (Intro and solo are both difficult to FC)
138. Cliffs of Dover (Tricky song that’s similar to one long solo)
139. You've Got Another Thing Comin' (Solo would be pretty easy with a proper HO/PO system)
140. Caveman Rejoice (Unconventional solo is difficult to learn, and worse to execute)
141. Crazy On You (Difficult intro and a lot of chords)
142. FTK (All around hard song that has very few HO/PO’s meaning almost everything has to be strummed)
143. Raw Dog (Hard solo, takes a lot of patience to figure it out)
144. You Really Got Me (End wankery is kinda hard but solo A will cause massive fits)
145. Bang Your Head (Metal Health) (Crazy trill and changing mass chords at the end are annoying)
146. Holiday in Cambodia (Intro is difficult)
147. Thunderhorse (Galloping trips give some people headaches, overall a difficult song all around)
148. Cheat On The Church (Both pre-verses and solo are pretty difficult)
149. Minus Celsius (Another song that’s not overly to hard, has some tricky area’s)
150. Rock This Town (2nd solo can cause fits)
151. Rock You Like A Hurricane (Intro and solo are both tough)
152. Symphony of Destruction (Very difficult solo especially when there is a lack of working HO/PO’s)
153. Black Magic Woman (Easy to 100%, very tough to FC, those orange streaks are a killer)
154. Killing in the Name (Easy song up until solo which is tough due to triplets and trills)
155. Cult of Personality (Beginning of 2nd solo is hard to get down)
156. YYZ (The drum solo number 3 is hard to time and the solo can be difficult)
157. Seventeen (Not too bad until the end of the song which gets pretty tricky, both solos are tough)
158. Fire It Up (Solo is very hard to not overstrum)
159. My Curse (Not too bad but a lot of difficult AS and tough solo)
160. Black Sunshine (Yeah the sweep)
161. Stricken (A lot of chord changes and difficult solo)
162. Before I Forget (Trip's chords can be hard to get consistently)
163. Pride and Joy (Not too bad, some tricky parts)
164. Freya (Solo is very quick and very rough)
165. Monsters (A lot of hard chord changes)
166. Cherub Rock (The mass chords at the end are difficult to time)
167. Go That Far (GG YY GG YY part, yeah you know what I'm talking about )
168. All Of This (Great song with a really tough solo)
169. Crossroads (Lack of HO/PO’s make this song a lot tougher than it actually is, 2nd solo is difficult)
170. Frankenstein (With a working HO/PO system this would be difficult, but without it the solo is crazy)
171. 3's and 7's (A lot of unorthodox chord changes and surprisingly difficult solo)
172. Carry Me Home (Intro is extremely tough and that’s just the beginning, very hard song)
173. Impulse (A lot of HO/PO’s and very quick note changes)
174. Arterial Black (Solo B is rather difficult)
175. Don't Hold Back[/b] (Couple of descending sweeps really creep up on you and solo is tough too)
[b]176. Caught In A Mosh (Overall difficult AS plus tricky chorus, verses and solo’s)
177. The Breaking Wheel (Hard to time to hit every note, once you get it your golden though)
178. Down N’ Dirty (A lot of solos and tough stuff thrown at your way, hard to get it all in one run)
179. No One Knows (Solo is tough to not overstrum)
180. Nothing For Me Here (That BOBOBGO part throughout the song are difficult to get)
181. Ain't Nothin' But A Good Time (Solo is really hard with the triplet sections, JtF on crack)
182. Institutionalized (Basically 3 long solos and 3 mass chord sections, very difficult)
183. Jordan (Solo B and C are tough to get both in one run)
184. Decontrol (Very very hard solo for a GH1 engine)
185. The Way It Ends (So many constant notes, very hard to get them all, and than there is the solo)
186. Beast and the Harlot (Solo D is hard to hit them all without OS)
187. Psychobilly Freakout (Generally hard throughout and solo is difficult)
188. Round And Round (Easy up until the last 15 or so seconds, than its gets crazy)
189. Free Bird (Over 10 minutes long with 1600+ notes, nothing incredibly hard but it's hard not to miss; Solos C, M, and Q can be tough)
190. Cowboys From Hell (Difficult verse and very hard solo and ending)
191. Push Push (Lady Lightning) (Very hard throughout, all the solos are extremely difficult)
192. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X (AGGRO!!!!!!!!!!, other parts are very hard as well)
193. The Light That Blinds (Solo is fantastically difficult and rest of song isn’t the easiest either)
194. Knights of Cydonia (A lot of quick notes and difficult ending)
195. Fly On The Wall (Super quick solo and quick chord part at the end is difficult to hit)
196. Misirlou (The breaks are about as hard as anything on Hard)
197. Because, It's Midnite (Solo is really messed up, rest of the song is cake)
198. Get Ready 2 Rokk (Solo is really quick and really difficult)
199. Fall of Pangea (Very difficult song with 2 massively hard solos and a lot of really quick parts)
200. Take This Life (Insanely hard verses to time)
201. Number Of The Beast (Intro can be difficult and the solo is quite hard)
202. Play With Me (A massive solo which is very unorthodox, and very difficult to hit)
203. Electric Eye (Solo is about as bad as you get on hard, goes every which way inside and out)
204. Six (Very very hard throughout with very difficult chord changes, and a very quick solo)
205. Hangar 18 (9 solo’s of some of the hardest stuff on hard mode)
206. Raining Blood (Mosh + Flood = Massive amounts of plinks)
207. Bark At The Moon (Almost impossible to hit on GH1 engine, end of the main solo is very very rough)
208. Trogdor ( Have you seen Wupun’s vid of him doing this, sounds like a machine gun….wow)
209. One (Outside of solo A the song isn’t too bad, add in solo A and it's one of the toughest in the game)
210. Texas Flood (Has the hardest fills of any song on hard, it’s a wonder anyone can FC this, usually the 47th for most)
211. Through the Fire and Flames (I doubt it will ever be FC’d even on hard)

Master Guitar Hero Expert List
Contributor: Cdw01

What I’ve Done- Parasite speed riff of simple chords, don’t play anything for 1/3 of the song, only slightly tricky bit is playing notes on top of sustains in the guitar interlude
1. Hey- Simple and repetitive riff, no solo or even chords to be found
Monsoon- Majority of song is chord riff a tad slower than What I’ve Done, Rain Season throws some 3-fret chords into the mix
2. Closer- Same speed and repetitive factor as Hey, just need to learn 3-fret chords
Obstacle 1- Two tiny 5-chord strumming bursts in bridge, choruses feature chord riff like What I’ve Done
Vinternoll2- Steady GRB-GRY chord riffs a little faster than When You Were Young in the choruses
Today- Chorus chord riffs and tiny little fills at end of solo and outro at Dream On chorus speed, watch for the extra Y strum in the Y sustains towards end of solo
3. We Got the Beat- Faster verses than the songs above, but still no hard part
The One I Love- Closer speed riff with occasional OY chord 3-set like When You Were Young but far more infrequent
4. I Love Rock & Roll- Very slow and easy riff, slow solo at Get Ready 2 Rokk riff speed thrown in makes it slightly more difficult than Hey
Stellar (360)
5. Stellar- Same speed verses as Hey but chords thrown in make it slightly harder
About a Girl (Unplugged)- Somewhat more complex chord patterns at What I’ve Done riff speed for most of the song, YB to YBO ascending triplets in solo
6. Metal Heavy Lady- Slightly faster riff than We Got the Beat with tiny solo thrown in
7. When You Were Young- Riff at Closer speed but with a few triplets like The Warrior’s chorus thrown in
Dream On- Fairly quick fill at end of intro with mini-trills as fast as Reptilia’s solo scales, some other scattered slower fills with occasional triplets as fast as intro fill in chorus 1, chorus 2, and bridge A
8. Heart-Shaped Box- Easy solo but faster than anything so far except Dream On fill at end of intro, chord changes in choruses may throw some off
Beautiful Disaster- HO/PO zigzag riff in intro and Beautiful 311s speed of Today outro, continued chord strumming at Today speed in choruses
9. Generation Rock- Metal Heavy Lady speed with slightly harder fretting and chords, particularly RY-GB chord changes
10. Radio Song- Very reminiscent of Generation Rock with a handful of quick 1/16 notes added, mainly in outro
11. Sabotage- Tad faster riff than Generation Rock but less fretting involved, some really odd fills with unexpected strums
Float On- Tricky RO-YB-OY chord change in verses, Y streaks in hook 2, chorus 2, and outro at Hey You riff speed
