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About Me

I started playing Guitar Hero seriously about February of 07, starting with GH2. I progressed quickly after I learned that you didn't have to press the button every time, as well as strum. I learned about Score Hero through a youtube video, I think it was a custom song video, so I was almost one of those "how do u get customs lololol!1!111!" users. Thank god that never happened. Anyways, I'm 14 as of now, and Guitar Hero is one of the very few things I'm actually any good at.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero was the second game in the series that I got. I was pretty bad at it for quite a while, but once I got the whole strumming concept down, I was able to FC some decent stuff. I started this one on Hard, since at this point I had already played GH2 for a few months. I stepped it up to expert pretty quickly, and I don't recall ever getting stuck until the end, Cowboys from Hell smashed me for about a week. Anyways, here are my current stats.

Songs Passed: 47 of 47
5-Stars: 47 of 47
6-Stars: 47 of 47
7-Stars: 34
100%: 40 of 47
FCs: 36 of 47
Total Score: 13,139,662
Overall Rank: 12th

Not too bad, as soon as I find my disk, I plan on improving this though. Some outstanding FCs on this are...I don't know, Spanish Castle Magic? I don't really have too many amazing FCs here, but I have some outstanding 100%s (namely Cowboys From Hell and Symphony of Destruction).

Guitar Hero II

This is still hands down my favorite game in the series, Rock Band included. This was the game that really started it for me. I got it around February of 2007, and I've been hooked ever since.

Songs Passed: 64 of 64
5-Stars: 64 of 64
6-Stars: 64 of 64
7-Stars: 63
8-stars: 19
100%: 61 of 64
FCs: 61 of 64
Total Score: 21,340,813
Overall Rank: 13th

I also FCed all the 360 exclusives (not DLC). My best FCs here are Hangar 18 and Misirlou, no contest. I plan on getting at least 62 FCs, and maybe the full game depending on whether or not Trogdor is actually possible on NTSC.

Guitar Hero 80's

Well, what's there to say about 80's? Not much.

Songs Passed: 30 of 30
5-Stars: 30 of 30
6-Stars: 30 of 30
7-Stars: 29
8-stars: 5
100%: 26 of 30
FCs: 26 of 30
Total Score: 8,797,342
Overall Rank: 15th

If I actually owned this game, I guarantee I would be at 28 FCs, if not 29. I guess my best FC for now is Round and Round.

Guitar Hero 3

Well...I hate this game, I'm not gonna lie. Got this one on the day of release, and it was fun at first. I guess I was just too excited and the game just couldn't deliver.

Songs Passed: 70 of 70
5-Stars: 70 of 70
6-Stars: 70 of 70
7-Stars: 67
8-stars: 15
100%: 67 of 70
FCs: 67 of 70
Total Score: 24,476,086
Overall Rank: 28th

My best FC here is The Way It Ends, and Raining Blood could be coming soon depending on if I ever decide to play this game seriously again. I also have 821k on Through the Fire and Flames and 744k on The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

Guitar Hero On Tour and Guitar Hero Aerosmith


Rock Band

I had high hopes for this game, and besides the fact that every drum kit I ever had for this game was a piece of garbage, it delivered completely. I beat every instrument on expert, and got pretty good (I think) at Vox and ok at drums.

Songs Passed: 58 of 58
2-Stars: 58 of 58
3-Stars: 58 of 58
4-Stars: 58 of 58
5-Stars: 58 of 58
6-Stars: 58 of 58
100%: 57 of 58
Total Score: 10,474,684
Overall Rank: 6th

Green Grass isn't happening.

Songs Passed: 58 of 58
2-Stars: 58 of 58
3-Stars: 58 of 58
4-Stars: 58 of 58
5-Stars: 58 of 58
6-Stars: 52 of 58
100%: 49 of 58
Total Score: 11,097,582
Overall Rank: 69th

I wish I had a controller so I could improve on my voxing skills, but honestly I know I'm not gonna go back to this game. I'm happy with my 11 million.

Rock Band 2

Well this game was a blast. It took everything good about Rock Band, and made it better for an amazing game. Also, I was the first to FC the entire setlist on expert guitar, and I thought that was pretty cool.

Songs Passed: 84 of 84
2-Stars: 84 of 84
3-Stars: 84 of 84
4-Stars: 84 of 84
5-Stars: 84 of 84
6-Stars: 84 of 84
100%: 84 of 84
Total Score: 15,536,670
Overall Rank: 2nd (lol)

Of all the songs, I was the first to FC Bodhisattva, Panic Attack, Shoulder to the Plow, Get Clean, and Girls Not Grey.

I'll also stick my DLC accomplishments here too for the hell of it. Some stuff I've done is Ride the Lightning (RB1), Screaming for Vengeance (RB1), And Justice for All (RB1 + 2), Two Weeks (RB1), Snow (RB1), Action (RB2), and Working Man (Cover, RB2) FCs, as well as Afterlife FC and Thrasher Gold Star.

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