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Reverse Thunderhorse

In Game_GuitarHeroII Guitar Hero II the song Song_GH2_Thunderhorse Thunderhorse contained a section, which consisted of notes alternating between green and other, higher notes. The technique for playing said section was to hold green and add the other notes as they came. Game_GuitarHeroIIILegendsofRock Guitar Hero III's Song_GH3_CliffsOfDover Cliffs of Dover featured a section which was the exact opposite - a series of orange notes with interspersed lower noted. This section was dubbed the Reverse Thunderhorse. Other songs have featured a reverse Thunderhorse section since the release of Guitar Hero III, such as Song_RB2_DontMakeMeWait Don't Make Me Wait and Song_RB2_PanicAttack Panic Attack (on bass). A reverse thunderhorse section is also featured in Hermans Solo in the song Through the Fires and Flames, it is small but follows the same format as Cliffs of Dover.

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