12. Mississippi Queen- Quick part in verse 2 sp phrase with strummed Gs among HO/POs, occasional random strums
13. Mr. Fix It- Annoying GY-RB-OY-GY chord changes
14. Parasite- Guitar lead 3 has a couple tricky spots a little slower than Red Lottery’s trills
15. The Warrior- A bit faster than Parasite with some harder chord changes throughout and in solo
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)- Chordfest that consistently chugs along a bit faster than Beautiful Disaster
16. Soy Bomb- Annoying semi-fast ending with a slow strummed zigzag at Monkey Wrench riff speed, repeating YB chords a lot slower than they sound (Unsung chorus speed)
Killer Queen (360)- Outro made simpler with GH2’s pulloffs and slow to begin with
Tina- Somewhat awkward chord changes throughout
American Woman- A few quick hooks a little slower than Heart-Shaped Box’s in solos 3 and 4 and the outro, moderate chord riff about Rooftops speed
Don’t Speak- Choruses and outro have minor chord changes that go by a little slower than Metal Heavy Lady’s riff
Freak On a Leash- Fairly quick RB-BO-RB chord change in pre-choruses, weird bridge G-O pattern
Hey You (360)- Solo made quite a bit easier in GH2 and only as fast as Heart-Shaped Box’s
Some Might Say- Lengthier song, hardest part in the outro with zigzags a tiny bit slower than Parasite lead 3 ending on chords
Band On the Run- Chord triplet strums around When You Were Young speed later in the song (verses 2 and 3), strange O doublet rhythms especially in chorus 4
I Wanna Be Sedated (360)
17. I Wanna Be Sedated- Constant switch between single frets and chords in verses at tempo a bit faster than Metal Heavy Lady
Salvation- Slightly faster Surrender style riff with triplet strums in the choruses
18. Shakin’- Lots of fills a tad slower than Parasite’s guitar lead 3, particularly in chorus 3
Possum Kingdom- Hey You speed riff with a couple trickier spots in bridge and verse 5b
Nuvole E Lenzuola- Annoying chorus and outro G-GY-GB pattern
Misery Business- Quick Y triplets among verses a little slower than Rooftops, interesting chorus chord changes
19. Killer Queen- Outro with descending triplets is the only remotely hard part but not even as fast as I Love Rock & Roll’s solo
20. Behind the Mask- 1/16 note zigzags in the verses are slightly faster than Killer Queen’s outro
21. Sail Your Ship By- Semi-difficult BO-YO-RB chord changes, by far most tempo changes in a GH song
Up Around the Bend- Potentially confusing verse 3 R-B-RB sets, awkward solo HO/PO placement
22. Radium Eyes- Tough GO-GRB chord changes in chorus 1, couple of small RY trills in solo C a smidge faster than Red Lottery’s
23. My Name Is Jonas- Long continuous HO/PO sections (intro, outro, acoustic riffs, and solos) at Lay Down bridge speed can be easy to mess up
24. Slow Ride- Chorus solo B has a few tricky parts including OY and GR trills a bit slower than Hit Me With Your Best Shot’s, YB trill in post chorus B as well
25. Bulls on Parade- A few quicker parts in Killswitch Scratch about the speed of Paint It Black’s outro fast strumming but very easy otherwise
Messages- Long and boring, random GH3 strums, BO trills near the end at speed of La Grange solo 2’s GR trill
Re-Education Through Labor- Descending quad scales ending on GRY chords at Talk Dirty to Me outro zigzag speed in intro and leading into verse 2, moderate chord changes throughout
The Arsonist- Repetitive bridge riffs and breakdowns involve a lot of fretting a little slower than Reptilia’s choruses
No More Sorrow- Consistent riff at same speed as Holiday in Cambodia’s verses
26. Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’- Intro has some moderately hard chord changes, other minor ones crop up, end of solo C has a few descending triplet
27. Story of My Life- Painfully long and repetitive, some extra GH3 strums but not much hard at all outside of slight pattern changes
The Joker- Chorus pattern similar to Lay Down but a little slower, strange off-beat YRG triplets in the solos, infrequent quad slides
28. Reptilia- Radio Song speed riffs that don’t let up in catchy riffs and choruses, a few descending sweeps in solo a tad slower than Even Flow's solo
You’re Gonna Say Yeah!- Upbeat chord riff a little faster than Misery Business with lots of chord changes, mainly OY-RB-GYB and GYB-RB-RO
29. Ruby- Tricky RYB-BO-OY chord change crops up in each Ruby section, other weird patterns in Ruby sections to watch out for as well
Sunday Morning- Chorus 3a has several quick triplets combined with tricky chord changes, riff 2 and riffage sections reminiscent of Monkey Wrench’s guitar hooks but quite a bit slower speed
Hail to the Freaks- Very annoying HO/PO rhythms on top of chorus sustains, quick Re-Education Through Labor speed descending quad at the end of the interlude
Hey Man, Nice Shot- Triplet-loaded choruses at My Name is Jonas speed with the GBO sets being particularly annoying, very strange middle verse with R and B notes sporadically appearing on top of a never-ending G sustain
30. Lay Down- Set of descending chord scales at end of solo and descending quad at speed of John the Fisherman triplets leading into chorus 2 are only parts that stand out much, rest just requires consistency
31. Yes We Can- Bridge requires quick switch between RY and BO chords, riff as fast as Trippin’s verses and occasionally changes suddenly
32. Only a Lad- Bridge C very similar to Monkey Wrench’s guitar hooks and tad faster too
33. Monkey Wrench- Three guitar hooks that present a test of chord-changing ability
Memories of the Grove- Start of solo 1 has a tricky Y-BO-Y triplet and rest is around speed of Trippin’ Solo A, first verse almost as fast as Trippin’, occasional descending triplets at speed of solo 1
34. Miss Murder- Some Yes We Can speed fast strumming sections, choruses present interesting chord changes
Nine Lives- Descending and ascending fill in solo similar in duration and speed to Pride and Joy’s
35. Eureka, I’ve Found Love- Solo has three quick descending triplets and some rough chords
36. Story of My Love- Very annoying G-R-O-B-RY pattern mostly in verse 2, solo has a few weird fretting patterns as well
37. Even Rats- Relatively long, very quick triplet strums near the end
Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast- Solo has YB-RY trills and zigzags with strums in between all as fast as Hotel California’s quickest solo bits
38. Talk Dirty to Me- Outro zigzag a tiny bit faster than Surrender’s fast fill, descending triplets in solo climb
39. Surrender- Quick and annoying fill in guitar fills section at speed of Fire It Up OY trills
Sin Documentos- Verse riff a little slower than Fat Lip with a few quick BOB triplets, solo same speed as verse with a couple quicker triplets
40. Fat Lip- Fast sections at One for the Road verse speed leading into chorus can trip you up, along with the quick chorus chords
Pretty Handsome Awkward- Awkward GR chord strumming in quads at Kool Thing riff speed, outro closes out with ascending triplets at speed of Reptilia solo sweeps
41. Hey You- Fairly slow solo but still fast enough to be annoying in GH1 (Heart-Shaped Box speed but longer runs)
42. Unsung- Long and repetitive bridge is main spot, kind of tricky patterns between halves of choruses
Eye of the Tiger- Tough verse 3 B-O-B-RY pattern, Trippin’ speed continuous R strumming with 3-fret chords popping up in intro and outro
43. X-Stream- Riff at steady Monkey Wrench speed can get tiring, tough BO-GRB chord switch in both bridges
44. Sunshine of Your Love- Tricky patterns in solo C, outro madness is easy place to choke if you lose focus
Teenagers- Solo only a little faster than Heart-Shaped Box, odd strumming in chorus 3b
Everlong- Chordfest with riffs same speed as Unsung, trickiest chord changes lie in pre-chorus 3
45. Anarchy in the U.K.- Moderately tough chord changes everywhere, solos 2 and 3 have annoying patterns
Hotel California- Lengthy solo closing out the song even a wee bit slower than Dream On offset by the occasional quick triplet or quad at Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast speed
Carcinogen Crush- Quick triple strums ending in chord changes, bridge C similar to I Wanna Be Sedated’s verses but with harder fretting
46. Callout- Couple of small solos with sweeps at Cowboys from Hell riff speed
Go Your Own Way- Outro solo R-Y R-B pattern similar to Fall of Pangea verse 3, outro zigzag and minor fills in solo around Laughtrack riff speed
Dammit- Verse and bridge bursts continue along at fast pace roughly equivalent to Eye of the Tiger strumming
