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Gold Stars

Gold Stars (or GS in any game, and 5GS or 6-stars when referring to Game_RockBand Rock Band) refers to when a user earns a gold star rating on any given song in Rock Band. Gold stars are only available on expert difficulty.

Gold Stars are also awarded on Game_GuitarHeroII Guitar Hero II, Game_GuitarHeroEncoreRocksThe80s Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's, Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsOfRock Guitar Hero III, and Game_GuitarHeroAerosmith Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for getting 100% of the notes in any difficulty (note that you do NOT need a full combo).

A common misconception is that Rock Band awards Gold Stars in exactly the same way as Guitar Hero. In actuality, you must gain a specific score instead of 100%ing or full comboing the song.

To calculate the gold star cutoff for any given song, take the score required to achieve 5 stars and multiply by 1.45 for the drums, and 1.52 for guitar and bass. Once you hit this score, you should receive the Gold Stars during the song.

Rock Band 1 had issues on some songs with impossible Gold Stars (mainly being Song_RB_Seven Seven on drums) until they released a patch fixing the gold star cutoffs to be possible. Also, in Rock Band 1, if you were to obtain a Gold Star on the last note of a song, such as the Big Rock Ending or during a sustain, you will hear the "Ding" sound accompanied with gaining a star, but would not see the change to your star count. This was fixed in Game_RockBand2 Rock Band 2.

GS is one of the Popular Guitar Hero Abbreviations.

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