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Outside of the game, in a rather cool bit of web two point oh magic, Harmonix has let loose with some of the details of the things that you can expect to do with your band. None of these features are available yet, and Harmonix seems to have taken ScoreHeros trademarked approach to a release date (Sooooooooooon!TM), but we’ve got some new-ish screenshots of some of the cooler planned features to share with you guys.


No longer will you need to grab your cell phone to take a shit-quality picture of your faithful recreation of John Stamos “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” to share with the rest of us. Now you can use this online app to pose and shoot photos of your Rock Band 2 characters and bands, pretty snazzy huh? Details are still pretty sparse, but we can only imagine that there will be a set number of backdrops and positions to place your characters in so don’t expect to be able to create some NSFW scenes with your Jonas Brothers band. From what we can tell, what you do with your photos after that is up to you. I’m personally a bit excited for this feature, I’ll probably only use it once (since I rarely change the outfit on my character anyway), but it is a nice option to have. Now if only Harmonix will let us send photos of our score on a song to our online profile…


Now here’s a feature that I can see sinking some serious cash into, my Rock Band 2 character looks like me and I’m narcissistic enough to want to stare at a figurine of myself all day. The gist of the Bandmates goes like this; choose one of your Rock Band 2 characters, put it in the rocker pose of your choice, put an instrument in its hand’s and give Harmonix about $70. However-many weeks later, you get a six inch bundle of joy sent to your doorstep. Really what more can we say about them? Just check out the picture already.


20 Free Songs

Visit this handy link to register your game for your 20 free songs, registration is easy and painless, just be sure to have the Rock Band 2 booklet available as you need a registration code found on the back.
Harmonix has long since told us that in addition to the 80+ tracks available on the disc, gamers would be treated to an additional 20 songs available for download for the low, low, price of free. It hasn’t been disclosed what the 20 songs are, but outside of getting the “Camp Rock” soundtrack, you really can’t complain about 20 free songs right? Taking another cue from ScoreHero, the release date for these 20 songs has been placed at “Sooooooooooon!TM”, but registration has opened so it can’t be that far off.

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