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Quickplay Exclusives

The Quickplay Exclusives are a group of six songs in Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsofRock GH3 that can only be unlocked in Co-op career or through the use of the "Unlock All Songs" cheat. Each is an encore at a certain venue in the career, and once unlocked, can be played on any difficulty in solo or Co-op mode under the Quickplay menu.

They are called the Quickplay Exclusives because they can only be played solo in Quickplay mode, not in a solo career.


  1. Getting a Band Together: Song_GH3_Sabotage Sabotage
  2. We Just Wanna Be Famous: Song_GH3_Reptilia Reptilia
  3. Overnight Success: Song_GH3_SuckMyKiss Suck My Kiss
  4. Getting the Band Back Together: Song_GH3_CitiesOnFlameWithRockAndRoll Cities On Flame with Rock and Roll
  5. Jailhouse Rock: Song_GH3_Helicopter Helicopter
  6. Battle for Your Souls: Song_GH3_Monsters Monsters

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