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In Rock Band 3, the core gameplay experience for normal guitar and bass is mostly unchanged, except for 2 new features designed to allow extra leniency for the player.

Trill Sections: image

The first of 2 new features on guitar, trill sections allow you to play fast trills without having to match the exact timing of the audio. Trill sections are designated by a lane showing up around the frets involved in the trill, similar to a two lane drum fill or big rock ending. While these are meant to make things easier to play, starting out the trills without breaking combo does feel a bit finicky for now.

Strumming Sections: image

The 2nd new feature behaves very similarly to the afformentioned trill sections, but is intended to ease the difficulty on fast strumming sections. These seem to work great when the strumming stays on a single fret, but can be a little more difficult when the are hammer on or pull off notes in the middle of the strumming section.

Top 5 Guitar Songs That are Easier Than Suggested

1) Night Ranger - "Sister Christian" - This song is insanely simple outside of the solo, and the solo is nowhere near being one of the more difficult solos in this game. This song could have fit in fine a good 3 or 4 tiers lower.

2) Echo & the Bunnymen - "The Killing Moon" - This is one of the longer songs in the game, but there isn't any section of the song the song that is really difficult.

3) Dire Straits - "Walk of Life" - This song is a mostly steady 8th note chord pattern, with some single note riffs thrown in. This may be easy to slip up and break combo on, but it certainly isn't as difficult overall as certain songs that were left out of the final tier.

4) The Ramones - "I Wanna Be Sedated" - If you've played this song in Guitar Hero 1, nothing in this chart will catch you off guard. Of the tier 1 GH1 songs that appeared in Rock Band 3, this is probably the easiest of the 3 and still ended up being tiered the highest of the 3.

5) Roxette - "The Look" - This song only has a couple of main riffs, and there is very little variation within them throughout the song. The unmarked solo is the only section that may take any effort to master, and even calling that difficult is a bit of a stretch.

Top 5 Guitar Songs That are Harder Than Suggested

1) Poni Hoax - "Antibodies" - This is quite possibly the most mistiered chart in the entire game, across any instrument. The last 2 minutes of the song consist of an odd syncopated 16th note pattern that bounces back and forth between chords and single green notes representing muted strums. The pattern through most of this section gives the feel of being entirely random. Although the 5 button chart is pretty awkward, this is actually a really fun song on pro guitar once you get the hang of it.

2) Steve Miller Band - "Fly Like an Eagle" - This song is full of syncopation and oddly placed strums, leading to a chart that is rather awkward to play overall.

3) Tears for Fears - "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" - Most of this song is pretty simple, but the two solos seem tricky enough to warrant a higher tiering overall.

4) Deep Purple - "Smoke on the Water" - It seems that this song has fallen victim to the stigma surrounding it as an introductory guitar song. While the main riffs of the song are certainly simple enough, the solo provides enough of a challenge that the placement of this song in the Warmup tier feels out of place.

5) Mana - "Oye Mi Amor" - There's a repeated riff in this song utilizing a quick B BO B HOPO pattern that can be rather awkward to try to hit. This tiering wouldn't be so bad if there weren't easier songs overall in the next tier.

Top 5 Most Difficult Guitar Songs

1) Anthrax - "Caught In a Mosh" - Definitely one of the most frustrating songs in the game. The verse has a really awkward chord pattern that is repeated all throughout the song, and the solo is definitely one of the trickiest solos in the game. This was the last song on disc to be FC'd on guitar as well.

2) Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Free Bird" - While the solo may not be the fastest or most complex in the game, the sheer length of the song causes endurance to add to the difficulty of the song. If you want the gold star on this song, good luck because you need the full solo bonus from 100%'ing the final solo to even come near the cutoff.

3) Phish - "Llama" - Unlike most of the songs on this list, the solo is actually the least of your concerns in this song. The true difficulty lies throughout the verses and chorsues, which are comprised of a seemingly always random pattern of strumming jumping back and forth between single notes and chords.

4) Dio - "Rainbow in the Dark" - Without a doubt, this song has one of the most difficult solos in the game. Luckily there is no shortage of overdrive leading into it, and the crazy parts of the solo are short enough that a full bar of overdrive should be enough to help get you through the song.

5) Chicago - "25 or 6 to 4" - If you've heard this song before, you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Although the first verse and chorus are comprised of relatively simple chord patterns, the rest of the song is full of challenging solos. FC'ing any one of the four solos in this song is an accomplishment, let alone nailing all 4 in a single run.

Top 5 Most Enjoyable Guitar Songs

1) Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Free Bird" - Nostalgia may play a role here, but I was just excited when this was confirmed for Rock Band 3 as I was when it was confirmed for Guitar Hero 2 over 4 years earlier, and for good reason. Now marking it's 3rd appearance between the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series, this may very well be the most enjoyable chart for the song yet.

2) Chicago - "25 or 6 to 4" - I've been waiting for some Chicago to show up in Rock Band since RB1 days, and now that it is here this song definitely delivers as much fun as I expected it to.

