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Favorite Bands

-Misery Signals
-Oh, Sleeper
-Dream Theater
-August Burns Red
-Rise Against
-As I Lay Dying
-Coheed & Cambria
-All That Remains
-Alkaline Trio
-Lamb of God
-Haste The Day
-Still Remains
-Walls of Jericho
-Avenged Sevenfold
-Killswitch Engage
-Sum 41
-Blink 182
-Breaking Benjamin
-Rage Against the Machine

About Me:

-I'm 16 and I live in Florida.
-I like music a lot. I'm in band at school as well as jazz band and marching band. I play the alto sax, trumpet, drum set, and piano. I prefer set though and I'm gonna be playing in a ska band with some kids from school. I hope to start a prog rock band with my friends.
-I like my friends a lot. I don't know what I'd do without them. Life wouldn't be worth living. I hang out with them a lot outside of school since I have no classes with them.
-I sleep a lot. Like, I go to bed at 7:45 if I can. I have to get up at 5:45 and I hate being tired.
-I work out often since I'm a little skinny white boy and that needs to change.
-I think "raw" is a tight adjective...
-I played soccer from 2nd grade up to 7th and switched to tennis which I play now.
-I think watching TV is a waste of time and pretty much never do it.
-I almost never procrastinate.
-I've gotten all A's in Highschool so far.

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