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Name: GuitarGeek08
Forum Rank: mascot.gif
Avatar: Guitar_Hero_Metallica_News-1.jpg
Joined: January 19th, 2008
Usually Found In: Accomplishments, Website Discussion, General Chat, Misc. GH Game Discussion, Userstreams

About Me

Hi everybody! I'm sure that you have probably been seeing me around the forums, posting rather frequently in numerous threads. I have been on Scorehero for around 10 months now. I do not remember how exactly I discovered SH, but my best guess is is that I found out about it in a forum on another site through a link. However, I really began to spend lots of time on SH, when I, like many other people I am sure, began to play Guitar Hero myself. My first game that I played of the series was Guitar Hero III, starting on easy and working my way up to hard, where my skill currently resides at this moment. However, I own every one of the Guitar Hero games up until this point except World Tour, and I have FCs on each game that I own. Since that time, I have met great people within the community, and have spent much of my free time being on SH and playing Guitar Hero (much to the dismay of some of my friends). Along with the time I have spent on Gutiar Hero, I have also begun to learn how to play real guitar as well, in addition to clarinet which I already have been playing. I am a player who focuses more on 100s/FCs, rather than ranks and SP paths.

Guitar Hero Skills

General Info

Strengths: Weaknesses:


Guitar Hero (PS2)
Total Score6,749,594

GH1 has been a game for me to mainly test my abilities on hard (and maybe expert possibly, sometime in the future). The only thing that I don't like about this game is the lack of hyperspeed. The notes come scrolling at you very slowly, and it gets to be kind of boring, especially when you miss notes and want to go back to get an FC or redux songs with better paths (which I myself don't usually do). It is also difficult sometimes to see what the notes are, differentiating between single notes and chords since there is no hyperspeed to help space things out. Another minor thing is the lack of a practice mode and the lack of a "More Stats" screen. There are some decent songs on the game, and I am delighted with the amount of FCs that I have at the moment, however I know that I could probably get a few more, which would probably be able to get my total above 20. Sometime, I will probably try to do the two secret songs in the game as well.

Guitar Hero II (PS2)

Guitar Hero II (PS2)
Total Score8,302,882

Guitar Hero II has been one of my favorite games in the series to play. However, there are certain things about this game, such as the ultra-precisioness required of me, and the little effect that hyperspeed has on this game as compared to the newer Guitar Hero games. However, the game has great songs, quite a few of which I listen to on a regular basis up to this day. This game was my second on that I had gotten, and it was with this game that I first began to play on hard with. I have also gotten 5* on some songs on expert in this game on sightread (most notably "Sweet Child O' Mine", "Monkey Wrench", and "Jessica").


Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (PS2)
Total Score8,057,448
Total Score2,213,554

GHA is my favorite game out of the ones that Neversoft has produced so far. The game has a lot of great songs by Aerosmith, many of which I like to listen to along with playing. The only bad part of the game, like many have said, is the fretboard (which it still baffles me how it got onto the game). The Joe Perry songs in the game, however, are just plain terrible, and I hate playing them very much since I cannot stand listening to those songs. This is probably the first game where I have gotten sightread FCs of songs on hard ("Dream On", Tier 1). The non-Aerosmith songs in this game are also cool, and I like almost all of them and enjoy listening to those songs as well. I think this game is plenty challenging enough, contrary to what people on Scorehero might say, and I still continue to try to get FCs on this game. The hammer-ons in the game frustrate me endly, making songs I would normally have little trouble with even harder. However, in this game I was finally able to combo an alt-strumming section in Bright Light Fright (possibly arising out of the real guitar playing that I have been doing?). I love the way that hyperspeed is done in the Neversoft developed games, the way that you can choose the speed that is best for you and that you are most comfortable on. This would probably be the most likely game where I could accomplish a full game FC of the hard setlist, and possibly get some FCs on Expert. I have one FC on expert on this game at the moment (Dream Police), however I think that I could probably get more if I wanted to

Future Rhythm Game Plans

My future plans for my gaming include the purchase of World Tour, maybe to get into more guitar songs, bass, and possibly drums (not that into vocals). After that I may get RB, since the Track Packs that have been released add more songs for me to attempt to master, both on guitar and other instruments. Maybe after I get RB I will create an Accomplishment thread on the RB side of Scorehero, along with spending more of my time on that particular side of the site. The AC/DC track pack in particular seems to have great songs, many of which I have already heard before from the radio and various movies that contain these songs on their soundtracks. I may also try doing Co-op with some friends that live in the area, to give me something new to put my skills into, since I plan to just sightread bass/rhythm parts of songs.

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