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Personal information
Age23, but it's variable because it tends to change every year.
LocationVirgo Supercluster
ScoreHero member since21 Mar 2007
Hi! This Wiki page is all about me and the things I do with Guitar Hero and Rock Band and things related to that. There will be not be any information regarding my private life as this is, simply put, not the place for this. For now, I'll update this page when I've got more time. For now, I've input some very, very basic stuff and it's not done yet. Check back later for more, because I'll update this as I go along.

Game information

Check the below table to find out which games I play at least semi-regularly. Next to the game I note what difficulty I play the instruments on. All games are for the XBox 360.

Guitar Hero 2ExpertExpertn/a
Guitar Hero 3ExpertExpertn/a
Guitar Hero: World TourExpertExpertMediumn/a, I sound like a cat being strangled
Guitar Hero: MetallicaExpertExpertMediumn/a, I sound like a cat being strangled
Rock BandExpertExpertMediumn/a, I sound like a cat being strangled
The Beatles: Rock BandExpertExpertMediumn/a, I sound like a cat being strangled




1. Choking / nervousness when FC'ing: I always get nervous the further I get in a song when attempting to FC it. It makes me tense and this has kept me from a lot of FCs. Heck, I can occasionally even choke on Closer and Parasite. :') It's basically a lack of consistency.

2. Sickeningly fast upward scales, but it depends. I can do the upward scales in songs like Am I Evil? but anything faster is a no go for me, unless they consist of three adjoining notes ( repeated, for instance). I can go a bit faster, then.

3. Tapping. Seriously, anything. I still can't tap the TTFAF intro and can only do some really easy tapping parts, but not enough to save my life.

4. Consistent strumming of the same note. Example: God Put A Smile On Your Face. The song is piss easy, but three measures of the same eight note at 125bpm completely throws me off.
On the other hand, I have no trouble with such rhythms if there are a lot of different notes.
Or When You Were Young's measure 79 - 81, which is 2,5 measure of chords. It throws me off.

5. Alt-strumming. Be it fast sections of which I can't get the speed down (Chugging Riff of All Nightmare Long) or consistently strumming sections that are a bit too fast to downstrum (intro to Number Of The Beast or F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. in general), I can't bloody alt-strum it. I can downstrum it without tiring, though.

6. Not sure if it's a weakness, but I can't stand slow scrolling charts. They make me miss a lot because everything is so compressed. I prefer some space between my notes. Makes it easier to read.


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