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Hello to all!

My nickname is DarkPress (also KenRosenberg in some forums), and my real name is Igor. I live in Brazil, where the games cost R$250,00 (approximately 140 dollars). The fucking brazilian government really needs to lower the videogame taxes.
I play Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but I prefer Rock Band. I'm a drummer, but I am able to play guitar and bass very well. Just don't call me to sing. My voice is horrible, I'm only able to sing on Hard.
My PSN ID is DarkPress.
I usually play the following games:
-Rock Band 2 (150 DLC)
-Guitar Hero 5 (Free DLC only, lol)
-Sometimes, Guitar Hero World Tour
Until June or July/2010, I will buy Guitar Hero Metallica and/or Smash Hits and/or Lego Rock Band. Actually, I'm not sure of that, lol.

Yeah, this is just a draft. When I have more free time, I'll edit this page with images, history, scores etc. Actually, I need to put more scores on Scorehero before editing this page seriously. Oh well.

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