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Iím Carungi, a.ka.a Michael Carungi. Yes, my gamertag is my last name because I was too lazy and unoriginal to think of a cool one.

Guitar Hero Bio

I started playing Guitar Hero with the first one around Christmas. I started on medium and then worked my way up to hard and then expert. I remember failing Symphony of Destruction on Expert many many times and playing Crossroads on Hard, pretending to be a badass because I could get 5 stars on it. Happy times for Guitar Hero, until I ditched it for replays of Snake Eater and non-gaming related affairs.

I remember beating Expert on Guitar Hero the day before Guitar Hero II was released for the PS2. I felt like a god and thought I was one of the best in the world. Then Guitar Hero II came out and I played the hell out of it. I climbed through Hard and 5 starred everything including bonus. Then I tried my hand at Expert and did fairly well, nailing bout ĺ of the songs with a 5 star. My last one was Psychobilly Freakout. In hindsight, itís funny because now, Iíve had a few -2 notes or so on it. Itís funny how you improve with these games. I couldnít pass Jordan however.

Anyway, a few months later I got Guitar Hero II for the 360 and did the same exact stuff, except I actually passed Jordan (with a crappy Xplorer nonetheless). I also picked up one of my best GH related accomplishments (at the time), a Six FC on Hard.

I got GH:80s and 5 starred everything on Expert and got 26 FCs on Hard. It was around this point that I discovered Immediately, my accomplishments were put to shame by the likes of Hellashes, Lo7 and smokyprogg. But I playing because it was fun.

Guitar Hero 3 came out, and I wasnít impressed. Maybe the game just wasnít fun after 2 years or it was Neversoftís doing, but I 5 starred the entire setlist. I heard about Rock Band and thought I would give it a shot. I played the demo at Best Buy and was immediately hooked with the drums. I must have spent a week in best Buy just playing that game after school.

Rock Band Bio

I woke up at 2 am and drove to the 24 hour wal mart and picked up the Rock Band deluxe set. I breezed by Guitar on Expert, 5 starring everything and gold starring the majority of the setlist. I then started my first ever drumming experience on Hard and did fairly well, passing everything except Run to the Hills. I then passed Expert vocals easily as well. Please note that I am stressing ďpassĒ and not golding here :).

It was around this time that I noticed that while everyone was climbing the guitar leaderboards, there were barely any players on bass. Being that I actual play bass in real life, I turned my attention toward it.

I ended up progressing very well and managed to nab some 1sts. I then formed the Rock Band Supergroup ďMore Cowbell!Ē, with Someguy913 at drums, Sully at guitar, Skeltonath at vocals and me at bass. In short, we kick ass.

So now, I have over 200 Bass FCs and 150 Guitar FCs, which will of course continue to grow. Iím starting to get lazy writing this bio, so Iíll just stop here.

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