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Welcome to my User page!

This is Master-Tesuch, or Tesuchpwnsu on YouTube. I've been playing Guitar Hero since May of 2007, and have improved to be the moderatly talented player that I am today. I (as far as I know) am the best GH player in Arkansas, and I am best known for my work on Jordan, which I have been practicing on and off for over two years. I FC'ed it in May of 2010, and Re-FC'ed on the Xbox 360 a month later, giving me an FC on both consoles.

My proudest achievements in Guitar Hero are:

Projects that I am currently working on are:

The main Guitar Hero game that I play is Guitar Hero 3, Neversoft's introduction into the franchise. I started playing on Guitar Hero 2, and enjoy it almost as much as GH3. As for Rock Band, I play almost exclusively drums, and I've gotten to be a competent player. I use IONs, and although I don't have many FC's on drums, I do enjoy playing for fun, and I can 5 star almost anything, and Gold star quite a bit as well. I've 5 starred the entire game on guitar, but I don't like the Hammer on pull off system.

Also, one last fun fact about yours truly: it is my personal goal to FC Raining Blood before In Love on Guitar Hero 3, as I consider In Love to be the hardest song to FC ever made. Ever.

Thanks for reading! Rock on, my friends!

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