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~Fast Facts~
Name Hailey T.
Age 21
Gender Female
Fianc/td> DeusExProcella
Gamertag GuitarHailz
Hometown Austin, Texas
Current Location Evansville, Indiana
College University of Evansville
Major Visual Communications

ScoreHero & Me

I joined ScoreHero on June 11, 2007 thanks to my fiance, Kev (DeusExProcella). He had brought home GH2 for PS2 only 2 months before and we both had trudged our way up to Expert (not bad if I do say so myself!) We tracked our co-op scores here for a while, and then I discovered the forums and started posting and making friends. I remember my first post was a noob post signing up for leagues even though I had no idea what they were! XD

Around the Fall of '07 I left America to live in England for 4 months for school. While studying in England I couldn't play the game so I directed my GH energy towards art! I started taking sig requests and drawing cartoons of the GH characters at the time. It was fun but ultimately died out (now when I look at these old drawings I can't stand them!). While in the UK I went to my very first SH meet-up. There I got to meet thedevilsreject, BadgerBomber, Sottle, thecaptainof, SilverSwift and many others who I can't remember at the moment!

Time went on, I finally got my Log the following spring, and then came along the first ScoreHero theme for Valentines day. After that had come and gone I was approached by ImaCarrot to help create future themes. St. Patty's day came and went, and then I was asked to be a mod. Around this same time I also signed a contract to become a Professional GH3 player in the MoB. The public announcement of the new mods came with the infamous "April Fools day theme." Thanks to the terrible timing, many thought my promotion was a joke, yet others knew it was coming! Either way the prank was pretty good and I tried to be a good mod while I was here. Both of these exciting things happening at once was pretty cool timing, too.

Being a mod was pretty different on SH than how it was on the old site I used to moderate. Jokingly or no, I was thought of as the "nice mod." Not to say that the others weren't nice, but perhaps I was the least intimidating. I wasn't the banhammer, that's for sure. Many people would turn to me first with questions, and that's where I felt the happiest being a mod: answering questions and posting on the forums.

The following summer I worked an absolutely horrid job with overtime most days. I was pretty angry most of the time and because of this I don't think I made some very good moderating decisions. The only highlight of this summer was climbing the ranks of RB1 vocals (9th!) and meeting Deschain, BrianBAM19, DragoonKain, f4phantom, blob, someguy, and others at the Austin get-together in June.

I went back to school in the Fall, got engaged, real life got busy, and decided to quit the staff. Long story short, you can put me down as the "mod who was on staff for the shortest time." Some of these reasons are ones I wouldn't like to share, but lets suffice to say that I was not happy being a moderator, and it wasn't the job for me. This was at NO fault of my fellow staff. Real life got in the way, and I felt like I wasn't doing a good job as a mod. I much prefer being simply a good forum user. Like an ambassador of sorts. I feel I still have a closeness with the staff and of course still work on some themes!

The compromise in the end was a special "ScoreHero Artist" banner to put me firmly in the middle between "Freebird" and "Staff." To clear up some confusion that I've seen accumulate over time because of this banner: I am not staff, nor do I have any staff powers. I associate with the staff as friends but I do not know any "secret" information that the staff could know. Other than that, I have the knowledge to help you on the forums should you ever need it! I love getting PM's, so never hesitate to ask.

Oh, and the indiana get-together this summer I met: Torchy, wuLFe, elx, SArmstr0ng, Tweek900, DEVINSTATER, reikonkeiri, and I think that's it....


Games: My favorite 360 games (other than RB and GH) are Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, and Bioshock. My favorite older games are Zelda, Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong.

Real Life: I'm working for college publications next year and getting an internship soon so I doubt you'll see me posting so much come the Fall. I'm getting married next summer, too.

Guitar Hero & Rock Band

My Scores

Here is where you can navigate to all of my scores in either game.

I'm not too bad at guitar, I can 5* everything in the first 5 games except for TTFAF. I haven't played much competitive guitar after WT came out, because of course now we have vocals! I love playing vocals. I'm probably one of the few RB vocalists who thoroughly enjoys playing and competing in GH vocals. Currently 1st overall on Metallica, and I can't WAIT for Smash Hits, GH5 and The Beatles. These people need to stop taking my money!

That's pretty much it for me. :)

My DeviantArt Gallery | My YouTube Channel | My Facebook Profile

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