47. I Ran (So Far Away)- Somewhat long G streak in breakdown at speed of Heart Full of Black O streak, another smaller Y streak in solo 1b
48. Lonely Is the Night- YB trill in solo A a little bit slower than Shout at the Devil trills, funky chord riff in outro
49. Can’t Be Saved- Bridge and outro have interesting pattern of triplet strums and chord changes
Aggro- Miss Murder speed verse streaks full of 3-fret chords, chorus chord doublets
50. She Bangs the Drums- Annoying chord changes, outro throws a quad strum ending on hold after three triple strums
Ramblin’ Man- Two lengthy but very slow solos full of descending triplets and runs at Lay Down speed, verse/chorus swing rhythm chord doublets
51. Turning Japanese- Lots of quick triple strums with many ending on chord switches
One Armed Scissor- Some tricky chord changes and sudden triplet strum bursts in the build-up and choruses, Reptilia chorus style strummed fretting patterns in the verses
52. Heat of the Moment- Solo has a couple very fast scales and some odd patterns, excessive 3-fret chords in verses
53. More Than a Feeling- Solo filled with Boston hooks like Girlfriend’s fills but slower (Take It Off triplet speed)
54. Red Lottery- Trills in guitar break only a little bit faster than Slow Ride’s but switch from GR to YB to BO without pausing
55. School’s Out- Rough solo 2 Y-BO-O pattern, solo 3 and chorus 3 to mess up after getting through that
56. Laughtrack- Riff filled with fretting at speed of ascending quads in Trogdor solo before the zigzags, guitar solo mixes up the frets normally involved, end of verses akin to Monkey Wrench
57. Balls to the Wall- Small R streak ending on RO chord in solo B at speed of Police Truck’s outro strumming, slow sweeps a bit faster than Callout’s
Infected (360)- GH2 engine makes the quick zigzags in solo much simpler but being as fast as Girlfriend’s fills they’re definitely still missable
58. Hit Me With Your Best Shot- Solo A trills almost exactly like Red Lottery’s, slow alt strumming sections near start and end of solo, verse 2 fills
Livin’ On a Prayer- Ascending triplet purple slide note pattern at end of solo very similar to and a tad faster than John the Fisherman bridge C, ending slide scales at same speed of Go Your Own Way outro zigzag
59. John the Fisherman- Quick ascending triplets in bridge C at speed of Girlfriend quick fills, O streak in bridge B a tad faster than Balls to the Wall’s R streak in solo B
Exile- Small ascending scale in the solo as fast as Bad Reputation solo 2d, One for the Road speed verses
Smoke On the Water (360)- GH2 HO/PO system makes the fairly slow solos much easier but doesn’t make the song any shorter
One Way or Another- Anarchy in the U.K. style R-Y-YB and Y-B-BO patterns in the solo but faster, moderately challenging chord changes and Livin’ On a Prayer outro speed fills in the verses
Peace of Mind- Classic Boston hooks at Girlfriend fill speed in the solo and bridge 3, ascending verse pattern in same vein as Anarchy in the U.K. except chord-note-chord
Good God- Verse 2 B star power streak and bridge YB chord streak at In the Belly of a Shark outro strum speed, B verse doublets abounding
60. Los Angeles- Bit faster than Only a Lad riff without the breaks, chord changes abounding
Hollywood Nights- Multiple verses with a varied note-chord pattern similar to but slower than I Wanna Be Sedated, very long final chorus with gallops leading into chords
Pretty Vacant- A couple Ace of Spades solo speed fills in the verses, chord gallops everywhere with one GB-GY 5-set
The Wind Cries Mary- Fairly quick RY-B-Y-RY blip in middle of the solo, frequent chord hammer-ons, consecutive ascending triplet sustains
61. Cherry Pie- Solo B has a quick bit at John the Fisherman triplet speed, fast parts in solo outside of that are only a little faster than Laughtrack
62. Bathroom Wall- Fast strumming in solo C a tad slower than Balls to the Wall’s short streak, Intro B, solo B, and solo E have triplets around Take It Off triplet speed but with small breaks in between them
You Should Be Ashamed of Myself- Numerous Elephant Bones speed strumming streaks in the verse and bridge
Shiver- Final chorus throws a curveball in the form of new chord changes during the strumming bursts, whole song loaded with chord bursts
63. Prayer of the Refugee- Tough RB-GY-YO-RB chord change in the choruses, Monkey Wrench style chord sequences at faster speed (Holiday in Cambodia verse tempo)
Jukebox Hero- Triplets and YBOO pattern in solo around speed of Cities On Flame solo 2a, slow trill of bridge 3 bit slower than My Name Is Jonas riff requires a little stretching ability
Schism- Outro ascending triplets to start and then varying quads a bit faster than Take It Off’s are a choke waiting to happen, G streak a little slower than Paint It Black’s in final bridge can easily catch someone off-guard
Take It Off (360)- Descending triplets in solo B are much easier in GH2
64. Message in a Bottle- Hardest section in solo D right at the end very similar to Bark at the Moon solo 1c before the really fast and insane part
Santeria- Solo features hooks and scales around Strutter speed, extensive use of new sustain+note sustain in choruses can be problematic to the unaccustomed, occasional GRB-GR-GYB chord change
65. 18 and Life- Cherry Pie solo B speed section in solo C, quick ascending parts in solo B and outro A comparable to the other quick parts of Cherry Pie solo
66. Strutter- YB trill in solo 1a hair faster than Red Lottery’s trills, quick section near end of solo 1c, solo 2 has zigzags and triplets at Laughtrack fill speed
Weapon of Choice- Strange and potentially confusing verse riff of GY-R-GY X’s and descending triplets, more weird breakdown chord patterns, cramp-inducing choruses with high fret rhythm played over held G sustains
67. Paranoid- Annoying extra strums thrown into solo with Elephant Bones speed descending triplets
68. Police Truck- Easiest final tier song ever by far, outro fast strumming at Balls to the Wall streak speed, riff at Holiday in Cambodia speed throughout, end of chorus 2 is closest thing to a solo there is
69. Paint It Black- Slow fast strumming most pronounced in outro but also pops up in the solos before that
On the Road Again (Live)- Intro and chorus R-Y-BO pattern at Dammit riff speed, Boston hooks in guitar lead and outro appropriately at More Than a Feeling solo speed
Mountain Song- In the Belly of a Shark speed Y streaks in the verse solo, recurring Paint It Black speed RB-YO strumming bursts featured at end of every bridge
70. Elephant Bones- Recurring fast strumming part at Bathroom Wall speed, descending triplets in solo C at Bathroom Wall speed as well, end of solo A like a split up Surrender fill
Billion Dollar Babies- Ascending triplets in outro at speed of Cherry Pie’s fastest measure, descending triplets and fills in solo 2b, leading into solo 3, and in outro comparable to the other quicker sections of Cherry Pie solo
Our Truth- Bridge has a trio of short Jessica ending speed BO trills ending on G with the final one going right into B strumming without a pulloff
71. Even Flow- Long song with one official solo and several mini ones, descending triplets in solo A like Paranoid’s, rest of solo akin to Trippin’s, verse and bridge riffs also very similar to Trippin’ and can trip you up
72. Take Me Out- Outro YB chords barely faster than riff but sound WAY faster, moderately fast streaks throughout at Trippin’ verse speed, annoying B-O notes in intro
73. Barracuda- Number of the Beast speed BO trill in solo B, slow gallops at Seeker bridge speed throughout the verses and hardcore riffs
The Pretender- RYO-RY-GRB chord change in choruses, bridges modeling the Number of the Beast pre-solo bridge, Monkey Wrench speed tempo running throughout makes transitions a little tough
All My Life- Tempo a tad slower than The Pretender, choruses have some tough chord changes at the end of quick triplet strums, semi-awkward verse strumming pattern
74. Heart Full of Black- Fast strumming streak with a chord every 16 notes, ascending triplets leading into solo and descending triplets in outro at Eureka solo triplet speed
Higher Ground (360)- Sweeps in the last couple main riffs made simpler by GH2, as well as the other 3 note runs, riff about Trippin’ verse speed, outro easy to overstrum
Sept- Multiple choruses slightly faster than Trippin’s with a few chord changes
Escuela de Calor- Three verses of Mountain Song chord burst speed strumming, watch out for the ending quads
