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Personal Info

Name Jack Christopher Dearle
Age 18
Date Of Birth 24th August
Hometown Barnstaple, England
Job None, Woolworths got shut down
College North Devon College
Lessons A2 Maths, A2 Computing, level 3 iMedia
Gamertag BadgerBomber

Picture of myself:

ScoreHero Info

Scohero ID 2780
Date Joined 29 July 2006
Posts Made 692

Seeing as i've been around for like 2 1/2 years you would of thought that i'd have posted more than what I have posted so far.
I like to think that I can help when given a subject I know about, though sometimes not quite acknoledged.

I've tried loads of times to get more into the community but can never really think of what to do.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band Info


DLC for GH2: Everything apart from the second indie pack.
DLC for GH3: Everything apart from Coldplay, Metallica and Motorhead packs.
DLC for Rock Band: Total songs = Just over 300, No ACDC pack.

I would to think of myself as reasonably ok Guitarist and Bassist. I've got at least 25-30 FCs on Guitar Hero 3 and about 46 FCs on Rock Band 1 this is the main setlist and the bonus songs. I haven't really counted how many I have for RB2. So yeh, i'm not too bad.

Recently i've been playing alot of drums recently on expert of course, I still suck at them though. I've completed all the songs on RB1 and the only songs I can't pass on RB2 are Panic Attack, Shoulder to the Plow and Battery. I want to get good enough so I can pass all the songs with no problems at all.
My recent accomplishments on drums are: 5* Won't get fooled again, passing visions and passing Painkiller.

Vocals i'm pretty good but I haven't really taken it seriously trying to get FC's and such. I've know i've Fc'd about 3/4 of the Rock Band 1 songs. Quite a few people say I have a good voice too so my vocals isn't all bad.

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