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Hey all. I'm Bill, better known as ChaosHazard.
I'm a top ranked Expert drummer on Rock Band for Wiiii.
I have a smattering of achievements, and the link for them will follow.
I don't really know what to put here...
I guess I could add the accomplishments I have for people who are too lazy to click the link?
Well, here they are.
My Accomplishments:

-Achieved 2nd place on the scoreboards.

-FC'd I Get By. (This song gave me so much trouble.)

-GS'd Electric Version. (It took 3 months. 3 MONTHS.) (179,300, for reference.)

-GS'd Won't Get Fooled Again. (I screamed like a little girl. I swear to God.)

-Achieved 11.2 million overall career score.

-Edged out cruzman10 for 1st on Mississippi Queen. (By 181 points. I love BREs.)

-GSing Brainpower. (First on system as of Sept. 24, 10:47PM!)

-Creating a good mod for SL kits. (Ask if you're interested. I love competition. )

-Getting 5 1st place scores. (Roxanne, Mississippi Queen, Learn to Fly, I Get By and Brainpower.)

-Getting 15 FC's.

I know these aren't impressive, I just wanted to do one of these accomplishment thingies.

These are some random "accomplishments" that aren't really anything. Such as:

-15 1* songs completed on Easy.

At posting time, I am 14 and a Canuck.
Possibly getting my first set of real drums come Christmastime. (UNRELENTING JOY!)
So, um. If you guys have any questions, feel free to leave comments.
Thanks guys.

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