State of Massachusetts- Main riff, choruses, and bridge chug along slightly faster than Sept, bridge 1 quintuplets and riff triplets speed of Trippin solo A
75. Trippin’ On a Hole in a Paper Heart- Solo a tad slower than Smoke On the Water’s, verses slightly faster than Decontrol’s and easy to miss in, though
76. Higher Ground- Need to keep consistent as Decontrol verse speed strumming is maintained through a majority of the song, outro has short Bathroom Wall speed strumming streaks that could be choke spots
77. Minus Celsius- Very tough chord changes in verses and pre-choruses, RYO-RBO of verses shows up in choruses too
Parabola- Our Truth speed GR trill at end of chorus 2, alternate riff before final bridge and outro very reminiscent of Shout at the Devil outro, main verse riff similar to Even Flow
78. The Metal- Acoustic section has a couple quick YYBOY parts, tough verse riff with lots of fretting involved tad slower than Cowboys from Hell riff, tricky 3-fret chord changes in bridge 1, One darkness riff style strumming in infernal breakdown
79. Avalancha- Very long song with the hard parts coming at the end, chorus 4 has descending triplets at Message in a Bottle solo D speed, weird triplet fills at end of chorus 3, full descending scales throughout the song
This is a Call- Lots of chord changes throughout with particularly annoying chord progressions in the three bridges, ascending quad before bridge 1 almost as fast as One’s triplets
(F)lannigan’s Ball- Quick R-Y-YB triplets in solo like a much faster version of Welcome to the Jungle’s riff, trio of short strumming streaks in verse 4 a bit faster than Ace of Spades solo, mainly chordfest at Number of the Beast riff speed with the occasional triplet strum thrown in
80. Sharp Dressed Man- Long second solo with lots of triplets, outro throws in OBOY quads
81. Caveman Rejoice- Awkward quad strum in solo along with a few triplets, more ascending triplets on final sp phrase near end of song at Smoke on the Water solo speed
82. Cities On Flame with Rock & Roll- Zigzag followed by two descending scales in solo 1 near Cult of Personality solo speed, solo 2a filled with descending triplets a bit slower than Avalancha’s, 2b has some annoying strums
The Kill- Trio of strumming streaks in breakdown as fast as Cherub Rock outro with first two ending on upstrums and last one on a chord change, an O streak at same speed coming off final chorus leading right into verse 3 HO/PO run
Are You Gonna Go My Way- Surrender-esque YBB near the end of the solo, rest of solo mainly scales around Santeria solo speed, Laughtrack style fills littering the verses
Dead!- Descending triplets in both solos at Message in a Bottle solo D speed including an O-R-G, couple of ascending scales in solo 2b also, fast strumming at end of bridge B basically at Heart Full of Black streak speed, GBO chords possibly an annoyance
Hole in the Earth- Lengthy solo strumming streak at the speed of Beast and the Harlot’s verse riffs
Kick Out the Jams- Off-beat Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast speed YB trill to kick off solo, then quad hooks faster than Are You Gonna Go My Way’s solo, outro fill a little slower than Santeria possible chokepoint
83. Shout at the Devil- YB and BO trills as fast as Frankenstein’s in guitar solo with tiny breaks in between them, outro has different riff that can make you choke
84. Hold On Loosely- Lengthy solo at the end with continuous full descending scales plus R in solo E at Laughtrack speed, smaller scales at the end of C, couple of Girlfriend fills but tad faster at end of G, Hit Me With Your Best Shot solo speed strumming in B and G also
85. Last Child- Solo 2b YB trill almost Shout at the Devil trill speed, another fast HO/PO fill after that, quick triplets in both solos, annoying riff
86. The New Black- Very fast fill in chorus 2 sp phrase, Laughtrack-style fills in choruses but faster, solo B has one small quick part, irksome verse riff
87. La Grange- Majority of the song is slow soloing around Hit Me With Your Best Shot speed, BO trills in solos 1c and 1d with the occasional fast Y thrown in 1d
So Payaso- Outro solo has zigzags a little faster than Avalancha’s triplets along with awkward Kool Thing speed strumming
Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix (360 exclusive DLC)- Three trills as fast as Shout at the Devil’s with preceding fill at same speed, half-dozen slightly slower and smaller fills later on
Hush- Most of solo Trippin’ speed but a couple short parts near Take It Off triplet speed, particularly RYRO, lots of quick 5 note fills in main riffs, tricky chorus/verse riff
88. Collide- Awkward and difficult to decipher start to solo 1b coming off of descending scales at end of 1a, solo 2b has a similar type pattern but not quite as difficult
Antisocial- Same Number of the Beast style riff at Who Was In My Room Last Night tempo as it had as GH3 DLC, randa-strums in solo gone and what’s left are just descending triplets and switchbacks at Santeria solo speed
89. Who Was in My Room Last Night- Noise solo and chorus 1b have fast strumming comparable to The Light That Blinds bridge 1, verse riff itself a little faster than Monkey Wrench’s with somewhat annoying fretting
90. Kool Thing- Chorus riff strumming a little slower than In the Belly of a Shark’s outro, a couple full descending scales almost as fast as Black Sunshine’s
Ace of Spades (360)- Ascending chords about the speed of Psychobilly Freakout’s ending in solo B, outro B has a small zigzag the speed of Carry Me Home solo B and some OBYO quads as fast as Heat of the Moment’s, chorus riff’s strumming is similar to Carry Me Home’s verse riffs
The Middle- Near Don’t Hold Back phazer speed strumming streaks in solo, separated descending quad-triple mini-trill rhythm a little slower than Schism at beginning of solo
91. What I Like About You- Solo 2b has chords a little faster than You Got Another Thing Comin’s ending, whole song full of painful 3-fret chords
92. Helicopter- Get to the Choppa!! section is 23 seconds straight of One darkness riff speed strumming on Y, O, and RY streams with one B note thrown in between the 2nd O and 3rd Y streak
93. Hier Kommt Alex- Both chugging riffs have strumming at The Seeker’s speed with chord changes mixed in
Heartbreaker- Solo strumming a smidge slower than Mountain Song’s Y solo streak, ascending scales later on a bit slower than Schism outro, one last bit of soloing and strumming in the outro at same speeds before it’s over
94. Girlfriend- Lots of John the Fisherman triplet speed quad fills in both solos and outro, solo 2b has GR trills and a couple scales at speed of La Grange solos
95. 3’s & 7’s- Verse strumming is about same speed as Hier Kommt Alex’s chugging riffs with some moderately hard 3-fret chord changes, couple of near Misirlou speed G streaks, solos only a little faster than Hit Me With Your Best Shot’s
Almost Easy- Frequent G strumming streaks in verse a notch slower than Cherub Rock’s outro with several ending on little fills, solo has some short scale runs a little faster than Monsters solo
96. Tattooed Love Boys- Choruses throughout and solo in places have strumming a bit slower than The Breaking Wheel’s
97. Wrathchild- First (and only) solo has several bits as fast as The Trooper solo 1a, beginning of 1a like a cross between Message in a Bottle solo D and a slower version of Bad Reputation solo 2d
98. Mauvais Garcon- Tricky chord changes in swing rhythm a bit faster than Rock This Town’s for nearly the entire song
99. Go That Far- BBGG sections around Welcome to the Jungle breakdown speed, end of solo B has a quick bit that could cause a potential hiccup
100. In Love- Pre-choruses have incredibly awkward pattern similar speedwise to Laid to Rest’s riffs, another confusing pattern in the outro
Excuse Me Mr.- Potentially problematic chorus and outro patterns along with strumming a little faster than Ace of Spades in those and the bridges
Toy Boy- Seven strum bursts at Heartbreaker speed leading into the pre-choruses and a couple more later on in the final two choruses, annoying ascending triplet HO/PO chords in pre-choruses
101. Cherub Rock- Outro strumming around The Light That Blinds intro speed, couple short and quick trills in solo
La Bamba- Trio of fairly lengthy Misirlou speed strumming streaks in the solo with the final one throwing in a hole, Thunderhorse verse 2 style pattern at Heartbreaker speed for SP in solo C
