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O hai!

My name is Josh Breau, 22 years old from Moncton, NB, Canada. I originally joined ScoreHero back in June 2006, when I made a Google search for a way to keep track of Guitar Hero scores, because I like random stats so much. I guess joining way back then makes me one of the older guys around, that's kinda cool.

I own the following rhythm games:

Guitar Hero [PS2]
Guitar Hero II [PS2]
Guitar Hero 80's Edition [PS2]
Guitar Hero III [PS2]
Rock Band [360]
Rock Band 2 [360]

I normally only play Rock Band 2 nowadays, on Expert Guitar/Bass. I can sing and drum on Expert/Hard, depending on the difficulty of the song, but I'd prefer not to when banding. I don't care much about pathing and scores, but I challenge myself to get FC's and Gold Stars when I play. I am focusing mainly on Bass for a "career" at the moment, on Rock Band 2. My scores can be viewed here and my current stats are:

FC's: 123
text: 130

Finally finished the RB1 Imported songs, DLC is next!

Other Interests

I play a fair amount of chess on FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) as Terraform, having logged over 14,000 games on a previous server before it closed. I also enjoy other forms of gaming, such as RPG's and others. I enjoy most music except for country and rap, although even those genres have some listenable songs. I've been playing Magic: the Gathering competitively for about 9-10 years now and have been to several National Championships as well and Grand Prix tournaments around Canada.


Gamertag: jbreau
AIM: The Man Aids (this was an inside joke that stuck <_<)
IRC: joshb- (or some variation thereof)

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