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About Me
Name: Sam
SN: Kap10
Occupation: Student
Channel: #rbchat
Location: Bismarck, North Dakota
Status: Single
My guitar hero career, despite what SOME people may think, started shortly after the release of the first game, where I played it at a party and failed Bark at the Moon on Easy. I did not play the game again until shortly after 2 came out, where I made the effort to start learning how to play the game better. I borrow the game and a ps2 from my friend and was quickly passing hard, though with 3 stars on nearly every song. I didn't touch the game again for another six months, when I found out Guitar Hero 3 had been released for the Wii. I bought the game with my own money any, with the assistance of the new hammer-on/pull off system, I zipped right through the first 7 tiers the first day I had it. If I remember correctly, that was a Thursday, and I beat the game on Hard on a Saturday. I wanted more, however, so I tried to 5-star everything on Hard. After I 5-starred Raining Blood, I felt the need to get even better at the game, and thus, I joined on December 27th, 2007.
Contact information:
AIM: GobGob0
XBL Gamertag: KapSH
Shortly after this, I realized a fantastic game by the name of Rock Band had been released. However, being the poor soul that I was, I could not afford it nor did I have an XBOX 360. Thus, over the summer, I spent my days working at an art camp for little children. I made enough money to buy Rock Band 1 and an XBOX 360 with plenty of money for Microsoft Points, and thus, did so. After a few days of having this game, I noticed how frequently I was asking for people to band quite frequently in #scorehero. As a result, Yewb, a sexy Brit, and myself created a channel for banding with people, called #rbchat. You should go there some time.


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