102. In the Belly of a Shark- End of solo A has Surrender/No One Like You style fill right in between them speedwise, outro strumming bit faster than Kool Thing’s chorus riff, lots of random strums until the solo
Love Spreads- Santeria solo speed 5-note descending hooks and couplets of descending triplets prevalent throughout, ending RY trill at Schism outro triplet speed
103. Less Talk More Rokk- Continuous scales in the choruses and outro a little faster than Girlfriend solo 2b make it easy to screw up almost anywhere
104. Same Old Song and Dance- Big solo has a small near Number of the Beast speed GR trill and ends on an annoying In Love pre-chorus style part, awkward O streak in 4th soloette, very fast but small RY trill in outro solo, very annoying extra strums all over the place
105. The Seeker- Bridges have slow and awkward fast strumming with breaks at Hier Kommt Alex chugging riff speed that are easy to overstrum
Antisocial- Random extra strums make solo that’s only a little faster than 3’s & 7’s much more annoying, main riff is like a slightly slower version of Number of the Beast’s
Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo- Most of solo a tad slower than Jessica’s but there are a couple zigzags as fast as slow part of Free Bird solo C along with a small YB trill similar to the start of final BO trill in Jessica’s outro, outro has descending quads similar to Free Bird solo I/J
106. Jessica- Ending has a couple of BO trills at Bad Reputation solo 2b speed with the final one starting out at Institutionalized verse 3b trill speed, over 2 minutes of slow soloing like Trippin’ with C, D, and G being the most challenging parts
107. Farewell Myth- All 4 choruses packed with incredibly annoying quads as fast as Sharp Dressed Man solo triplets/outro
Drink Up- Nasty descending BYG triplets in solo B of varying speed (generally a bit slower than Jessica’s OY trill), YB trill to start off solo almost as fast as Last Child’s, couple of slow YB and OY trills
You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ (360)- Solo roughly equivalent speedwise to YYZ’s made a ton easier in GH2 engine, ending strumming at speed of Beast and the Harlot riff easy to overstrum
108. Welcome to the Jungle- Jungle breakdown has a couple descending chord progressions a bit slower than Hier Kommt Alex’s chugging riffs, verse riffs a little slower than 3’s & 7’s with the occasional fill cropping up
Graveyard Shift- Intro and outro riffs a smidge slower than The Breaking Wheel, main riff like a more complex version of Callout
109. Cochise- Streaks of chords in the solo only as fast as The Breaking Wheel’s riff, look faster than they really are
110. Infected- Very fast zigzag and ascending quads in solo, bit faster than Iron Man solo’s descending triplets
111. Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight- Very long trills slower than Jessica’s in both Trill Me sections with the second one transitioning notes twice, outro strumming a little bit faster than Tattooed Love Boys chorus very easy to overstrum because of ho/pos
112. Killing in the Name- Triplets in solo A at Psychobilly Freakout ending speed, solo B has several Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight speed trills, noise build filled with chord strumming with a slightly fluctuating speed near Bad Reputation’s verse riff
113. Suck My Kiss- Fast strumming chords at end of solo at Knights of Cydonia strumming speed, weird HO/PO fills to start off the solo might be an annoyance
114. Holy Diver- Soloing a little faster than YYZ’s in parts of 1d, 2a, and combined with strummed Ys in 2b, rest of solo 1d a little slower than Less Talk More Rokk’s riff
115. Before I Forget- Bridge is Psychobilly Freakout chorus on steroids but a tad slower outside of the three quick RB-OY-RB switches at the end, riff with GR-RY chord switch can be tricky, full of extremely painful chord changes
116. The Breaking Wheel- Full of strumming usually a tad faster than Tattooed Love Boys chorus riff, erratic tempo makes it very easy to lose the beat
117. My Curse- Outro is 50 seconds straight of repetitive descending triplets a bit faster than Don’t Hold Back’s verse riffs, annoying triplet strums in verses, interlude strumming almost as fast as One’s darkness riff
118. Bang Your Head (Metal Health)- Shout at the Devil speed RY trill in solo 1b, very quick fill near start of 2b as fast as The Light That Blinds solo B, rest of solo 2 a little faster than Less Talk More Rokk riff, ending strumming starts out at Monkey Wrench riff speed, builds to The Breaking Wheel speed, builds again to Them Bones ending speed, and closes out around Woman B streak speed
Ex’s and Oh’s- Solos B-D as fast as The Trooper solo 1a with the beginnings of solo B being the most tricky, solo A has some Tattooed Love Boys speed offbeat doublets
This Is How I Disappear- A lot of fast strumming a little faster than You Got Another Thing Comin’s outro in the bridge, breaks, and verse 1’s triplets, Wrathchild speed HO/PO fill in guitar break 3
119. Laid to Rest- Verse riff has quick YBY fills spattered about, final verse and guitar melody sections are long-lasting sets of HO/POs a tad slower than Jessica’s solo
120. Iron Man- Multiple descending triplets nearly as fast as Infected solo’s zigzag in solo along with a very fast More Than a Feeling style fill and a quintuplet
121. Rock and Roll All Nite- Deceptively tricky solo typically a little faster than Same Old Song and Dance’s with the GY-B-GY section followed by YBYG fill being the real killer, outro can be a choke spot too
122. Smoke On the Water- Very long song with two fairly lengthy solos near Cowboys from Hell riff speed
123. Woman- Solo C full of quick triplets faster than Laid to Rest’s among other soloing, B streak towards end of solo C a little slower than Beast and the Harlot’s riff; bridge, solo A, and ending have ascending and descending scales a little faster than Jessica’s solo
124. I’m In the Band- Solo with descending scales a little slower than Stricken’s, Helicopter speed strumming streaks leading into solo and again nearing the outro, outro has fast strumming streak same speed as In the Belly of a Shark’s
125. Synchronicity II- Outro solo after very repetitive chorus contains a couple of transitioning zigzags a bit faster than Free Bird’s at end of solo C/solo I
126. Ace of Spades- Solo has fast chords and triplets at same speed as riff, outro zigzag as fast as Symphony of Destruction solo and OBYO quads similar to its ending
127. Madhouse- Solo B has descending scales closing out with a zigzag a bit faster than Synchronicity II solo 2, verses 1c, 2c, and 3b also have descending scales as fast as Synchronicity II in between a somewhat awkward pattern
128. Raw Dog- Triplets faster than John the Fisherman’s scattered among the solo, post-solo verse, leading into solo, and in the intro but with tiny breaks in between
129. Monsters- Solo has same pattern but switching frets around as the latter half of Cowboys from Hell solo (little slower than Stricken’s solo) ending on strumming streaks like I’m In the Band’s
Life Wasted- Brutal quick part in solo 2b like a mini version of Detonation solos 1c/2b, other fast HO/PO fills in 2a, 2b, and 2d around YYZ solo speed
130. Thunderhorse- Verse 2 fast strumming faster than The Light That Blinds verses, solo sweeps a tad slower than YYZ’s solo, chorus 2, 3, and verse 4 have quick gallops with near Raw Dog speed descending triplets mixed in the choruses
131. Guitar Hero- Quite a few triplets faster than Iron Man’s in the solo, quartet of Y streaks as fast as The Light That Blinds verse/intro strumming, an odd quick doublet HO/PO rhythm before the bridge
132. Stop- Solo B short but roughly as fast as Bad Reputation solo 2d, bridge A is off-sync which can throw off rhythm easily
133. Ain’t Nothin But a Good Time- Ascending triplets almost as fast as in Institutionalized verse 1c to start off solo C, start and end of solo D have descending triplets and scales at same speed
134. Stricken- Sweeping descending scales and zigzags in the solo nearly as fast as Cult of Personality’s solo
135. Pride and Joy- Fills and mini-trills as fast as the one starting off Rock You Like a Hurricane’s 2nd solo all over the place
136. Carry On Wayward Son- Descending BRG triplets without breaks between them in solo 1 as fast as Raw Dog solo’s with rest of solo 1 a little slower than Crazy On You bridge fills, a few quick Girlfriend style fills in solo 2, clumsy pattern in solo 3 with slower Woman style fretting
Kicked to the Curb- Solos A and B each have tricky sections a little faster than Madhouse solo B, small RY trill in A as well
