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A marathon is usually set up using live feeds.

It's when a user, or group of users, decides to play a number of songs (usually a large number, such as an entire setlist or more) without taking any or taking few breaks in between songs.

Regardless of this, many people (practically all marathons besides the Endless Setlist 2) have required a number of breaks, and no one has completed a marathon yet without taking at least a few breaks (to eat, use the bathroom, rest for a bit) thus far.

A lot of times, users will have a donation feature. The donations typically go to a charity of some sort, but it's possible to make the donations go anywhere the creator desires.

Marathons have become very prevalent amongst those with all of the DLC available for Rock Band. User_Phr34k Phr34k, azuritereaction and User_someguy913 Someguy913 completed marathons of all available songs (at the time) on expert drums.

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