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Swift Hobo

^my Gamertag, and the name I use for every game.
Im 19 years old and from Jasper, Alabama.
Anyone good(at least can 5* most of expert) live near me? I need the 1m gh2 achievement for 1000/1000
I have 4 guitars, all broken.
my first was my explorer that came with GH2, and the whammy bar broke off of it
I can still whammy by pressing the side of my hand where the whammy bar was and moving up and down, but its not that effective...
My 2nd guitar was the Les Paul that came with my GH3, it worked well for about a month... then the green button started dropping.
I used a fix I saw in the forums, moving the contact board down farther, and it worked...
...but after that my guitar started randomly double strumming, about once every 500 notes, but it happens more or less often than that... it's random
The third I got was the Rock Band strat... boy I don't really even wanna talk about that one... Out of the box the strum would randomly not strum, and the OD tilt never worked... the OD goes off at random, no matter what the angle of the guitar. The back button worked though...
My fourth guitar was the World Tour Guitar.... it worked for about 2 weeks. All of a sudden the strum bar would randomly not strum, like the Strat... but less often. Then, when my nephew was playing, the down strum just stopped working all of a sudden... it could only up strum. Then I later accidentally turned it on, and I decided to try the strum bar... the up strum was randomly broken too.. so now it can only strum with the dpad.
So, now I'm back with the very first guitar I started with... the explorer. I love the buttons on it... easy to press, the strum bar is kinda loose, but it works. Only problem is that damn whammy, can't get close to optimal. I use the LP on easy songs and just hope it don't DS. Anyway despite my guitar issues here is how good/bad I am.

My Playing

What I suck at

Fast Ascending Scales
Slow Fret boards
Alt Strumming slowly

What I'm good at

Descending Scales
Chord Transitions
Strum Transitions
Decent at squeezing, but the only guitar with a whammy bar I have double strums...

Scores(all 360 Expert)


I haven't played GH2 in forever, so my scores are kinda bad.

Scores Link
74/74 Setlist+Bonus 5 Stars(atleast I 5*d them all, including Jordan and Six =p)
10/74 Setlist+Bonus FCs (48 100%s)
..5/48 Setlist FCs
....3/6 Tier 1 FCs
....2/6 Tier 4 FCs
..5/26 Bonus FCs
19/19 DLC 5 Stars
2/19 DLC FCs (3 100%s)
I don't play DLC hardly ever... so my scores especially suck on them

Overall Score: 19,26X,XXX (Yeah it sucks, I might got play GH2 sometime.
49/50 Achievements, 970 Gamerscore(only missing Co-op 1 mil, no one I know can even beat expert)


I by far play GH3 the most of all games, and I have all GH+RB games for the 360

Scores Link
70/70 Setlist+Bonus 5 Stars
42/70 Setlist+Bonus FCs (48 100%s)
..25/45 Setlist FCs
....5/5 Tier 1 FCs
....5/5 2
....4/5 3 (5 100%)
....5/5 4
....3/5 5
....1/5 6 (3 100%s)
....1/5 7
....1/5 8 (Yay 1 FC per tier now)
..4/6 Quickplay FCs
..13/25 Bonus FCs
41/41 DLC 5 Stars
..0/41 DLC 4 Stars
....DWDTG 5.0* (OH YEAH both songs 5* same day!)
....Revolution Deathsquad 5.0* (YES finally got it Jan 21, 2009)
4/41 DLC FCs
I don't play DLC hardly ever... so my scores especially suck on them

Overall Score: 23,0XX,XXX (Hell yeah 23m total Jan 17, 2009)
48/59 Achievements, 720 Gamerscore(I broke a couple achievements with the super cheat when it first came out. I didn't know it would do that and i regret it now. Anyone know a way to get the ones you broke? Will starting a new band work?)


I didn't play this game that much, maybe 2 days max. I sightread 5 starred the entire game, and got the TKAR achievement first try aswell. Wasn't near as fun as GH3 so I went back to it.

Scores Link
Overall Score: 10,13X,XXX (all sightreads)
35/49 Achievements, 720 Gamerscore(a lot of GS for 2 days of playing)


I was really anxious for this game to come out, but for some reason I never got into it. I sight read 5 starred almost all of expert, only didnt get I think Overkill and BYOB. I got the Satch Boogie Achievement 2nd try. When my GHWT guitar broke I guess I said screw it and went back to GH3.

20/50 Achievements, 390 Gamerscore

Rock Band

Well, Ill just go by memory, I got all five stars on Guitar, and Ive beat every song on drums, not including DLC.
I dont really like Rock Band and its rectangles all that much.

Overall Score: 6.5m on X drums, dunno bout guitar, liked drums a lot better on this game
25/50 Achievements, 605 Gamerscore

Rock Band 2

I didn't even finish this game, I like it alot better than RB1, the breakneck speed is awesome. However, I realize how much less fun I was having than playing GH3 or any other game I usually play, so I stopped. Guess I need to go back and at least finish some time.

25/50 Achievements, 425 Gamerscore

Currently working on(all GH3 360)

-Getting better scores on easier songs with LP(Shit yeah got a few ranks under 100 now, and almost got optimal on a couple)
-FCing a few songs I've got 100 percent but os'd on
-FCing a few songs I've just missed a few on (HELL yeah Cliffs of Dover FC!, HIC I've got my eyes on you)

If I think of anything else or if there's anything anyone wants to know/want me to add tell me and I'll add it(like anyone cares).

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