137. YYZ- Stretched out zigzags a little faster than Thunderhorse’s solo in guitar solo D, weird strumming rhythm in drum solo 2 on streaks a little faster than Killing in the Name’s at the end of the RO chord parts, verse riffs as fast as the solo make it easy to choke up anywhere
138. Radar Love- Zigzags, trills, and descending triplets in solo D a smidge faster than Arterial Black solo A/B, ascending triplets in solo C at same speed, strumming in solos B and E a bit slower than You Got Another Thing Comin’s ending, Lonely is the Night speed BO and YB trills at end of solo and outro
139. Sweet Child O’ Mine- Doublet strums faster than The Light That Blinds intro A ending on a little HO/PO fill at the end of solo 2b, descending scales right before that like in Bad Reputation solo 2c, rest of solo 2 and descending triplets in solo 3a about the same speed as most of Carry On Wayward Son’s 1st solo
140. No One Knows- End of solo has descending scales a little faster than Smoke On the Water’s solo, a few 5-note sets faster than Iron Man’s solo before those, solo starts off on strumming around The Breaking Wheel’s, a fill as fast as end of solo in middle of each verse, awkward pre-bridge and chorus riffs
The End Begins (To Rock) (PS3 exclusive DLC)- Major Riffage features scales and zigzags nearly as fast as Number of the Beast solo 1 trills, You Got Another Thing Comin’ speed triplet strumming in Chill Groove, Galloping Rampage ascending/descending triplets and YB trill speed of Avalancha chorus 4
Putting Holes in Happiness- Main riff full of repetitive fill patterns as fast as Stricken’s solo, long and slow RO trill with a random B in the middle (little slower than La Grange’s trills)
141. One for the Road- Speed picking section has fast strumming a tiny bit slower than Them Bones ending with Misirlou guitar break style doublets
142. Crazy On You- Tricky intro with fills similar to but slightly faster than Laid to Rest’s verse fills, bridge fills about speed of Carry Me Home’s intro with quick bits faster than Girlfriend’s sprinkled in
Frankenstein (360)- Transitioning trills a tad faster and longer than Shout at the Devil’s at start of solo 2b, solo 3 has split up sections about the speed of Push Push’s big endings, outro O streak speed of You Got Another Thing Comin’s
143. Cliffs of Dover- Reversed Thunderhorse verse 3 pattern in intro solo B and solo D around the speed of Message in a Bottle solo D, outro and solo C have continuous scales about as fast as Thunderhorse’s solo
144. Down ‘N Dirty- Solo 2a fills as fast as Black Sunshine verse scales plus some random strums to watch out for throughout solo 2, chord sequences in chorus 4 and Down N’ Dirty easy to misstrum
She Builds Quick Machines- Very awkward random strums in a solo a little faster than Down ‘N Dirty’s chorus, quicker fills with weird strums on sp phrase in solo and right after as fast as Cliffs of Dover reverse Thunderhorse pattern
145. Take It Off- Descending YRG triplets closing out the solo faster than the scales leading off Frankenstein’s main solo (solo 3)
146. Thunder Kiss 65- Small set of OBY triplets faster than Take It Off’s near the end, mini-trill in solo sp phrase a little slower than Texas Flood’s YB trill
147. Impulse- Psychotic Breakdown section loaded with awkward chord changes a bit slower than in Carry Me Home’s verses and a couple quick strum bursts, BO trill at end of Beautiful Solo almost as fast as Number of the Beast solo trills
Famous for Nothing- Choruses and outro filled with very awkward strum rhythms among chord changes with strumming at speed of In the Belly of a Shark outro
Slither- Fills in solo around speed and duration of Down ‘N Dirty solo 2a, ascending GRB triplets speed of Stricken’s solo, potentially awkward strumming leading into solo a little bit faster than The Seeker
Sleeping Giant- Drizzle 1 has multiple sets of descending triplets at speed of Free Bird’s end wankery and Drizzle 2 starts off with them, slide riff 2 strumming streaks just as fast as Knights of Cydonia’s, fairly awkward outro rhythm with inconsistent strumming
148. Rock This Town- Whole song full of funky rhythms makes it easy to miss anywhere, solo 2a has ascending triplets a tad slower than Take It Off’s
Famous Last Words- Near Misirlou speed strumming streaks in solo B, solo C scales a little faster than the end of Six’s solo
149. Black Sunshine- Breakdown concludes with descending scales faster than BYG triplets at end of Slash Battle
Photograph (Live)- Solo 1b strumming streaks almost at speed of Don’t Hold Back phazers but half the length, Rock You Like a Hurricane solo 3 speed wankery in solo 2b
150. Mother- Solo 2 closing out song has small trills and zigzags a little faster than Push Push’s big endings, first solo has a short section about the speed of Frankenstein’s 3rd solo
151. Push Push (Lady Lightning)- Ascending triplets as fast as Thunder Kiss 65’s in solo, big endings have parts nearly as fast as Arterial Black solo F’s triplets with other quick parts around Mother solo 2 speed, very fast mini-trills at end of intro A
152. Ziggy Stardust- Descending triplets with zigzag in the middle in solo as fast as Take It Off triplets, descending YRG triplets at the outro quite a bit slower than Take It Off’s (roughly Symphony of Destruction solo speed) but 2/3 more of them and slow down slightly in the middle
153. Rock You Like a Hurricane- Trills in solo 2 and 3 a tad faster than Cult of Personality solo with the solo 3 RY trill speeding up like in Same Old Song and Dance’s outro solo, solo 1 scales and solo 3 zigzag also a little faster than Cult of Personality solo
154. You Really Got Me- Ascending triplets of solo A similar to Institutionalized verse 3d, end wankery like Push Push’s big endings
Any Way You Want It- Third solo has several zigzags scattered throughout and closes down on a nasty trill, all of which is slightly faster than Number of the Beast solo 1
155. Godzilla- Scales going both ways in solo as well as fills preceding it as fast as the solos of Crossroads, a few more quick fills after the break
156. Black Magic Woman- Two full ascending scales speed of Raining Blood mosh 1 leading into O streaks starting off a little faster than The Seeker, then progressing to Raining Blood G streak starting Flood and back down again in solo 2
157. No One Like You- Surrender fill on crack in solo B as fast as The Light That Blinds intro A, solo C has zigzags around the speed of The Light That Blinds solo B
158. War Pigs- Solos 1d and 2a both have weird patterns as fast as The Light That Blinds solo B, 1c and 2b have triplets and mini trills respectively a little faster than Carry Me Home’s intro
159. FTK- Kick It ends in crazy fill as fast as Institutionalized solo 3d/e, other fills throughout around Stop solo B speed, descending triplets in outro as fast as Raw Dog’s
160. I Wanna Rock- Zigzags in solos 2b and 2c speed of Wrathchild’s solo with strumming streaks mixed in at end of 2c, ascending strummed triplets not quite at Them Bones ending speed to start 2c coming off 2b’s zigzags, shorter zigzags and scales at same speed in solo 1
161. Freya- Trills of solo 1 slower than Shout at the Devil’s but with nastier transitions, annoying G-RY-GR pattern in end half of bridge A, a couple trills and a zigzag all same speed as in solo 1 after the bridge
162. Arterial Black- Set of descending triplets at end of solo F faster than those of Carry Me Home verse 2, zigzags same speed as latter half of Free Bird solo C in solos A and B with doublet strums added in B, outro’s awkward strumming great for choking
163. Don’t Hold Back- Phazer I and Phazer II each with near Trogdor speed strumming streaks mostly in doublets as in The Light That Blinds intro A
164. Caught in a Mosh- Tough riff with troublesome chord changes as fast as Trippin’s verses, solo F and G scales as fast as I Wanna Rock’s solos, tiny zigzag starting off solo D almost as fast as Carry Me Home verse 2 triplets
165. Carry Me Home- Verse 2 descending triplets not quite as fast as Arterial Black solo F, solo triplets and scales only around speed of Thunderhorse solo and intro only on par with Crazy On You bridge fills, rough verse chord pattern constantly cropping up
Rock of Ages (Live)- Wha’ Happened section right at the end is a fierce barrage of zigzags much shorter than Cult of Personality’s main solo but also faster (Number of the Beast solo 1 speed), solo B has Monsters-style zigzag pattern but again faster, each Riffus Maximus has its own brief fill as fast as the end solo
