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Rock Band Song Exporting

In order to keep in line with their vision of Rock Band as a platform rather than a collection of separate games, Harmonix is allowing players to export 55 of the 58 tracks from the original Rock Band disc for use in Rock Band 2. This process costs 400 MSP ($5) and takes up approximately 1.52 gb of space on the hard drive. The three songs unable to be transferred are "Paranoid", "Run to the Hills" and "Enter Sandman". Once the export is complete, you are free to delete any songs that you would rather not play anymore.

DLC Backwards Compatibility

Along with the RB1 songs being transferable, any DLC you have purchased will work on either game at no extra cost. Aside from minor changes in some charts, the songs will remain effectively the same. Guitar charts for more recent DLC may have hammer on chords, which will not appear in Rock Band 1. A few of the drum charts which had glitched notes previously function correctly in Rock Band 2. The last change is that many talky parts that were difficult to hit originally are more lenient in Rock Band 2.

RB2 Song List

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