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Hobbies: Guitar Hero, soccer, computer browsing/playing, texting (I have a Blackberry Pearl)
Soccer Postion: Goalie (Duh) and Midfielder
Soccer Team and Player: Manchester United; Samuel Eto'o

Future Hopes: Play soccer in the EPL or be a accountant at a bank (Snore but still I like math (LOL))

Favorite Bands: Nickelback, Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana
Favorite Song: Eruption or Everlong
Favorite Food: Pepperonchini or Jalapenoes

Yo People of SH and SH wiki Im Ryan or a.k.a KCgoalie17. I joined Scorehero in April of 2008 when i got GH3. Ever since Ive switched from accountant to accountant due to computer problems. So right now this is my official accountant which with this account I joined in August. I have GH1,GH2,GH80's,GH3,GHOT, and GHA and no RB games.

My Little Bio

I was born January 7,1997 in Louisville, Texas. When I was merely 6 months old we moved to Houston, Texas. In Houston is where the rest of my family lives. Here I met my favorite hobby, soccer and met many great family friends and friends of my own. But two months after I turned six I moved to Kansas City, Kansas, where I still live today.
Since then I've playe premier soccer and many other things.
In my family I have a brother who is about 1 and a half years younger than me, a mom and dad (Duh), and a dog named Kennally. Kennally is the third dog Ive ever had. Ive had a dog named Haley who died of age and sickness and Ive had a Shelltie named K.C. who we gave away because she was a peeing machine.

Guitar Hero Life

Guitar Hero Favorites and Worsts
Favorite GH Game: GH3 or GHOT
Favorite GH song: Crazy Train or Everlong (Both from GHWT)
Worst GH Game: GH2 (Because of the songs are all bad covers)
Worst GH song: Slow Ride

Guitar Hero was first showed to me when I was 8 when my Uncle bought it. I was scared (Yes, scared) to try it at first but i did. I failed I Love Rock n' Roll By Joan Jett and The Blackhearts on Easy but as I progressed in song difficulty i got better (REALLY weird I know). the first song I beat was Iron Man by Black Sabbath. Two days after that, GH1 was now mine i played GH1 A LOT. The farthest I got was Cowboys From Hell by Pantera on Expert until GH2 came out. The next time i tried to put in GH1 it wouldnt work, it kept freezing, I knew only one thing, it broke. So i moved onto GH2 full time. I got as far as Freebird on Expert until GH80's, then like GH1, in the same way it broke. So when i got GH80's I played it alot. After about 3 months I was on What I Like About You (By this time I was I think 9) and my fingers couldnt handle the quick movement and my strumming hand couldnt handle the fast strumming. So i skipped around it and kept going (Now i can Easily beat it). I got all the way to Play With Me until I got GH3. Luckily, GH80's didnt brake until last month. When I first got GH3 I knew that with the different graphics and everything its probably got a lot of notes in the songs. So i went straight to Hard. I quickly mastered Hard and went on to Expert. I have since beaten Tom, Slash, and Lou, 5-starred every song except Raining Blood and FC'ed 10 songs. I got GHOT the week after it came out and instantly loved, it the new style was cool, the songs were great but it was very hard at first, so i started at Medium. I am currently ranked 79th on Medium (after I beat a couple i moved onto hard, I have only played 11) and 239th on Hard (Ive only accounted 1 score though). Lately, I havent been able to play any GH game due to bunches of things but i do think i will return to accounting scores when the leagues start. I signed up for GHA Expert and GHWT Guitar Expert so I hope to try to beat out the competition in these two leagues.
This Christmas I got Guitar Hero On Tour Decades acoounting so far 9 scores those which are all FCs and I am in 9th place

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