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Hi! My name is Ross Crowson, and I live in Bethalto, Illinois (just a few miles from St. Louis, Missouri). I have been playing Guitar Hero and related games since the series came out. I don't have a whole lot to show for it, but I tend to refer to myself as one of the best players in Illinois. My favorite game in the series is definitely Rock Band 2, although I am definitely enjoying the hell out of Guitar Hero: World Tour right now. We'll get to that after my more personal information.

I am 19 years old, and my birthday is February 14th (Valentine's Day >.>). I enjoy writing stories and music most any time I get a chance. I have been working on a novel since the 7th grade and it's still far from finished. The story is a fusion of autobiography, adventure fiction, and my beliefs on the future of the world. Music is also a huge part of my life though. I listen to a pretty decent list of bands, most of which can be found here.

Musical Career

I don't really have a career in music. In fact, I'm actually going to start school soon to pursue my career in astronomy. Either way, music is something I enjoy working with. Last year, myself and a cool dude by the name of "Mike" (FreakShowExcess on ScoreHero) started a techno/rock experimental band called Ship 13. We finished four songs, and had an additional two created by a side member named Kill Off.

The album, entitled The Eternity Stars, is a concept album featuring all instrumentals. The storyline was written by myself, and follows a space crew from Earth, to the emptiness of space, and eventually to a secret area of the galaxy M33 that could send matter to any desired time and place in space. The crews objective was to reach this place and save the Earth from a comet impact which had already happened recently in the past.

The original four songs were: The Time Warp, M33, The Antimatter, and Amongst the Fleet. Those were recorded in late 2007. Only The Antimatter and M33 were fully mixed. The Time Warp and Amongst the Fleet were due to be remixed with additional sections, but never were.

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