3) Juanes - "Me Enamora" - Possibly one of the biggest surprises for me from the on disc set list. Although the guitar solo is really enjoyable, the rest of the song manages to be fun as well.

4) Jane's Addiction - "Been Caught Stealing" - Although the bulk of this song can be repetitive outside of the 2 solos, I still found it to be really fun to play in the end.

5) Big Country - "In a Big Country" - This is actually a song I wasn't looking forward to that much initially, but there are actually quite a few enjoyable parts in this chart.

Top 5 Bass Songs That are Easier Than Suggested

1) Roxette - "The Look" - Can you hit the first 8 measures of this song? If so than chances are that you can FC it, despite the devil tiered rating. The entire chart is slow 16th note strumming with infrequent fret changes.

2) James Brown - "I Got You (I Feel Good)" - There's a lot of syncopation in this chart, and the BO mini trills can be annoying, but this really doesn't deserve it's final tier status.

3) Warren Zevon - "Werewolves of London" - The only somewhat difficult part of this is the quick hammer on transitions, but even they don't add enough difficulty to drag this otherwise simple chart up into the 5th tier.

4) The Doors - "Break on Through (To the Other Side)" - This song is made up of 3 repetitive sections, none of which bring anything difficult to the table. This would be fine in the 2nd-3rd tier range, but comes nowhere near deserving its 6th tier status.

5) Dire Straits - "Walk of Life" - Just a very simple chart overall, nothing anywhere Nightmare tier level.

Top 5 Bass Songs That are Harder Than Suggested

1) Echo and the Bunnymen - "The Killing Moon" - The majority of this song is mostly simple, but the strumming section in the bridge make this one of the trickiest bass FCs in the game. Not only is it of decent length and speed, but it doesn't even hold a steady rhythm throughout the section.

2) Primus - "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver" - For many people this may be the trickiest bass song in the game, yet it didn't even make it into the final tier.

3) Deep Purple - "Smoke on the Water" - This bass line really starts to move around quite a bit by the end. While not insanely difficult, it isn't quite first tier material either.

4) Spacehog - "In the Meantime" - This chart is full of active hammer on runs as well as a weird strumming burst coming into the final chorus of the song. There's certainly far more than 20 charts that are easier than this on bass.

5) Juanes - "Me Enamora" - This song starts off as a pretty basic walking bass line, but the various fills that show up as the song progresses make this feel a bit undertiered.

Top 5 Most Difficult Bass Songs

1) Primus - "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" - This is the only bass song that gave me any challenge to 5 star it. The majority of this song is played as 2 handed tapping on bass, with the right hand tapping chords and the left hand playing single notes. While this translates to a pretty fun chart on pro bass, it just doesn't work quite as well on the standard guitar controller. Outside of the first chord of each repetition of the main riffs, every note is a hammer on or pull off, as if to allow you to tap the chart. Unfortunately those strummed notes don't make this a very easy way to play the chart.

2) Phish - "Llama" - This is ranked in game as the hardest bass chart, and I can certainly see arguments towards it deserving that placement. This slap bass part features some really weird strumming patterns, and jumps all over the neck throughout the song.

3) Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Free Bird" - Everyone knew that guitar was going to provide a challenge, but the bass chart may catch people by surprise. There aren't any real dull moments in this chart, although it really starts to take off during the guitar solo. From that point it gets steadily more difficult up until the end of the song. Given the song's length, this is a true test of both physical and mental endurance.

4) Poni Hoax - "Antibodies" - This chart gets a real boost of difficulty near the last minute of the run when it breaks into a constant 16th note HOPO run, which is long enough to become a potential choke point for the experts and a failing point for others.

5) Anthrax - "Caught In A Mosh" - This is largely similar to the guitar chart, although you get to avoid the awkward chord changes in the verse in exchange for some extra flourishes during the choruses. Also be on the look out for the fast strumming burst in the section prior to the guitar solo.

Top 5 Most Enjoyable Bass Songs

1) Spacehog - "In the Meantime" - I could probably play this song all day on bass without growing tired of it. This gives a perfect blend of fun and interesting parts without getting overly repetitive or being so challenging that it is irritating to play.

2) Juanes - "Me Enamora" - There's something about this song that just makes it a true joy to play on any instrument. This bass line feels pretty laid back, and changes up just enough to keep you from getting bored.

3) Steve Miller Band - "Fly Like An Eagle" - This song starts out simple enough, but the choruses contain a really fun swing riff that gets slightly more complex as the song goes on. The only thing that drags the enjoyment factor down a bit is the gaps with little to no notes during the verses.

4) Queens of the Stone Age - "No One Knows" - One of the few songs on disc where bass truly gets a chance to shine. The verses have a rather simple, bouncy bass line, while the choruses have a really fun swing part. The only disappointing part of this song is that we lost a chance for our first marked bass solo, although one did show up a few weeks later via DLC.

5) Poni Hoax - "Antibodies" - While this showed up on the most difficult songs list because of the ending, this chart is actually really fun once you are able to play it decently.

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