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So yes, I am TheLonging, or as people on XBL call me, TheLogging, TehLolling, TheLaring, TheLarding, TheLoddin... you get the picture. I live on a island no one cares about. I'm a self-proclaimed geek/nerd (though geeks are more handsome <_<) and I am average in school. Probably my greatest weakness is homework, and my greatest strength is technical stuff (though I STILL haven't figured out how to remove this pesky virus on my XP >_<). Uh, what else...

...Oh yeah, I like Dilbert, Calvin And Hobbes, ScoreHero, and pretty much a ton of stuff in life. But, haven't you wondered about how I started GH (lolno)? Well don't worry. I shall take you on a magical journey of Rock N' Roll, Sex, Drugs, Black Sabbath, and... er... well, \(_o)/. Most likely, 2 out of 5 of those stuff are false. Guess the right one(s), you win a cookie. <_<

Ma history with Guitar Hero

Really, I didn't like music that much for a while. Never interested me, the guitar, the loud drums, the annoying "JUMP!" screams etc. I also didn't like videogames that much, though I did play the ocasinall game where, from what I know now, is pretty rare. (Makes me wish I didn't throw away nearly all of them :( >_< ). But as I was shopping at Wal-Mart</acronym>, I happened to see this game that looked... really cheesy and gimmicky. February 2007, I happen to notice... Guitar Hero Two. It seems pretty interesting, at the very most, but mainly cheesy. I asked my mom anyways to buy it, thinking that I might sell this on eBay in about 2 years or so, when the Guitar Hero games fade out in favor of more Medal of Honor games (what happened to them anyways?). I bought the bundle, which cost like, I think around $130, and went home to play it.

I tried Shout At The Devil, a song I despised at the time, and still kind of. I started on Medium and nearly failed before the 2nd chorus, so I bumped down to Easy. It was OK. The moment I played Heart-Shaped Box, I was hooked on the game.

(To be continued... muah-ha-ha)



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