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Song Infobox
Song Information
Song Story of My Life
Game Information
Game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Platform(s) Wii, PS3, 360, PS2, PC
Tier Starting Out Small
Difficulty Hard
Chart Information
Chart Link
Total Notes 927
Base Score 82,480
ScoreHero Stats
Top Score 427,246 by newuser1234
# Scores 5,134
3* 285
4* 466
5* 1,443
6* 1,414
7* 1,467
100% 976
FCs 854

Story of My Life - GH3 - Solo - Hard

No Squeeze Path

Est. Score: 425,414
Instrument Path Short Notes Credit
Guitar 2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-2-1-ES1 1st: 1st GR sustain.
2nd: 3rd yellow note.
3rd: 2nd YO sustain.
4th: NN
5th: 2nd YB sustain.
6th: A beat into the 1st RY sustain
7th: Tip of the 1st blue susatin.
8th: About 2 1/2 beats into the 1st GY sustain.
9th: About 2 1/2 beats into the 2nd orange sustain.
10th: 7th GR chord.
11th: 5th GY chord.
Path by debr. Text path by Voidedalive2x.

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