166. Cult of Personality- 2nd solo loaded with zigzags, trills, and scales about as fast as Rock You Like a Hurricane solo 2/3 trills lasting as long as Jordan solos A-C, 1st solo same style and speed but much more compact
167. Take This Life- Verse riff strummed trills, chorus ascending chord patterns like Number of the Beast’s pre-solo bridge, and intro verse riff B chord patterns all at a perpetual speed akin to the choruses in Tattooed Love Boys
168. Search and Destroy- Tricky solo 2g pattern closing out song with zigzags speed of Free Bird solo I mixed in between fast strumming a little slower than Beast and the Harlot riff, solo 2b with Free Bird solo J speed descending quads ending abruptly on a couple quick G-R blips
169. Them Bones- Nasty ending strumming closing with zigzags faster than Psychobilly Freakout solo 2, zigzag in solo C a little slower than Gemini solo 2b
170. Nothing for Me Here- Zigzags, trills, and scales as fast as Stricken’s solo abound in solo 3, One fast solo A speed GRY triplet right before solo 2’s sp phrase, difficult chorus riffs make it easy to choke up nearly anywhere
171. Knights of Cydonia- Extended strumming streaks a little faster than Misirlou in Galloping Rampage, Breakneck Desperado, and Hastening Pursuit
172. Bad Reputation- Pyramidal ascending triplet pattern as fast as end of Six’s solo to finish off solo 2d, solo 2b GR trill speed of Jessica’s ending BO trill, descending quads with breaks between in 2c speed of Sweet Child O’ Mine solo 2b’s quads
173. Psychobilly Freakout- Stop and start strumming in solos 2a and 2c a little slower than Them Bones ending, descending scales of solo 2b almost speed of Madhouse solo B, ending chord strumming speed of Killing in the Name solo A triplets
Bury the Hatchet- Verse 2 random fills almost as fast as Gemini solo 2b, zigzag at end of solo as fast as Free Bird solo C
174. The Number of the Beast- Shifting trills and zigzags of solo 1 a little faster than Through the Fire and Flames Synth Death
175. Crossroads- Broken up BO trills as fast as Godzilla’s solo to start off solo 2, several more sections throughout solo 2 with zigzags and scales at same speed, 6-note hook sp phrase only a little slower than Symphony of Destruction quads closing out solo, annoying zigzag in intro also mirrored in middle of solo 1, couple of Cowboys from Hell riff speed zigzags in outro
176. Free Bird- Zigzag of solo C almost as fast as Institutionalized verse 3d, more zigzags in solo I a little faster than Arterial Black solo A with a couple tricky transitions into Search and Destroy solo 2b speed descending quads and then to triplets in J, longest song in Guitar Hero history so lots of places providing opportunities to mess up
177. Holiday in Cambodia- Very harsh intro with stop and go fast strumming between Misirlou and Knights of Cydonia speed along with a small Number of the Beast speed RY trill in the midst of it
178. Fall of Pangea- Solos 1c and 1d have weird zigzags and trills around speed of Psychobilly Freakout solo 2b with 1d ending in doublet strumming a bit slower than Them Bones, solo 2b starts off with a descending trill a hair faster than Bad Reputation solo 2b’s and culminates in more doublet strumming closer to Search and Destroy solo 2g speed
179. All of This- Confusing GY-RY chord section of solo at same speed as Cochise, descending scales and a zigzag a fair bit faster than Frankenstein’s main solo shortly after that with more descending scales in the outro serving as a massive choke point
180. Gemini- Just plain insane X pattern at the end of the bridge, solo 2b zigzag and descending scales almost as fast as The Light That Blinds solo B, another fast annoying chord pattern at the end of solo 2b
181. Round and Round- Incredibly fast hook at the end of solo 1a (faster than One’s triplets), zigzags and scales of solos 1a, 2b, and outro B as fast as Electric Eye solo E
182. Fly On the Wall- RY-GR trill and zigzags at conclusion of outro solo as fast as Texas Flood YB trill and zigzags soon after in intro solo, fast strumming section a tad slower than You Got Another Thing Comin’s outro earlier in outro
183. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.- Mosh solo around Monsters solo speed with very similar pattern to Cheat On the Church solo 3, end of Aggro has tricky triplets leading into HO/POs and chords, descending triplets as fast as Nothing for Me Here solo 3 at end of bridge leading into Aggro part, end lead strumming streaks as fast as Don’t Hold Back’s phazers
Bark at the Moon (360)- Ending zigzag of solo 1c as fast as fastest parts of Hangar 18 solo 4b still extremely difficult, however difficulty of solos 1b and 2 virtually nullified by GH2 engine
184. Spanish Castle Magic- Frankenstein solo speed zigzags and YB trill in solo 1 coming off the 2nd sp phrase within it, another odd zigzag of similar speed in solo 2, couple of O (and a B) strumming streaks speed of Fly On the Wall strumming section before the trill
185. You Got Another Thing Comin’- Segmented solo sections as fast as Symphony of Destruction’s solo with a particularly nasty ending, outro strumming a little faster than Spanish Castle Magic’s O strumming streaks at the end of solo 2
186. Cheat On the Church- Three tough solos a hair faster than Symphony of Destruction’s; solo 1 with a Thunderhorse verse 3 pattern, 2 with unorthodox trills and weird zigzags, and 3 with its tricky zigzag and triplet section leading into a lengthy F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. mosh solo-esque pattern
187. Symphony of Destruction- Killer solo as fast as You Got Another Thing Comin’ with hard parts lasting twice as long (mostly zigzags), 5 quads in a row at the end of the solo similar to the ones in Ace of Spades outro
188. The Way It Ends- Shredding solo part 1 has a zigzag, weird strum part, and a few scales faster than Number of the Beast’s solo and part 2 has scales quite a bit faster than Cult of Personality’s solo, constant barrage of strumming fluctuating between The Light That Blinds and near Misirlou speed, a couple tricky blips in the choruses
189. The Light That Blinds- Intro A doublet zigzags and Intro B quads (occasionally octet for R streaks) around The Way It Ends verse/chorus strumming speed, solo B sweeping zigzags a little faster than Gemini solo 2b, verses 1a and 2a fairly similar to Thunderhorse fast strumming in verse 2
We Three Kings- Near Jordan speed ascending triplets and scales in Metal Battleground, verse 2a just as fast with more scales and zigzags, verse 1 has fast strumming a bit faster than G streak at start of Raining Blood Flood! as well as a couple YB trills quite a bit faster than Number of the Beast’s, solo scales and trills a little faster than Cult of Personality’s solo
The Trooper- Fastest trills in GH2 in solo 1b, tricky part right after that as well, solo 1a includes a tricky transition from an OY section like Number of the Beast solo 2 into ascending triplets a little faster than Take It Off’s as well as a zigzag a little slower than Fall of Pangea solo 1d, verses are always a choke possibility too
Tom Morello Guitar Battle- Widow-mayka section like Misirlou’s guitar breaks but with chords and a tad slower, lengthy Hand Mangler sections full of ascending scales varying between Stricken and Cult of Personality solo speed with Y strums in the middle of them towards the end, difficult pattern in Nose to the Grind switching from RBO chords at the beginning to very quick RB-R pattern that still looks like chords, fast strumming around The Way It Ends speed in Abduction
190. Seventeen- Streak in solo 1c with multiple blips in the middle ending on scales all as fast as Electric Eye solo E, zigzags and scales of solos 2c, 2d, and the outro at same speed ripe spot for choking
191. Six- Misirlou speed fast strumming in the intro and outro, ending of guitar solo has scales as fast as Bad Reputation solo 2d, tough beginning with fast strumming leading into chord changes, very taxing song all-around
192. Frankenstein- Shifting trills a little faster than Get Ready 2 Rokk’s solo in 2nd solo, main solo has triplets and scales a little faster than Bark at the Moon’s solo before craziness kicks in, O streak in outro as fast as You Got Another Comin’s outro
193. Cowboys from Hell- Zigzag similar to War Pigs solo 1d in first part of the solo following ascending triplets faster than in Thunder Kiss 65, another zigzag reminiscent of the one in Monsters in second half, tough verse fills, main riff and post-solo riff as fast as Smoke On the Water’s solos make it easy to trip up just about anywhere
Ernten Was Wir Säen- Solo 1a has tricky strum pattern around You Got Another Thing Comin’ speed leading into weird triplets and fills as fast as We Three Kings Metal Battleground, more very fast fills in solos 2b and 2c with 2c ending on multiple zigzags speed of second half of Free Bird solo C, retarded amount of extra random strums in solos 1b and 2a particularly making things more difficult, chord strumming in intro solo B at same speed as last bit of solo 1a strum pattern
194. Electric Eye- Ridiculous solo E pattern ending on descending scales speed of Seventeen solo 2, tricky solo A zigzags and solo D scales at same speed, annoying solo B quick bit in middle of descending scales
195. Institutionalized- Misirlou guitar break style strumming leading into ascending triplets as fast as Free Bird solo C in verse 1c, verse 3d ascending triplets as fast as You Really Got Me solo A, verse 3d and 3e zigzags even faster than Free Bird solo C
196. Misirlou- Two guitar breaks full of doublet strumming as fast Six’s intro/outro, verses and choruses jam-packed with strumming that’s just as fast, intro strumming a little slower than rest of song (The Light That Blinds intro speed roughly)
197. Play With Me- Solo A almost exact same as Misirlou’s guitar breaks, more tricky fast strumming doublets in solo D, zigzags and scales of chorus 5 faster than Institutionalized verse 3d, more zigzags at that speed in solo E and even the intro
198. Raining Blood- Flood! starts off with trills and zigzags as fast as Don’t Hold Back’s phazers and closes out with trills as fast as in Because It’s Midnite, descending scales of Mosh 1 almost as fast as end of Bark at the Moon solo 1
199. Texas Flood- Solo 2 has multiple sections that fluctuate between speed of Cowboys from Hell solo and Smoke On the Water solo, difficult fill of similar speed right before the OSSOD, fast strumming on OSSOD at speed of Guitar Hero’s Y streaks, YB trill towards end of the intro solo a fair bit slower than Frankenstein’s trills, fill at the end of outro with quick descending scales, plethora of other fills just as fast as 2nd solo make most of the song a grand choke fest
200. Decontrol- True fast strumming in the solo like no other song in GH1 a tad slower than the end of Bark at the Moon solo 1, couple of zigzags at the end of that strumming streak at same speed but main one after the sustain is only a bit faster than Frankenstein’s main solo
201. Because It’s Midnite- Fastest trills in GH2 engine in solos A, B, and D, descending scale transition at end of solo B into C, solo C zigzag itself, and descending quads at end of C and start of D all as fast as the trills as well, descending triplets of solo A a little slower than Jordan solo C
202. Beast and the Harlot- Triplets of solo D represent strumming at Jordan solo speed
Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya- Incredibly fast extended strumming in Hard Rain between Trogdor and The Devil Went Down to Georgia speed, multiple fills scattered throughout with short strumming bursts even faster than in Ballroom Blitz
203. Hangar 18- Nine solos in total of varying difficulty, zigzags and trills of solo 4b nearly as fast as Jordan, triplets of solo 7 as fast as end of Six solo, solo 9 has fast strumming triplets almost as fast as Misirlou, solo 5 strumming with blips like Seventeen solo 1c around speed of The Light That Blinds intro
*Trippolette- Very difficult and relentless solo with all manner of descending triplets and zigzags a little faster than Frankenstein’s main solo and with no break in between sections to boot
204. Get Ready 2 Rokk- Wicked solo consisting of mostly scales consistently faster than Fire It Up solo 2, nasty set of descending OBY triplets at the end of verse 1
205. Fire It Up- Nonsensical solo 2 pattern with ascending RBO triplets leading into OBB fast strumming and ending on a zigzag of sorts a bit slower than Get Ready 2 Rokk’s solo, after that there’s still solo 3 with Symphony of Destruction speed zigzags
206. Jordan- Legendary walls of skittles in solos B and C are the fastest fretting solos in GH2 filled with all kinds of trills, scales, and zigzags, tricky GGRRR strum part after short break in solo C, solo F and bridge almost as fast as The Light Blinds solo B/intro easy to choke on even after getting through the insanity of B and C unscathed
Slash Guitar Battle- He’s Alive…? solo section closing out song has Beast and the Harlot speed strumming with hammer on sequences In between to start off with leading into a Cult of Personality speed section sans strumming that slows down even more until the descending triplets as fast as Black Sunshine’s breakdown followed by strumming somewhat slower than F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.’s end lead, Blues Buster has zigzag nearly as fast as start of Raining Blood’s Flood! with Y strums in the middle, lots of Cult of Personality speed soloing throughout the rest of the song as well
Detonation- Plentiful random strums in solo 1b make solo a little slower than Bark at the Moon solo 1c insanity that much more difficult, solo 1c involves much more rhyme and reason but is still just as fast, solo 2b has more near Bark at the Moon speed ascending scales and zigzags with a couple problematic R strums thrown in, slow part that’s far from slow containing more zigzags faster than Free Bird solo I
207. Trogdor- Fastest strumming streaks in Guitar Hero 2 found in the solo coming off of a zigzag just a tad slower than Free Bird solo C, nearly impossible in NTSC version due to lower strum limit
208. Bark at the Moon- Zigzag at the end of the 1st solo is the fastest solo section in GH1, descending trill a little slower than Frankenstein main solo in middle of solo 1 can be a problem, soloing leading into the incredibly fast zigzag is a bit faster than Symphony of Destruction’s solo, solo 2 potential choke hazard with more Frankenstein solo speed triplets, quintuplets, and zigzags
209. Ballroom Blitz- Stupidly fast solo 1b doublet strum zigzag is the fastest strumming section in any GH to date (not counting DLC)
210. One- Fast solo A contains 6 seconds of ascending triplets faster than almost everything in a GH to date outside of the red snake in Through the Fire and Flames and random short fills, slow O strum part at the end of A is terribly awkward too, fast solo B and fast solo D each have quick RYY patterns with solo B having other troublesome grace note patterns as well
211. Through the Fire and Flames- Bridge 1 trills and fills as fast as Because It’s Midnite, Twin Solo ascending and descending triplets faster than those of any song’s save One, So Far Away III red snake is the fastest part of respectable length in any GH period, What the…!? has strange pattern of descending triplets leading into GY trills just as fast as Twin Solo; rest of solo, fills throughout the song, intro, and outro all as fast as Institutionalized verse 3 with patterns of varying difficulty, Misirlou speed strumming takes up a majority of the remainder, with so many places to mess up need to have bot-like accuracy to pull off this and the final song on this list
The Devil Went Down to Georgia- Victory solo R is a crazy mess of fast strumming and frenetic fretting similar to Slash Battle’s He’s Alive section, solo K is a confusing pattern of HO/PO doublets that are mostly Jordan speed but go up to Because It’s Midnite solo speed at points, fast strumming in theme lead 1 is fastest strumming in any song outside of Ballroom Blitz and Johnny, verse 2 has more extremely fast strumming on chords with breaks and a slow down in the middle to around Johnny Hard Rain speed, verse 4 chords near Gemini bridge transition speed and doublet strums as fast as theme lead 1 easily have potential to kill any FCs up to that point, victory solo Q has the fastest zigzags in the song which are just as fast as Because It’s Midnite solo C, Devil solo B starts off with a normal Bark at the Moon speed zigzag but transforms into a nasty GBOBG, victory solo G also has an unorthodox zigzag that can wreak havoc, plethora of other victory solos are near constant onslaught of almost Jordan speed soloing and other devil solos are same deal but not quite as fast being a little bit slower than Bark at the Moon solo 1 ending zigzag, FC of this is the ultimate GH achievement

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